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OWF13 - A Themed  Software Forge for  European Projects

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Community Summit - Roberto Galoppini

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OWF13 - A Themed  Software Forge for  European Projects

  1. 1. A  Themed   So*ware  Forge  for   European  Projects   Open  World  Forum,  4  October  2013 Roberto  Galoppini giovedì 3 ottobre 13
  2. 2. SourceForge Pure  Technology.    Pure  Engagement. Trusted  for  Open  Source  since  1999 •  102.5  Page  Views  per  month •  4.8  Million  Downloads  per  day •  41.8  Million  Unique  visitors  per  month giovedì 3 ottobre 13
  3. 3. SourceForge  100%  Open Pure  Technology.    Pure  Engagement. Allura  is  a  fully  Open  Source  plaIorm  for   Open  Source  Developer  CommuniKes   Flexible,  so  you  can  use  only  the  tools  you   want  and  integrate  with  external  tools  as   desired Modern  tools  -­‐-­‐  SVN,  Git,  Mercurial,  Wiki,   Tickets,  Blogs,  and  more See  hVp://incubator.apache.org/ projects/allura.html giovedì 3 ottobre 13
  4. 4. Structure  through  CoordinaIonPure  Technology.    Pure  Engagement. giovedì 3 ottobre 13
  5. 5. OpenSourceProjects.EU giovedì 3 ottobre 13
  6. 6. Webinars:  Business  Models Pure  Technology.    Pure  Engagement. Roberto  Galoppini Roberto  has  over  20  years  experience  in  the   computer  industry,  and  has  spent  the  last  10  years   working  in  the  intersecKon  of  open  source  so[ware   and  business  development. Roberto  has  taken  an  acKve  interest  in  different   open  source  projects  and  organizaKons,  he  also   served  on  some  advisory  boards,  and  helped  large  IT   vendors,  open  source  vendors  and  customers  to   design  and  deploy  their  open  source  strategies.  He   works  at  SourceForge  at  its  Senior  Director  of   Business  Development. giovedì 3 ottobre 13
  7. 7. Webinars:  Legal Pure  Technology.    Pure  Engagement. Amanda  Brock Director/  Solicitor,  Origin,  InternaKonal  Technology   Law,  London  was  General  Counsel,  of  Canonical  –   lead  commercial  sponsor  of  the  open  source   operaKng  system  Ubuntu  -­‐  from  2008  to  2012,   where  she  managed  the  worldwide  legal  funcKon  in   Canonical. Amanda  currently  acts  as  legal  adviser  to  a  wide   range  of  technology  clients  on  areas  from  start  up  to   open  source.    With  20  years  of  experience  as  a   pracKsing  lawyer,  Amanda  advises  on  topics   including  business  strategy  and  commercial,   contract,  IP  and  IT  law.   giovedì 3 ottobre 13
  8. 8. Webinars:  PlaPorm Pure  Technology.    Pure  Engagement. Rui  Ferreira giovedì 3 ottobre 13
  9. 9. Thank  You! Slashdot  Media 594  Howard  Street,  Suite  300 San  Francisco,  CA  94105 +1-­‐415-­‐625-­‐0860 Fax:  +1-­‐650-­‐248-­‐2028 giovedì 3 ottobre 13 Roberto Galoppini Senior Director of Biz Dev +393921256600 rgaloppini@slashdotmedia.com