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Advantage: Ogilvy July Issue

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Advantage: Ogilvy July Issue

  1. 1. ad antage July 2012 R21.00 INCL VAT VOLUME 19 v think big! media i marketing i advertising TM The rainmaker and futurist+ The AdVantage Frequency 2012 An annual guide to radio in South Africa
  2. 2. createThe rainmakerNunu Ntshingila (@nununtshingila), group chairperson of Ogilvy SA, held the position of CEO of Ogilvy South Africa since 2005. Lastyear she was appointed to Ogilvy & Mather’s worldwide board as a unique representative from the African continent. She joined 30 ofthe world’s top advertising and marketing executives on the board and recently received the Adreview Lifetime Achievement Award.She speaks candidly to Danette Breitenbach about her achievements, failures, the future of ad agencies and her love of advertisingQ: You are a very determined person. What Q: What has been the highlight of your career? Q: There are many critics of the work being influenced you early in your life to succeed? A: There have been so many highlights in my produced today. Do you believe that we areA: I am a product of the township and proof that career. My entire seven years as Ogilvy CEO has not producing good work? despite the terrible odds of that time, you can been a blast. It has been challenging and difficult A: To say that the work being produced in SA is not make it. I was born in Soweto and lived there at times, but I would not change it. When I look good is wrong. The work is great. What I have a until the 70s when my parents decided to move back I am surprised I survived and am grateful of problem with is that the work that is winning to Swaziland so that we could have a good the things we could do. My most recent highlight globally is not winning here. The Carling Black education. must be my appointment to the Ogilvy global Label, ‘Be the Coach’ is winning overseas, but notMy family is very eclectic. My mother is very strong board. here. So how we view our work is fundamentally willed and my father was an entrepreneur who wrong… despite all the challenges of not having a decent Q: What failures have you experienced? education built a big business at a time when it A: Every day I have failures. You go out there and Q: There is also criticism that agencies are was not actually possible. lose a client and you feel sick. This is advertising – becoming businessmen, who are having to who has not pitched and lost? You are working in deal more with measurement and ROI and inQ: You are quoted as saying that you fell into a an industry with the highest rejection rate. What the process are losing their focus on creativity. career in advertising. What led you to joining I have learnt from my failures is that in our Do you believe that to be true? Ogilvy and then moving from the Omo desk in business you fail every day and when you learn A: No. I think and speak from my own experience. the corner? to deal with that failure you grow and you do In my seven years of leading Ogilvy the pressureA: I studied Sociology after which I joined Ogilvy. better the next time. hasn’t changed – and it will never change. It’s I was looking for work and someone said that always been there and always will. Advertising Ogilvy was looking for interns. I did not know Q: Advertising in the 80s and 90s reflected what agencies that run good agencies will tell you that what Ogilvy was at the time, but I never looked was happening in the country. Is it doing so the biggest battle is to put out great creative back. I started at the Omo desk reading letters. today and what is that mood? work and run a good business. We believe that we I am not sure what motivated me to move A: Advertising today, as opposed to the mood of do this particularly well. It’s when you believe beyond that desk, but I knew that what I was the country when I worked on campaigns in the that to achieve great creative work you need lots doing in that corner was valuable. Very early late 80s and early 90s, is not optimistic; and of budget that you are in trouble. You don’t need on I learnt about the power of advertising and this is reflective of our society. Our country is huge budget, you need insight. communications; whether good or bad. And I like a teenager, no longer a child, but not an thought wow; true communications really have adult yet. We are debating around who we are. Q: What do you think the agency of the future the ability to move people. It spoke to the Our country is battling to establish its identity. will look like? sociologist in the corner. I was sure I could do We are not doing enough; not building what we A: The structure of agencies will remain a more by tapping into what I knew about society, would like to be as a nation. We are not loving challenge for the next few years as we try to people and change. ourselves – pimples and all. Advertising has a define the appropriate structure of what an role in defining what this adult may look like. agency of the future should look like. WhatQ: What does the Adreview Lifetime However, our work is not reflecting that. Nando’s’ is not going to change is what is at the heart Achievement Award mean to you? xenophobic ad is a good idea, but does it talk of what we do, coming up with great ideas toA: It means so much as I feel that my advertising to the discussion about growing the country? A move brands, business and communities. What defines whom I am and I am glad that I have great ad like that gets lost while we as a country form and structure this will take, I don’t know, made a contribution. It is wonderful when you try and identify who we are. I would love to see but I know at the centre of what we do sits the are recognised by your industry. I hope that the more work that helps us with our identity. great idea. award will inspire many more women in this If we create agencies around platforms we are dead. industry. Q: You have said that insights are the core to Agencies must be created around idea generation advertising. Do you believe this is still true that move consumers and that should neverQ: How do you view your role as Chairperson of today? change. As long as I am in the industry I will still Ogilvy SA going forward? A: Yes I do still believe it is true. Insights are the core be selling great ideas. We are in the business ofA: My role is more strategic and consultative, not of what we reflect in our advertising, but do we do ideas and we love it. operational. I want to ensure Ogilvy SA is close to it well? Not always. We don’t always get it right. the global company. I also mentor people in the That said we don’t even recognise this with some of Q: What is your favourite work at the moment? organisation. Right now our industry is not that the best work because it is so good. In the digital A: The Allan Gray work. There is something attractive to the youth and I see young people world insight is even more important because it is very pure and optimistic about it, especially leaving our industry. We don’t groom them that so personal and communities are intimate. You have considering what they selling. I admire the work well, despite our agencies recognising youth and to be sharp rather than generic. they do. talent. If we want young people to stay and prosper in the industry, we must mentor them well.34 ad antage July 2012 v
  3. 3. c o v e rs t o ry “Nunu is the fearless and charismaticleader of theSouth African businessscene and she representsthe future of Ogilvy” – Shelly Lazarus,chairperson and Miles Young, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide ad antage July 2012 35 v
  4. 4. c o v e rs t oryGetting to the future firstAbey Mokgwatsane (@abeyphonogenic) took up residence at the Ogilvy offices in January this year, after being appointed CEO inNovember 2011. Previously the CEO of VWV, no one is more aware than him of the shoes he is filling. “I stand on the shoulders ofgiants. What Nunu and her team have accomplished is extraordinary. I am honoured to steward the agency to even greater heightsturning it into one that predicts, adapts to and is catalyst to change.” Danette Breitenbach spoke to himHis story starts north of Pretoria, in a But he wanted to land a TV commercial because end product. I was often in the middle of this place not far from the Morula Sun, something it paid loads of money for relatively little time conflict. It was the most transformational time he finds weird today as Sun International is now commitment. “One day I went for an audition at of my life, managing FIFA, the consortium, one of his clients. “This was my hood. We would VWV for what I thought was a BMW commercial. government and the various stakeholders. We travel to Morula Sun for stir-fry – the only place It turned out to be a road show. I ended up being only signed the final contract eight weeks before you could experience it then.” a host for dealership events during the road the opening ceremony. By the way my son wasHis parents owned a shop and from an early age he show and I did well enough to impress Terry born in May that year too. I was so exhausted I worked there – pricing products, serving behind Sutherland, the then VWV client service director. watched the closing ceremony at home in bed.” the fish and chips counter and working at the VWV then offered me a part-time position in till. “It gave me a real sense that the world is marketing while I was still studying.” A NO BRAINER made up of so many different types of people and Moving to Ogilvy he says was a no brainer as he had I learnt how to deal with these differences.” BACK TO THE BEGINNING worked with Ogilvy as client on Castle Lager andHis parents were also involved in the movement, When he finished studying he joined VWV full Miller Genuine Draft. “When Nunu and I met I looking after people hiding away from time. “VWV did everything ATL agencies didn’t suspected she might offer me a job, but I didn’t the apartheid government and sponsoring so I got an alternative view of the industry.” realise she was going to offer me her job.” comrades so he was politically aware from a When he then joined SAB, he was not classically His role at Ogilvy is a different challenge to the very young age. trained like his counterparts, but understood role he played at VWV. “It is about leveragingHe travelled for an hour to get to school and then non-traditional marketing. “I knew about Ogilvy’s legacy and getting to the future first. another hour back every day so that he could promotions and experiential marketing. I knew Creating and sustaining entrepreneurial leaders attend prep school in Pretoria. His life at school how to leverage an event and about websites. I is our challenge. My team must get results not in the suburbs was completely removed from was fortunate enough to work on Castle Loud, just through management, but also through his life in the township. “This duality of life is a Castle Lager multimedia brand property, with inspiration. We all need to be entrepreneurial something many black people can relate to and Enzo Scarcella (currently Vodacom marketing to move our agency and this country forward. it forms part of the richness of who we are as a director), Neil Hobkirk (currently Appletiser We need to be proactive and responsive, think society.” marketing director) and Ally Hewitt (Currently win-win and have resilience. This attitude mustFrom there he went on to Michael House – “My Castle Larger general manager) which required permeate everything we do in this organisation.” parents spent every last cent on my education”. these skills.” In 2003 he launched Miller Genuine Draft into SA. “It was a sexy brand launching EXISTING FOR OUR BRANDSFROM RICH TO POOR into a staid conservative category and we pushed He believes the advertising industry is at theAfter Matric he went to the University of the the entrepreneurial, challenger envelope when forefront of change. “The world is changing Witwatersrand and it was here, he says, that for we launched it.” rapidly and our industry communicates that the first time in his life, he became poor. “My But then there was nothing more for him to do. A change so we are forced to be at the cutting parents shop crashed. My father entered into chance meeting with a friend through a young edge all the time. Our society is going through a a BEE deal that did not work and it left him in businessmen network, lead to Mokgwatsane, rapid transformation driven by technology and debt. While I secured a bursary for my studies, it Wanda Shuenyane and Jameson Hlongwane globalisation so we must immediately understand did not cover much more than my tuition. I could buying a majority stake in VWV. “Five years after how to use new tools and applications to not even afford the R2.50 taxi fare to varsity, leaving, I was back. In the following five years influence to our constituents. When change never mind textbooks or food.” we increased the company’s profit eightfold.” happens we must immediately interpret itsHe says it was the strangest thing for him. “Life implications for the brands we are building. is such a rich experience of so many completely CREATING IMPACT “To remain number one in our industry we have to polarized experiences and these have made me For him key highlights at VWV were the World Cup do this better than anyone. We have to remain who I am today. I know what it is like not to be 2010 opening and closing ceremonies. “It was agile and relevant.” able to afford a taxi, but I also know what it is our moment in history and the event touched For him the agency of the future will create like to drive an Audi RS5. I believe it has made millions of people worldwide. During the opening content. “It will develop a narrative between me a more empathetic person who is grounded and closing ceremonies Africa unified and we brands and their consumers. Ultimately that is and takes nothing for granted.” became proud of the story we were telling the what agencies do; we are content generators. InTo earn money he got into television. “I did a world, proud that we belonged in Africa, because five years’ time that content will be different, couple of TV shows, one of which was Jukebox it was our story. I wanted to create impact in the and in 10 years’ time, it will be different again. Africa. It was screened at 11 o’ clock on Sundays world. That was impact.” If we get that right we will continue to do well. and my grandmother was probably the only With every upside they say there is a downside and In all this flux, there is one thing that remains person that watched it. The important thing for Mokgwatsane it was dealing with the political constant – we exist for one reason and that is to was that it paid a lot of money back then. challenges that arose from issues they were build the brand we are custodians of so as to pass This was also the start of me exercising my having within their consortium. “Sometimes on the baton to the generations of leaders that entrepreneurial energy.” politics is detrimental and can undermine the will come after us so they too can do the same.”36 ad antage July 2012 v
  5. 5. c o v e rs t o ry “When Nunu and I met Isuspected she might offerme a job, but I didn’t realiseshe was going to offer me her job.” ad antage July 2012 37 v
  6. 6. c o v e rs t ory Change throughinnovationWith change comes opportunity. This is the thought process of Ogilvy SAAs Nunu Ntshingila, Chairperson of led integrated communications environment Ogilvy SA puts it: “I don’t think that ‘ad agency is the correct term for what we do anymore. It’s of the future. The idea behind the ODMA is to provide staff and clients with a programme that Winning work really more about innovating for change, and with would assist them in getting to grips with the Much of the agency’s recent work is characterised by the the rate of change in the industry at the moment, complexities of the digital space. integration of various disciplines, such as digital, mobile and social. These efforts – to create significant value for its clients’ brands opportunities abound.” In 2010, Ogilvy launched Neo@Ogilvy, and then it by driving an integration agenda – have been recognised by aThis thinking has seen Ogilvy SA bring about some invested in Redworks, giving it digital production multitude of international awards. significant shifts within the agency. While its core capability and allowing it to assist clients in • SAB Carling Black Label ‘Be the Coach’ campaign was offering remains the same, it has evolved to ensure leveraging the benefits of digital production to the first by a South African agency to win a One Show Digital that the agency and its clients remain not only deliver efficiencies in their marketing process. Gold Pencil. It has also won South Africa’s first Mobile Lion at abreast of the constant change, but also ahead of it. Earlier this year social@Ogilvy, a holistic social media the 2012 Cannes Lions, including a Gold Lion for IntegrationTo achieve this, Ogilvy SA has invested heavily in and social business division, with a digital video of Experiential Events. This campaign was multi-faceted that digital competency, but it has chosen to approach capability, Record Edit Create (REC), also launched. allowed fans to pick players and make substitutions via a mobile digital not as a stand-alone entity or a silo digital The investment into digital has paid off with Ogilvy platform for the Carling Black Label Cup between Kaizer Chiefs division. Instead it has the core belief that digital the first SA agency to win global digital and mobile and Orlando Pirates. It was a first in football and marketing is an ‘open church’ and that all divisions need to awards at the 2012 One Show and in 2012 at Cannes. history and drew more than 10 million entries. become digital. Apart from digital, Ogilvy PR has added breadth • The DStv MK made Ogilvy SA only the second South African“Digital is a pervasive force that is changing the to the traditional Ogilvy offer and gained 15 agency in awards history to win more than one pencil at the D&AD’s. Other D&AD In-Book wins included the MultiChoice/M- communications industry as whole. In the future new clients that include SAB, Ford, KFC and Net ‘Nothing’s Put On’ campaign. digital will not be an isolated and independent Haagen Dazs. communications company. All agencies will Today’s clients face enormous complexity and the More recently Ogilvy SA took three of the nine Apex Awards. The be digital and digital will be everywhere. Our last thing they need to be burdened with the agency has dominated these awards over the past five years, with approach is best encapsulated in the phase pain of managing lots of divergent opinions and three times more Apex Awards than its closest competitors. ‘discipline led, digitally infused,” says Ntshingila. competing suppliers while trying to integrate • KFC’s Add Hope Wall of Hope campaign comprised anPutting their money where their mouth is the agency their communication mix explains Ntshingila. interactive art installation entitled The Wall of Hope at the pioneered the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy “Ogilvy aspires to take on this challenge and help Melrose Arch piazza in October last year. The installation (ODMA), which has been instrumental in educating clients deliver an integrated communication was made up of 5 500 silhouette childlike figures made staff and readying Ogilvy for a digital future, solution. To do this we need to be excellent in from steel and measuring 115 metres long that spelled out ensuring Ogilvy is better prepared for the digitally a number of core marketing disciplines, but the word Hope when viewed from above. Each figure had a we also need to be exceptional at strategically slot where a R2 coin could be placed into the child’s empty and operationally integrating these different tummy. KFC’s Add Hope menu items also asked customers to Innovating in the disciplines and channels.” donate R2 towards feeding a hungry child and raised R9.6 million in 2011. digital space Growing talent • Man vs. World campaign allowed KFC to help men reclaim their manhood by allowing them to ‘Act like a man. And eat like one too’. The campaign increased sales in the ‘Big Eat’ category Ogilvy Cape Town has been a principal player in the digital The Ogilvy Graduate Programme (OGP) was established by 100% compared to the previous year, exceeding sales medium. This is true not only for industry but for Ogilvy staff. to find the best talent among final year creative and marketing volume and value targets by up to 39% Numerous digital initiatives have been in operation within Ogilvy Cape Town across various internal divisions. students at four selected tertiary institutions. The selected Ogilvy SA • digital@Ogilvy, is the agency’s division responsible for graduates receive a full bursary for their final year of study and conceiving digital ideas and building the necessary digital receive with a six-month training and rotation programme within platforms to execute them. Ogilvy Cape Town or Johannesburg. It is important to note that this • Neo@Ogilvy is the agency’s specialist digital media agency is not an internship, but a carefully designed work placement that Founded by David Ogilvy in 1949, Ogilvy is one of the largest • The ODMA programme educates’ people within agencies and has been put together to speed up the transition into the industry. marketing communications networks in the world, spanning organisations to the latest about digital marketing through a It exposes the students to all the major sub-disciplines thereby more than 450 offices in 120 countries. Ogilvy South Africa was series of seven interactive workshops that involve both lectures helping them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and find established in 1984. It has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and and practical assignments. the niche that best suits not only their ability but also passion. Durban as well as incorporating 14 specialist agenciesFollow Ogilvy on Twitter: @OgilvySA, @OgilvyCT, @OgilvyJoburg38 ad antage July 2012 v
  7. 7. c o v e rs t o rySexy brandsIn 2011 Ogilvy SA celebrated its sixth consecutive year of growth, placing it in the Top Five BestPerforming Markets in the world in the Ogilvy Network An agency must have the ability to Apex Award for the VW Polo Vivo launch. After a key element to success in the advertising continually expand its business offering while 18 years with KFC, the brand was voted SA’s world. Over the years, Ogilvy has produced a also attracting new sexy brands. Last year Ogilvy favourite fast food brand at the 2011 large percentage of the country’s best liked SA boasted more than 40% of business growth Sunday Times Top Brands Award. advertising, which is lauded not only at home, to organic growth from existing clients, and but also abroad and wins consumer, client and gained a number of new clients. DIGITAL GROWTH peer recognition in almost every sphere of These include Heinz, Imperial, The Sharks, Freddy Last year Ogilvy’s digital offering showed the communication. Hirsch, Discovery Health, Adidas, GIBB and highest growth of any division across the Group It has dominated the Apex Awards and its work Haagen Dazs. – 51.82%, which is remarkable given that it has been recognised at the International comes off two years of double-digit growth. It Cannes Lions, One Show and D&D. Locally it has PARTNERSHIPS gained R6.3 million and R8.3 million worth of fared equally well at the Loeries, Pendorings, Long-term relationships include SABMiller and the new business from organic growth form existing Bookmarks, Prism Awards and Roger Garlick agency celebrated a 50-year partnership with business and new business respectively. Awards. Ogilvy SA was the first (and only) local the brand last year and won an Apex Award for agency to secure a digital gold pencil at the one Castle Lager. This formula was repeated with CREATIVITY Show Awards. It also took two gold areas at last VW, a 32-year relationship, and it took home an Business success is one thing, but creativity is year’s Bookmark Awards.Beith-Half Page-Aug-Revised ad antage July 2012 39 v09 July 2012 12:19:54 PM
  8. 8. c o mm e n t “if you cannot deliver the brand promise a Facebook page isn’t going to save you because I am a consumer THINK BIG! Media | Marketing | Advertising © Copyright AdVantage Magazine 2012 and in this day and age I (the consumer) rule” EDITOR Danette Breitenbach danette@advantagemagazine.co.zaI am consumer PRODUCTION EDITOR Gill Abrahams SENIOR JOURNALIST Magdel Louw ART DIRECTOR David Kyslinger CONTRIBUTORS Dion Chang, Odette van der Haar, Daniel Scheffler, Rob Van Rooyen, Danni Dixon, Brian Berkman, Christine Kalibbala, Sharon Preston, Tim Shier, Arthur Goldstuck, Mokena Makeka, Dennis McEniry, Ronelle Bester,We all know that the consumer morning. After a But the point is that I Timothy Beattie, Suzanne Little, Marcel Welman, Rita Doherty, Ane du Preeze, Cathryn Treasure, is in the driver’s seat and that number of phone felt really let down Louise Marsland, Lebo Madiba Lokotwayo brands are no longer in charge. We calls it was and disappointed. FEATURE WRITERS talk about it, deliberate about it and established that the Brands promise to Magdel Fourie. Sharon Preston think we know it. Then we have an flowers were at deliver an experience, ADVERTISING ‘experience’ and are rudely reception. and if that ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE Sherrie Weir reminded that we are consumers, But this is not my story. expectation created Tel: 082 373 6149 Email: mediasales@iafrica.com not just brand managers, creative As we do with things by the brand is not Media24 Magazines business & custom directors, editors etc. This is exactly that happen in our fulfilled that GM MEDIA24 MAGAZINES what happened to me and it life, we put it on experience becomes BUSINESS & CUSTOM Jacques Breytenbach bought home the message that if a Facebook and that’s a negative one. As it PUBLISHER Char Upton brand does not fulfill its promise, it how I found out that did in this case. As a PRODUCTION MANGER will be taken to task not only on the flowers I sent result my special Angela Silver every social media and digital and the flowers that the person moment was ruined forever, I will PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Tarien Lampen platform possible, but we, as social received were completely never use that flower online service SUBSCRIPTIONS beings, will tell everyone we know different! Shock and horror! After again and my perception of that SUBSCRIPTIONS MANAGER (and don’t know) about our another spat of phone calls the company is that they don’t live up Petro van As Tel: (011) 217 3222 ‘experience’. flower company said they would to their brand promise. subscriptions@advantagemagazine.co.zaI ordered flowers for a special find out what happened. In the It is so simple, deliver or don’t deliver… FINANCIAL QUERIES occasion. I ordered them online, meantime I took my frustration Brands spend so much time FINANCIAL LIASON Samanthia Radcliff because who goes to a florist these out by tweeting. A few hours worrying about if they are on the ACCOUNTS MANAGER days… I mean it is so much easier later the florist phoned and right platforms etc, but it’s not about Meda Fisher Tel: (011) 217 3203 online; you don’t even have to leave explained that the wrong flowers if you have a Facebook presence, or meda.fisher@media24.com your desk! The next day I waited had been delivered. Could they a website – if you cannot deliver the FOR ALL EMAIL CONTRIBUTIONS with anticipation for the phone call send the original order? For me it brand promise a Facebook page isn’t NEWS news@advantagemagazine.co.za thanking me for the beautiful was too late, the person had left going to save you because I am a Advertising consumer and in this day and age, I mediasales@iafrica.com flowers. I waited and waited… no the hospital and had gone home. POSTAL ADDRESS phone call. As the person was I wanted the flowers to arrive at (the consumer) rule. PO Box 784698, Sandton, 2146 leaving the hospital that afternoon, the hospital to surprise her and PHYSICAL ADDRESS Media24 Magazines Business & Custom I started to panic. The flower make her feel special. That 5 Protea Place, 3rd Floor, Sandton Phone: (011) 217 3210 Fax: 086 271 4275 company assured me that the moment was gone! So I am PRINTING flowers had been delivered that getting a refund. Twitter: @danettefrog44 Printed and Bound by Paarlmedia MEDIA 24 CEO MEDIA24 MAGAZINES John Relihan on the cover CFO MEDIA24 MAGAZINES Raj Lalbahadur FINANCIAL MANAGER Jameelah Conway email: Jameelah.Conway@media24.comFrom local to global contemporary chic contrasted by the as well as because today it is known as an The views expressed in this publication aren’t necessarily those of the publisher or its agents. WhileThe cover concept depicts, very atypically environment in which they are the very integrated urban neighbourhood. “It is rich every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of its contents, neither the editor nor the publisher can that even after achieving such great heart and pulse of. with history of the past and I saw Nunu be held responsible for any omissions or errors. Reproduction in whole or part of any contents of success as an agency, Ogilvy SA still The cover was shot in Fox Street, as the rich past that has placed us where AdVantage without prior permission is strictly prohibited. © AdVantage Magazine. All rights stands with its feet firmly on the ground. Johannesburg. Many of Johannesburg’s we are today, while Abey represents the reserved. Requests to lift material should be made to the editor-in-chief. We have not forgotten where we came street names come from the gold rush new mind that’s going to write our future. www.media24business.com from or that we are very much a forward town’s first pioneers. Fox Street is no It strongly highlights how the old has been different, and is named after Samuel Fox. adapted to the new or the new adapting to www.advantagemagazine.co.za thinking agency – keeping up with global trends but always with our roots in mind. A pioneer on the Rand, who was a popular the old,” he explains.To bring this across Nunu Ntshingila and and much respected man, he had a wooden Abey Mokgwatsane are dressed in leg. It is said that he was responsible for About naming the streets in Marshalltown together Self-taught in designing fine art, Mukheli with Johann Rissik and Mackie Walker. is not just an art director, but also a & Custom The cover was shot photographer, illustrator and artist. He by Justice Mukheli an never attended advertising or art school art director at Ogilvy. and learnt from mentors. His work has According to Justice featured in many magazines, on websites, the choice of the in books and exhibitions internationally. location is because of He says: “Art is my expression. It’s my See Justice in action the history behind it, contribution to the world.” Get the free mobile app at4 ad antage July 2012 http:/ / gettag.mobi v