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Values booklet business brain

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A powerful exercise to discovering your values and the process to using them to drive your current personal and professional success.

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Values booklet business brain

  1. 1. 1 Takeaway Workout: Values Elicitation Time: Approx. 30 mins. Purpose The following exercise will allow you to explore your values or ‘drivers’ and help you to then link these to how and why you run your actions and behaviour as you do. It is also an excellent exercise to use with other team members or colleagues as it will generate understanding and collaboration. Method Here is a list of 300 values that may help you determine your top five values. Underline the values that stand out to you and then reduce the list through a process of prioritisation till you are left with five core values. Next – simply explore how you behave in order to fulfil these values. Look at both potential constructive and destructive actions. Now, how have these values supported your growth and if they have perhaps held you back? Perhaps it is time to revisit how you either a) view the value itself or b) select a more supportive set of values without compromising who you are. Abundance Acceptance Accomplishment Achievement Acknowledgement Activity Adaptability Adoration Adventure Affection Affluence Aggressiveness Alertness Altruism Ambition Amusement Anticipation Appreciation Approachability Assertiveness Attentiveness Attractiveness Availability Awareness Balance Beauty Being the best Belonging Boldness Bravery Brilliance Calmness Candour Capability Caring Carefulness Certainty Challenge Charity Charm Chastity Cheerfulness Cleanliness Clear-mindedness Cleverness Comfort Commitment Compassion Completion Composure Concentration Confidence Conformity Connection Consciousness Consistency Contentment Continuity Contribution Control Conviction Coolness
  2. 2. 2 Cooperation Cordiality Correctness Courage Courtesy Craftiness Creativity Credibility Cunning Curiosity Daring Decisiveness Deference Delight Dependability Depth Desire Determination Devotion Devoutness Dignity Diligence Directness Discipline Discovery Discretion Diversity Dominance Dreaming Drive Duty Eagerness Economy Ecstasy Education Effectiveness Efficiency Elation Elegance Empathy Encouragement Endurance Energy Enjoyment Entertainment Enthusiasm Excellence Excitement Exhilaration Experience Expertise Exploration Expressiveness Extravagance Extroversion Exuberance Fairness Faith Fame Family Fashion Fearlessness Ferocity Fidelity Fierceness Financial independence Firmness Fitness Flexibility Flow Fluency Focus Fortitude Frankness Freedom Friendliness Fun Gallantry Generosity Gentility Giving Graceful Gratitude Growth Guidance Happiness Harmony Health Heart Helpfulness Heroism Holiness Honesty Honour Hopefulness Hospitality Humility Humour Hygiene Imagination Impact Impartiality
  3. 3. 3 Independence Industry Inquisitiveness Insightfulness Inspiration Integrity Intelligence Intensity Intimacy Introversion Intuition Intuitiveness Inventiveness Investing Joy Justice Keenness Kindness Knowledge Leadership Learning Liberty Liveliness Logic Longevity Love Loyalty Making a difference Mastery Maturity Meekness Mellowness Meticulousness Mindfulness Modesty Motivation Mysteriousness Neatness Nerve Obedience Open-mindedness Optimism Order Organisation Originality Outrageousness Passion Peace Perceptiveness Perfection Perseverance Persistence Persuasiveness Philanthropy Piety Playfulness Pleasantness Pleasure Poise Polish Popularity Potency Power Practicality Precision Preparedness Privacy Proactivity Professionalism Prosperity Prudence Punctuality Purity Realism Reason Reasonableness Recognition Recreation Refinement Reflection Relaxation Reliability Religiousness Resilience Resolution Resolve Resourcefulness Respect Rest Restraint Reverence Richness Rigor Sacrifice Saintliness Satisfaction Security Self-control Selflessness Self-reliance Sensitivity Sensuality
  4. 4. 4 Serenity Service Sexuality Sharing Shrewdness Significance Silence Silliness Simplicity Sincerity Skilfulness Solitude Soundness Speed Spirit Spirituality Spontaneity Stability Stealth Stillness Strength Structure Success Support Surprise Sympathy Synergy Teamwork Temperance Thankfulness Thoroughness Thoughtfulness Tidiness Timeliness Traditionalism Tranquillity Trustworthiness Truth Understanding Unflappability Uniqueness Unity Usefulness Utility http://www.the-business-brain.com Valour Variety Victory Vigour Virtue Vision Vitality Vivacity Warmth Watchfulness Wealth Wilfulness Willingness Winning Wisdom Wittiness Wonder Youthfulness