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  2. 2. Webpage Layout and Website Design  Technical definitions:  A webpage is a single HTML document  A website is a collection of related webpages containing images,videos or another digital assets.  Designing a good website requires more than just putting together a few pages
  3. 3. Process :- Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Design your Website
  4. 4. Choose Your Platform -: Website Designing is Started With HTML CSS Script Language But…. There are different type of Website Platform Available in Market Now Days! Some of the Following most Used Plateform: 1. HTML / CSS / Script 2. CMS( Content Management Systems ) 3. Bootstrap website Builder
  5. 5. CMS(WordPress) or Traditional Technology? There are certain ways to create a website:- By implenting Codes By using CMS (Content management service)
  6. 6. Using Content management system(CMS) -
  7. 7. Some of The CMS are -
  8. 8. • It's easy for the non-technically minded. • It allows multiple users. ... • It streamlines scheduling. ... • It improves site maintenance. ... • Design changes are simple. ... • It helps you manage content. ... • You're in control. Benefits of CMS
  9. 9. Thank you A K A S H
  10. 10. Starting With WordPressBY: PRINCE KUMAR [B.SC IT- 2014-17]
  11. 11. CONTENTS What is WordPress? Required software and packages. Installation. Installing a web server. Installing WordPress. Creation of sites with zero coding using WordPress. Publishing of site created.
  12. 12. What is WordPress? WordPress is the most widely used CMS (Content Management Service) to create websites. Nowadays a number of sites around you are created on WordPress. WordPress is focused for zero coding.
  13. 13. Required Software & packages. Connect your pc to the internet. A server software: we are using WAMP server here. You can download this from its official site_ www.wampserver.com
  14. 14. Required Software & packages. WordPress package You can download this from its official site_ www.wordpress.org
  15. 15. Installation: installing WAMP server Double click on your downloaded application And follow steps.
  16. 16. Click here
  17. 17. Click here
  18. 18. Select the folder to installation Click on next
  19. 19. Click on install
  20. 20. This is showing your installation progress
  21. 21. Select your browser
  22. 22. Select your text editor
  23. 23. Click on next to launch
  24. 24. Finish the installation
  25. 25. Here you see the icon on the desktop 1.Double click on icon 2.You will see a green icon on the taskbar
  26. 26. Importing WordPress package Unzip the word press package Copy the extracted folder
  27. 27. 1.Click on the icon on the taskbar 2.Click on www directory
  28. 28. 1. Click on www directory 2. Paste the extracted WordPress package here
  29. 29. 1.Click on the taskbar icon 2.Click on the local host
  30. 30. Here you see your project 1 2 type your project name in the url
  31. 31. 1 need to create database 2 click on the taskbar icon 3 click on phpMyadmin
  32. 32. Default username is root No password Click on go
  33. 33. Write the name of your database Click on create
  34. 34. Click to run the install to install the WordPress
  35. 35. Fill the form with appropriate words
  36. 36. Click on install WordPress
  37. 37. Now WordPress is installed on your PC Login with your database username
  38. 38. Here you can customize your site Click to visit your site
  39. 39. Post on your site Publish your site
  40. 40. Logout from database Close the windows
  41. 41. THANKS  https://youtu.be/QR4kilZhVbI
  42. 42. Publish Your Website
  43. 43. Get Your Domain “www.mydomain.com” Domain -: This is the name you want to give to your website.
  44. 44. Domain Name Remember it -: => Domain name is easy to remember & it is not big ( Generally 4-13 letter) => Choose your Preferred Extaintion ( .com for commercial / .org for Organization / .edu for Education & also Country level like .in ) => Some are free Domain Provider but its not recommended. => Domain name have some cost so that you should pay & buy . Some Popular Seller -: “www.godaddy.com” “www.bigrock.in”
  45. 45. Steps for buying Domain Using GoDaddy In this Tutorial we are use GoDaddy to Purchase Domain Name . Open the Website www.Godaddy.com Frist Sign Up to Godaddy Choose your Desired Domain Add to Cart Pay for Buy.
  46. 46. Open GoDaddy Website
  47. 47. Create Account
  48. 48. Choose Your Domain
  49. 49. CheckOut
  50. 50. Host Your Site “A web-host is a basically a Computer(server) that have been connected to internet every time . We placed our website document & file here to put our website online therefore the outer world the website.” You create your own server or rent at other server . Because of creation a server & put them online every time is Very Costly we preferred Shared Hosting The domain registration Company also Provides hosting facilities. Some company also provide free of Cost Hosting Facilities www.freehosting.com www.000webhost.com
  51. 51. FREEHOSTING 000webhost
  52. 52. FREEHOSTING.com
  53. 53. Order a Free Hosting Service
  54. 54. Add Your Domain Name
  55. 55. Control Panel Of Your Hosting
  56. 56. How to Upload Open CPanel Go to File Manager Open public_html Folder Copy files from WAMP/www/ Empty the public_html folder Paste the file hare. Now Your Website is Ready to Run.
  57. 57. CPanel of FREEHOSTING.com
  58. 58. Copy Files Paste Your File Here
  59. 59. Copy site File (wamp/www/)
  60. 60. Connection to Domain & Hosting If you are using different Domain provider & Hosting Provider than You have to Change the “ nameserver “ Go to your Domain Name provider Go to Manage Domain Change default nameserver Change it to ◦ NS1.FREEHOSTING.COM ◦ NS2.FREEHOSTING.COM
  61. 61. Changing Nameserver
  62. 62. Changing Nameserver
  63. 63. Thanks for Watching
  64. 64. Thanks YOU