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Urbanbaze Credential jan 2012

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Urbanbaze Credential jan 2012

  1. 1. strategic design + branding
  2. 2. hot ideas ins ide. who we are 03 how we work 04 what we do 05 works 07 case studies 15 clientele 18
  3. 3. 03whowe areUrbanbaze is a branding/graphic design agency.We work with a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to multinationals, delivering head-turningdesign that grabs audiences, builds brands, andultimately achieves results.Our creative services include brand identitydesign, advertising, signage design and printoriented projects, ranging from brochures andannual reports to packaging, large format printsand calender. strategic design + branding
  4. 4. 04 how we work The Urbanbaze team has extensive design experience and it is this in-depth creative knowledge coupled with our advertising, PR and marketing expertise that enables us to deliver thoroughly considered design for our clients. Above all we will listen to you to ensure that the end result not only meets the brief but exceeds expectations. We take time to research your audience, what touches them and how they respond to information, this helps us in delivering the message in the best way through cutting-edge design execution. Our payment plan is 70% deposit at initiation stage and 30% at completion stage. strategic design + branding
  5. 5. 05whatwe doOur team is made up of designers with a broadrange of talents, which means we are able to workon diverse projects, from one-off creativeconcepts for small niche companies to identitiesand collateral for international organisations.our services include:identity designgraphic designadvertisingprints productionexhibition/ signage designpromotional items strategic design + branding
  6. 6. creativeexperiencedpassionatedrivencommittedreputable
  7. 7. branding identity designworks promotional materials business collateral strategy graphic design
  8. 8. 08 works Client: Etisalat Project: Youth Segment engagement tool / print collateral strategic design + branding
  9. 9. 09worksClient: PfizerProject: Breast awareness campaign collateral Season’s greeting cards Have you done your Breast atiolf Examin Se n The key to survivin today ? g breast cancer is early detectio n. For more informati visit www.pfizeroncolo on, gy.com ? Have you Breasdone your tS Examinat elf ion today The key to surviving cancer is breast early dete ction. For visit www more information, .pfizeronc ology.com strategic design + branding
  10. 10. 10 works Client: Honda Project: Integrated marketing communications stragegy works strategic design + branding
  11. 11. 11worksClient: Oak CapitalProject: Identity design + implementation L ITA ate CAP+ real est OAK invest nt me oria Lagos. Island g.com taln St, Vict akcapi 488684 kija w.o o Ala om, ww 348034 Adeyem g.c 3, +2 22b, akcapitaln 232453 01- info@o tu mo usa ni K ’Se com 684 lng. 4433 apita kc 0803 oa @ ent seni pm velo er De Prop Esta te + OAK CAPITAL Real investment + real estate AL CAPIT l estate OAKinvestment + rea os. nd Lag om a Isla Victori talng.c kija St, w.oakcapi 488684 o Ala , ww 034 Adeyem talng.com 3, +2348 22b, akcapi 01-232453 info@o strategic design + branding
  12. 12. 12 works Client: Alabukun Project: Calender Design, Point-of-sales materials strategic design + branding
  13. 13. 12worksClient: Avalon WineProject: Integrated marketing communications stragegy RAISE THE GLASS, RAISE YOUR CLASS Avalon exhibits rich, rightly, smoky aromas of cherries, boysenberries and chocolate. Beyond its unique tastes, It differentiates you from the crowd. Distributed in Nigeria by strategic design + branding
  14. 14. 14 works Client: Potecna Project: Identity design, stationary system, web design efficiently serving you strategic design + branding
  15. 15. 15worksClient: PowersofftProject: Identity Design, Package Design Wale Atekoja wale@powersoft-solutions 08033746056 use, ce Ho t, te Gra ee Infini bo Str ja, Oyetu , Ike olowo a. Off Aw os, Nigeri Lag 4332 8489 01-86 ions -solut ersoft Ww w.pow strategic design + branding
  16. 16. 16 works Client: Various Project: Identity systems and logo design ...Beyond Properties asoilenergy oil | energy | services brickform Builders + Project Managers strategic design + branding
  17. 17. case studies 17The ChallengeTo increase sales, brand awareness and improve brand appeal against competitors, Honda ManufacturingNigeria, the Nigerian assembly factory of Honda motorcycles and generators commissioned Urbanbaze to createand execute the brand communication strategy for its motorcycles and power products. The challenge was tocreate awareness in a market that has already been dominated by other brands.The Process The ResultWorking with Honda team with guidelines from the Within a month of campaign launch, dealers increased inJapanese office, Urbanbaze, after careful research, numbers, sales increase tremendously and effective branddeveloped print ads calling for more dealer with added awareness was achieved. The motorcycles and generatorsincentives. New marketing materials, brochures and have once again gained widespread acceptance in a marketpromotional materials were produced. Mobile advertising dominated by cheaper brands, Honda has been able towas also engaged using the company’s delivery vans and create a niche for itself.trucks. All design laid emphasis on the reliability and qualityof Honda products. strategic design + branding
  18. 18. 18 The Challenge When Tsakos Shipping, Greece formed an alliance with its Nigerian partners to create TESAL (Transport and Energy System Alliance Limited), and energy transportation and shipping company, Urbanbaze was commissioned to develop an identity system that will appeal to the oil and gas shipping sector with global acceptance in view. The Process The Result The urbanbaze team generated series of visual The identity was accepted both by the Nigerian and the presentations from which the shadow ship with the sun at Greek office of TESAL, stationery systems, marketing the background was approved by the client. The brand materials and other print collaterals was created with name is written in a carefully selected techno font to effective application of the of identity guidelines earlier communicate innovation and efficiency. Corporate identity created. The logo was branded on staff shirts, caps, cars manuals and guidelines were created to guide the etc. application of the approved identity on various media. strategic design + branding
  19. 19. 19The ChallengeCreating a new brand can be much easier than repositioning an existing and familiar brand. The Urbanbaze teamwas commissioned to rebrand Asoil Energy with a brief to create an identity that will not only resonate around thevalues of the brand but will also be applicable on various media, including internet, print, brochures, businessstationaries, vans and tanker trucks. Biro Plaza, Eleganza Str, 7th Floor, Adeyemo Alakija . 634, Island, Lagos Victoria , 01-4627750. 68033 50 Tel :01-72 Fax: 46277com asoilenergy. Web: www. ergy asoilen oil | ener gy | servi ces 7th Floor, Eleganza Biro Plaza, 634, Adeyemo Alakija Str, Victoria Island, Lagos. Tel :01-7268033, 01-4627750. Fax: 4627750 Web: www.asoilenergy.com asoilenergy oil | energy | services Om olo executiv lu Ago e dire ro ctor +2348075 +4494923 956573 lolu@ 4920 asoilener gy.comThe Process The ResultAfter careful review, we created an identity with five The outstanding new brand identity receivedstones representing the five values of the company, appraisal from the client, and their clients too. sincebrand colours were carefully chosen. The the launch of the new identity, Asoil Energy hasapproved new logo was then applied on various received appraisal from clients and partners alike.media. Printed brochures were send to old clients, Business as never been the same.introducing the new brand identity. strategic design + branding
  20. 20. 19The ChallengeEasyCliq is Etisalat’s latest innovative product that offers every young Nigerian lower tariffs, added flexibility andmany more benefits. In an era where traditional advertising alone can no longer deliver effective communication,Etisalat commissioned Urbanbaze to drive engagement through Campus Navigator™, a detailed printed map ofvarious university campuses freely distributed to the students to help them find their way around.The Process The ResultAfter careful research of the audience and best The idea engaged the target audience, putting theways to connect with them, Urbanbaze created Etisalat brand in the pocket of every student, asCampus Navigator™ via GIS solutions, worked they could not do away with the maps of theirhand in hand with the various schools. We schools. Students were able to learn more aboutdesigned, printed and monitored the distribution of Easycliq and connect with the brand.the free maps across the various campuses. It also served a CSR tool for the Etisalat brand. strategic design + branding
  21. 21. 20 clientele p Integrated Solutions asoilenergy oil | energy | services KURAMO ...In partnership with you Hormel Company Limited strategic design + branding
  22. 22. ideas @ work
  23. 23. be seen . be heard . be identified get in touch ! nowa. 27, Ladipo Kuku Street, Off Allen Ave, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria.t. 01-7358275, +2348034488684.e. info@urbanbaze.comw. www.urbanbaze.com