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[ Capella Day 2019 ] Providing early timing analysis of the system design

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When designing real-time systems, one issue is to grant that the system will always behave properly within the expected time constraints.
By capturing the design choices in Capella (periodic/sporadic events, precedence relation between tasks, network communication between resources, mutual exclusion resources, etc.), Tideal viewpoint not only allows to compute the worst-case execution time for end-to-end flows traversing the system but also provides some feedback to the architect to better understand the temporal behavior of the system.

Benoit Viaud, Artal
Benoit Viaud leads Artal’s System Engineering unit. He initiated the creation of Citrus, a one-stop-shop engineering framework for simulation and is deeply involved in its deployment in Airbus. He also carries out coaching and consulting activities around Capella.

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[ Capella Day 2019 ] Providing early timing analysis of the system design

  1. 1. 227 rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes – Ensemble La Rue – Bât. 9 – 31670 Labège, France – 05 61 00 39 30 – artal@artal.frARTAL Technologies Tideal Timing analysis with Capella
  2. 2. Artal Temporal Analysis Does my system design match the temporal requirements under all possible circumstances? What is the worst case response time? Is my system schedulable? • CPU/network load within boundaries • no deadlock Software intensive systems
  3. 3. Artal Temporal Analysis - How Capture the "problem" Resources • hardware • software Temporal behaviours • Sequences • WCET Simulation Soft timing requirements Formal analysis Hard timing requirements
  4. 4. Artal Temporal Analysis - Who Capture the "problem" Formal analysis Simulation Architect Coarse-grain analysis Expert design results • Semantic gaps btw the architect view and the expert view • Late in the process • Potentialy one tool / expert per problem • Too pessimistic • Too optimistic: false worst case
  5. 5. Artal https://www.polarsys.org/time4sys/
  6. 6. Artal Goals Propose a unified definition for the temporal characteristics of a real-time system together with a graphical representation Bridge the gap between the analysis & simulation tools and the design capture Tool#1 Tool#2 Expert#1 Expert#2 ?? Architect Tool#1 Tool#2 Expert
  7. 7. Artal A modeling framework Content
  8. 8. Artal A tools repository Content SCREENSHOT Model as captured Transformation Model suitable with Tool#1 X not compliant with Tool#2
  9. 9. Artal Visualization of results Content SCREENSHOT
  10. 10. Artal Tideal The Time4Sys viewpoint for Capella Tool#1 Tool#2 Timing VPArchitect Expert Fix or optimization
  11. 11. Artal The airbag use case A simple critical system where time matters …
  12. 12. Artal The airbag use case
  13. 13. Artal Demonstration
  14. 14. Artal Further support for specific real-time framework: ARINC 653 • Enrich the viewpoint with A653 concepts: partitions, tasks, communication mechanisms, … • Editing accelerators • Specific transformation to Time4Sys (from Activity Explorer) • Dedicated analysis/simulation tool Going further with A653
  15. 15. Other news for the Capella ecosystem
  16. 16. Artal Capella / SysML bridge From Cameo SysML to Capella with iterative support and back again
  17. 17. Artal Nicer diagrams Microsoft Visio™ Nice views / better communication Weak semantics Difficult to reuse Capella™ Rich semantics Digital continuity enabler Not so good for communication ?
  18. 18. Artal Nicer diagrams NicerDiag layer
  19. 19. More information on http://capella.artal-group.com