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De meerwaarde van samenwerking bij data- en contentdonatie | WikiconNL 2019

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Presentatie 'De meerwaarde van samenwerking bij data- en contentdonatie' tijdens WikiconNL op 8 maart 2019 door Federica Fantone en Janneke Jorna.

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De meerwaarde van samenwerking bij data- en contentdonatie | WikiconNL 2019

  1. 1. De meerwaarde van samenwerking bij data en content donatie Federica Fantone & Janneke Jorna Wikicon NL 2019 Utrecht, 08.03.2019
  2. 2. WO2 Open Data Depot • Content: meer kwalitatief hoogwaardige oorlogsbronnen • Beschikbaar voor het brede publiek • Samenwerking
  3. 3. Samenwerking met Beeld&Geluid: 170 films van Filmdienst der NSB
  4. 4. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Media_from_Netw erk_Oorlogsbronnen
  5. 5. LINKED DATA / WIKIDATA The rise of Wikidata as a linked data source August 6, 2018 - by Karen Smith-Yoshimura OCLC Research ● “Wikidata is becoming more and more significant for cultural heritage institutions including our library.” (National Library of Finland) ● “Wikidata [is] a potential authority hub.” (British Library) ● “It seems to be a great place where we can share our data and use their data to enhance ours in ways we hadn’t envisioned before.” (Smithsonian) ● “…all facts taken from Wikipedia stored in Wikidata turned to linked data is a tremendous achievement and we’re actively working together to link our data offering with theirs even closer.” (Springer Nature) https://www.oclc.org/research/events/2018/06-12.html http://hangingtogether.org/?p=6775
  6. 6. concentration camp (Q152081)
  7. 7. Nazi concentration camp (Q328468)
  8. 8. Nazi concentration camp (Q328468) - geo
  9. 9. Added value of data donation ● Wikidata as knowledge base and potential authority HUB for different GLAM sectors ● Improving consistency of data ● Improving visibility of data ● Sharing data and re-using enriched data ● Enhancing multilingual coverage
  10. 10. ● After matching the WO2 Thesaurus with Wikidata items, there is an issue of provenance. As Cultural Heritage Organisation, which link would you use? ● As Thesaurus curator, how would you make sure your data are in sync? ● In case of regular update, which is the most efficient method to check the correct matches and to further update your data? Points of discussion
  11. 11. Website: https://www.oorlogsbronnen.nl/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Oorlogsbronnen THANK YOU!