adaptation modulation oblique translation literal translation calque literal translation. comparative stylistics analysi literal vs. free translation. direct and oblique translation translation process. catford’s linguitics approach. vinay and darblenet’s taxonomy cognitive scientific approache the cognitive-psychological ap negative emotions deverbalized translation verification re- expression: de- verbalization: reading and understanding in c cognitive approach in translat the cognitive process of trans intra-system shifts unit/rank shifts class shifts category shifts level shift kinds of shifts textual equivalent textual equivalenttextual equi formal correspondence catford and translation shifts recognize effective learning provide error corrective feedb focus on form promote cooperative and collab input needs to be meaningful input needs to be rich learning by doing pedagogical task real world task organizational principles semantic morphology foreign language sociolinguistic competence grammatical competence communicative compitence communicative grammar circle graph pie graph bar graph graphical data presentations tabular data presentations textual data presentations disadvantages of interviews advantages of interviews semi structured interviews unstructured interviews structured interviews rating scale questions check list type questions types of data presentations interviews data analysis questionnaires tools of data collection education english language literature linguistics stylistics mock reality irony reality realism
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