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Ofsted Annual Report 2018/19

The Ofsted Annual Report covers early years, schools, initial teacher education, social care and the further education and skills sectors. This presentation brings together the charts from the report.

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Ofsted Annual Report 2018/19

  1. 1. Early years 2018/19 For providers graded requires improvement or inadequate, the main weaknesses were in ‘leadership and management’. How many providers and inspections? What did it tell us? The total number of early years and childcare providers has fallen… mainly due to a decrease in childminders. More than 9 in 10 early years providers were found to be good or outstanding at their most recent inspection. 19,200 complaints and notifications related to around 11,500 providers. Most cases were about safeguarding or people’s suitability to care. Notifications were more often about accidents or injuries. How many complaints and notifications?
  2. 2. Schools (inc. SEND) 2018/19 How many providers and inspections? What did it tell us? While we currently inspect exempt schools on the basis of risk, only 16% of those we inspected this year remained outstanding. 47 out of 151 LAs now have more academies than maintained schools. Area SEND inspections required a written statement of action. 415 schools stuck at requires improvement or inadequate in every inspection in the last 13 years There are now over a thousand schools that have not had a full inspection for at least 10 years. Overall effectiveness of state-funded schools by year 21 out of 33 5 out of 11 revisits found areas were not making sufficient progress (in addressing all the significant weaknesses).
  3. 3. Initial teacher education 2018/19 How many providers and inspections? 9 out of 11 Teach First age phase partnerships judged to be outstanding Inspection outcomes for initial teacher education (ITE) remain very high, with 100% of age phase partnerships now judged good or outstanding. What did it tell us? 28% of university-based partnerships judged to be outstanding Overall effectiveness of initial teacher education, by age phase partnership (number): 30 June 2019
  4. 4. Independent and unregistered schools 2018/19 Independents schools - How many providers and inspections? We set up a taskforce to investigate possible unregistered schools in January 2016. We have received around 640 referrals from a variety of sources. So far, we have inspected over 290 of these settings across England. We have issued warning notices to 83 settings since January 2016. By 31 August 2019, three quarters of non- association independent schools were judged good or outstanding at their most recent inspection. Of those that we inspected in 2018/19, 10% of schools were judged outstanding, 55% good, 19% requires improvement and 16% inadequate. What did it tell us? Unregistered schools – How many referrals, inspections and warning notices?
  5. 5. Social care 2018/19 The effectiveness of LA children’s services continues to improve. 48% of LAs are judged good or outstanding, 38% require improvement to be good and 12% are inadequate. How many providers and inspections? What did it tell us? The number of fostering places as at 31 March 2019 was 88,370, a 1% increase from last year. The number of places that are filled (have a child living there) has also increased, by 3% to 54,870 filled places. 9% of children in children's homes are placed more than 100 miles from their birth home. 1 in 3 children’s homes have had new managers in the last year
  6. 6. Further education and skills 2018/19 On 31 August 2019, there were just over 1,900 open and funded FES providers – up 13% compared with the same point in 2018 and 63% compared with 2017. How many providers and inspections? What did it tell us? In the 236 full and short inspections in 2018/19, 4% of providers were judged outstanding, 51% good, 33% requires improvement and 13% inadequate. The further education and skills sector provides education, training and apprenticeships to around 2.9 million learners aged 16 and over every year. Overall 8 in 10 providers were judged good or outstanding at their most recent inspection