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Ow2 Today Solution Linux2010

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Ow2 Today Solution Linux2010

  1. 1. OW2 Today A progress report OW2 Conference Track Solutions Linux, 2010, Paris Cedric Thomas, CEO
  2. 2. Our open source world relies on communities and organizations Diversified-code organizations Product line organizations Technology-oriented communities Legal ressources organizations Standards organizations Advocacy and lobbying organizations © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 2
  3. 3. Consortium Structure Overview Same as a company but with specific constituents Community Governance Code Base Activities Membership Fees © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 3
  4. 4. A truly global membership... to be energized as a community OW2 - Membership Evolution Membership count as of Oct.1 of each year 80 72 70 61 60 Num ber of m em bers 49 2007 50 2008 40 2009 30 20 10 0 Total OW2 - Membership Evolution Membership count as of Oct. 1 of each year 35 30 France Num ber of m em bers 25 Europe 20 China LatAm 15 NorthAm 10 RoW 5 0 2007 2008 2009 Mem bers hip by Geography © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 4
  5. 5. The Three Activities of the OW2 Community OW2 hosts world-class projects. They need:  Projects • IP support • Greater visibility  Technology Innovation Unique to OW2.  Initiatives Require committment and management skils.  Business Leverage Will drive and help  Local Chapters grow community locally. Not yet operational  Global Governance © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 5
  6. 6. The OW2 Governance Model Board of Directors Technology Council Operations Council MarCom Council Management Management Office Office (MO) Activities Management Team Openness, Fairness, Trust, Transparency, Independence © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 6
  7. 7. OW2 is a "low-cost" organization •€50,000 Strategic Members •3-year commitment •LORGs €10,000 •SMORGs €5,000 Corporate Members •Micro €1,500 •Academia €4,000 •Labs €1,000 •1-year commitment Individual Members •No charge • 2010 budget just balanced. No offices No public funding, No donations (so far). OW2 still elies on in-kind contribution by Strategic members © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 7
  8. 8. A business ecosystem platform for open source software © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 8
  9. 9. OW2 at the crossroads Priorities: - Energize the community Development: - Develop visibility Toward a global - Strengthen operations federation of Local Chapters Tactics: - New technology vision - Decentralize toward LCs - Recruit team - Change fee structure Today: Centralized Global Org. With fledgling Local Chapters Priorities: Rightsizing: - Consolidate legacy Toward an - Reduce costs Inception open source code repository Tactics: - Outsource management - Concentrate on academia 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 As a community organization, OW2 will only be what its members want it to be. © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 9
  10. 10. OW2 Development Plan Priorities Energizing the Developing Strengthening Community the Visibility the Platform Expectation Expectation Expectation Members expect a dynamic Members benefit from OW2 Members expect the and engaging environment in visibility and expect it to be organization to be responsive which they can express comparable to Eclipse or and to provide world-class themselves. Apache. services. Response Response Response a) intensify communication with a) promote OW2 flagship a) recruit Management Office members projects team b) develop technology driving b) promote Initiatives and b) improve technical force user-ready solutions infrastructure c) toward a global federation of local chapters © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 10
  11. 11. OW2 Seven Action Tracks Community Visibility Platform Strategic Action Track 1 Engage the community Strategic Action Track 4 Strategic Action Track 6 •Regular survey Promote flagship projects MO integrated team •Develop twits, blogs, etc. •Develop PR program •Recruit SysAdmin/ •Members support campain •On-line demos, etc. Webmaster •Evangelization •Recruit office manager Strategic Action Track 2 •Better legal practice Define technology driving force •Cloud computing strategy •Empower Technology Council Strategic Action Track 5 Strategic Action Track 7 Develop user-ready solutions State-of-the-art Strategic Action Track 3 •Foster Initiatives infrastructure •Novaforge migration Toward a federation of Local Chapters •Trustie integration •LCs membership development plans •Dev and Communication •LCs action plans tools © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 11
  12. 12. JetStream: Cloud computing in our technology vision • Develop, integrate, deliver and promote the "OW2 Cloud Stack" • Drive OW2 projects evolution toward cloud computing • Drive OW2 alignment with relevant standards A path from • Foster OW2 OSS for cloud computing • Develop a network of cloud-oriented «Cloud Aware» partners • Promote and integrate "best of breed" to CloudWare Cloud Floss • Generally promote OW2 and its projects and members © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 12
  13. 13. Tentative mapping of OW2 existing projects • SaaS platform – OW2 Spagic, Talend, Xwiki, • "on-demand" information System ...But do members have a mid- to – includes OW2 middleware stack + OW2 architecture (Fractal, Dream, Chameleon) long-term Cloud • Development and composition environment Computing – OW2 Acceleo, Chameleon/Cilia mediation, Talend strategy? • Cloud testing and cloudified testing platform – OW2 CLIF • VM (appliance) building and management – to be used for development, testing, pre-prod, production – embedded OW2 middleware in the VM OW2 Stack • includes JOnAS/JASMINe, PEtALS, eXo, xWiki, Talend, JORAM, Bonita, Spago, Orbeon, … – management of such VMs (versioning, deployment) • OW2 JASMINe, UShareSoft partnership • Autonomic Cloud Application Servers – JASMINe evolutions (Context of ANR SelfXL project) • SLA verification – OW2 Chameleon/Cilia mediation • Open Cloud (IaaS) – Cloud interoperability, migration between clouds providers – ProActive * OW2 Stack: JOnAS/JASMINe, PEtALS, • Personal Storage Cloud eXo, xWiki, Talend, JORAM, Bonita, Spago, – OW2 Funambol, OpenMobileIS, Ingres Orbeon, … • Mobile Cloud – OW2 Funambol, OpenMobileIS • Cloud Networking Picture source: http://samj.net/2009²/04/introducing-cloud-computing-stack-2009.html – Outside the OW2 scope? © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 13
  14. 14. OW2's growing reputation and 24/7 technical infrastructure grant immediate global audience to hosted projects and communication initiatives It is time to take OW2 to the next level. http://forge.ow2.org/ http://www.ow2.org © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 14
  15. 15. www.ow2.org For more informations Please contact Cedric Thomas (CEO) cedric thomas @ ow2 org © O W2 Consortium 2010 www.ow2.org 15