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Wendys strategy

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Wendys strategy

  1. 1. Wendy’s Social Media Strategy By Parth Harpale Oct.2 2016
  2. 2. Table of Contents  1. Executive Summary  2. Social Media Audit  A. Social Media Assessment  B. Traffic Sources Assessment  C. Customer Demographics Assessment  D. Competitor Assessment  3. Social Media Objectives  4.Online Brand Persona and Voice  5. Strategies and Tools  6. Timing and Key Dates  7. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities  8. Social Media Policy  9. Critical Response Plan  10. Measurement and Reporting Results
  3. 3. Executive Summary  Our goals for 2016 and moving into 2017 will be to improve our social media following and increase relations with our existing community.  The primary focus will be to increase the company’s revenue through having increased brand recognition and brand pervasiveness by sharing more engaging content and building relationships with our online community.  Two social strategies to support our objective:  1. Increase the content that we publish on our social accounts  2. Engage more with the members in our online community
  4. 4. Social Media Audit  The following is an audit of Wendy’s International Inc. current social media presence. It includes an assessment of all social networks, web traffic, audience demographics, and a competitor analysis.
  5. 5. Social Media Assessment as of Sep. 24-Oct.1
  6. 6. Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate #interactions/ reach Twitter twitter.com/we ndys 966,000 followers 3 posts per week 3% Facebook facebook.com/ wendys 8.1M likes 2.7M visits 3 posts per week 4% Instagram instagram.com /wendys/ 354,000 followers 2 posts per week Average interactions per post= 400 LinkedIn linkedin.com/c ompany/wend ys- international 28,702 followers 1 post per month 10% Youtube youtube.com/u ser/wendys 65,333 2 posts per month 0%
  7. 7. Audit Continued  Assessment: At the current time the highest number of interactions per post occurs on Instagram. The least interaction occurs on LinkedIn however that can be due to the fact that our customer demographic is not active on that channel. The closing of the LinkedIn channel is a possible route to take in the future. Our main followership occurs on Twitter and Facebook however there is a significantly lower engagement rate compared to Instagram. Finally, YouTube is another platform that has a good followership but low engagement rates closing the channel is a possibility but traffic to our website is led by our YouTube channel.
  8. 8. Website Traffic Sources Assessment (Sep. 24-Oct.1) Source Volume Percentage of overall traffic Conversion rate Twitter 1500 Unique visits 6% 3% Facebook 2000 Unique visits 7% 4% Instagram 100 unique visits 1% No Data LinkedIn 100 unique visits 1% No Data YouTube 3500 unique visits 35% 7%
  9. 9. Traffic Summary  At present time YouTube is the biggest driver of traffic to our site. However, it should be noted that while YouTube does lead traffic to our site compared to other social sites, most page visits are done organically and not through social media at all. Conversion rate ( Conversion goal= item purchase) is low across the board however as stated before due to website traffic being driven by YouTube that channel has a higher conversion rate. LinkedIn and Instagram both have low conversion rate and don’t drive traffic to the website, however most engagement is found on Instagram.
  10. 10. Audience Demographics Survey distributed during September/October during customer visitation to restaurants. Total applicant responses: 5000
  11. 11. Demographics Age Distributio n Gender Distributio n Primary Social Network Secondary Social Network Primary Need Secondary Need 20% 18-24 60% 25-49 10% 50- 65 10% 66-80 55% Female 45% Male 50% Twitter 30% Facebook 20% Instagram 45% Instagram 35% Facebook 20% Instagram Needing to find a quick meal that does feels fresh. Needing a quick meal.
  12. 12. Audience Demographic Summary  The majority of our audience is in the 25 to 49 age range and their core social media sites are Facebook and Twitter. The primary motivation for visiting Wendy’s is to find a quick meal that is fresh. Our energy should be spent creating Twitter and Facebook content that encourages engagement.
  13. 13. Competitor Assessment
  14. 14. Competitor Name Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses McDonald's Twitter: @Mcdonalds Large following on Twitter. Inclusion of #AllDayBreak fast draws audience. Strong visual content No User generated content seen, can seem impersonal to users. Low engagement. BurgerKing FB: Burgerking @burgerking Visually distinct content Complaints prominent in Facebook comments. Sample: “…all I can say is shambles over 25 minutes for my food…”. Low engagement Chik-Fil-A Twitter: Chik-fil-A, Inc. @ChikfilA Variety in content. Breakfast items prominent in content. No use of user generated content. Low engagement
  15. 15. Competitor Assessment Summary  The analysis focused on the three major competitors with strong social presence on Facebook and Twitter. Strong visual content is a similarity shared between all three competitors and two of the competitors use of hashtag to promote breakfast items is also drawing users to them. Areas where the competition can improve is in the engagement area as well as the use of user generated content. Low engagement numbers are found at all three competitors social profiles and all three competitors also focus solely on content generated by the company rather than promoting user generated content and thereby creating strong bonds with their followers.
  16. 16. Social Media Objectives
  17. 17. Social Media Objectives  In 2016 and moving forward, our primary focus is to increase sales numbers by increasing our brand awareness and pervasiveness. In order to do so, our priority on social media will be to grow our following by sharing content that is more engaging and likely to by shared. We will also focus on building good relationships with our community through promoting user generated content and engaging quickly when complaints are made.
  18. 18. Specific Objectives  Increase Twitter engagement by 5% in 6 months  Increase visual content published on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by 20% in 6 months.  Can be done via promoting user generated content  Implement #WendysWednesday to promote content generated by users  Increase Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook followers by 2000 in 6 months
  19. 19. KPIs and Key Messeges  KPIs  Number of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Followers  Number of Photos and Videos posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook  Number of Likes and Retweets on Twitter  Key Messeges  Fresh Never Frozen Patties  Wednesdays with Wendy’s
  20. 20. Online Brand Persona and Voice Adjectives to describe our Brand  Casual  Friendly  Fun  Fresh When Talking to Customers we are  Friendly  Supportive
  21. 21. Strategies and Tools
  22. 22. Strategies  Paid  Every Monday boost the most popular organic post to kick off the week. The post must have at least 10 likes or 5 comments and have a reach of 50.  Owned  Introduce #WendysWednesday to company Twitter and Instagram posts. Encourage customers to use the hashtag and retweet/promote customer generated pictures and videos. Promote the hashtag across all social media accounts.  Earned  Moniter Twitter for keywords and terms such as lunch, hungry, take out, fast food. Offer discounts or promote new items to leads.  Continue partnering with influencers whose following falls into the demographic we want to reach
  23. 23. Tools  Approved Tools  Hootesuite  Google Analytics  Rejected Tools  N/A  Existing Subscriptions and Licenses  Photoshop  Kapost  Vimeo
  24. 24. Timing and Key Dates
  25. 25. Key Dates  Reporting dates  Reporting will occur quarterly in February, June, September, and December. Specific dates TBA  Holidays  July 13th- National French Fry day  Aug. 25th- National Burger Day  July 4th- Independence day
  26. 26. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities  Social Media Director- Jane Berkely  Social Media Manager-Max Jackson  Social Media Coordinator-Harrison Smith
  27. 27. Social Media Policy  Social Media is an important factor in today’s society. On a personal level we use it to connect with friends and family by sharing pictures, videos, and messages. As an employee of Wendy’s the Social Media holds the same function, however as a representative of the Wendy’s brand you are expected to follow best practices when using social media especially if your social profile includes your relationship to Wendy’s. The following points should be used as a guideline when using social media.
  28. 28. Social guidelines  Be polite and respectful to everyone  Don’t start a fight  Don’t put down competitors  Be helpful to customers  Feel free to promote company events and campaigns if you are excited about them.  If unsure about something ask us before posting.
  29. 29. Social Media Policy Continued  Wendy’s is serious about appropriate use of social media by its employees. Any employee found violating Wendy’s Social Media Policy is subject to corrective action, up to and including termination. The company reserves the right to take any action it believes is appropriate including legal action. If you have any questions contact your manager or anyone on the HR team.
  30. 30. Crisis Response Plan
  31. 31. Scenerio 1- Inappropriate tweet sent from @Wendys 1. When Tweet is detected  Take Screenshot  Delete Tweet  Alert Max Jackson( Social Media Manager) if unavailable alert Jane Berkely (Social Media Director) 2. Max and Jane to collaborate and evaluate reach, impact, and further action. 3. Max to develop appropriate follow up tweet Jane to approve. 4. If Media has picked up Tweet Jane to direct contact. If Jane unavailable PR/Media Relations to be contacted and direct media. 5. Max and Jane will meet with the employee responsible to decide if disciplinary action is necessary.  Pre-Approved messaging  No preapproved messaging in this scenario. Max and Jane will coordinate on appropriate message on a case by case basis.
  32. 32. Scenario 2-Food poisoning complaint on Twitter 1. When Tweet is detected alert Harrison Smith (Social Media Coordinator)who will will alert Jane Berkely (Social Media Director) and Max Jackson (Social Media Manager) 2. Harrison will be the first contact with Tweet and use pre-approved message to engage complaint and receive more info. 3. Max and Jane will coordinate to evaluate the reach and impact of the Tweet.  Jane will contact the manager of the Wendy’s franchise with possible food contamination to check food stores 4. If media has picked up Tweet Jane will be the direct contact. If Jane is unavailable the PR/Media Relations sector will be contacted and deal with the media. 5. Harrison through Direct Message will apologize for customer’s experience and assure them the Wendy’s they visited is being investigated and thank them for bringing this to their attention. 6. A follow up Tweet and Facebook post created by Max and Jane will be published assuring the public that the food poisoning issue is being investigated and all possible steps are being taken to make sure customers are safe to eat at Wendy’s.
  33. 33. Scenario 2 Continued ( Pre- approved Messages)  Initial contact with user complaining of Food Poisoning  @________ We are shocked to hear that. Please DM us so we can make this right.  Follow up Tweet and Facebook Post  Tweet: Food poisoning claim is being investigated.  Facebook (if no food poisoning cause is found) : Earlier today a claim of food poisoning was made about the Wendys in ____,____. After a through investigation we have found no cause of food poisoning. Wendy’s is very serious about providing good food to its customers and any claim of food poisoning is investigated thoroughly.  Facebook (if food poisoning cause is found): : Earlier today a claim of food poisoning was made about the Wendys in ____,____. After a through investigation we have found the cause of the food poisoning and it has been removed. Wendy’s is very serious about providing good food to its customers and any claim of food poisoning is investigated thoroughly.
  34. 34. Measurement and Reporting Reporting Period: 3 Months Data as of February 1, 2017
  35. 35. Website Traffic Sources Assessment Source Volume Percentage of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 1700 Unique visits +11% growth 8% 5% Facebook 2200 Unique Visits +10% growth 9% 6% Instagram 250 Unique Visits +150% growth 3% 2% Timeframe: Monthly Average, October 2016 to February 2017
  36. 36. Social Network Data Social Network URL Follower Count Average Weekly Activity Average Engagement Rate #interactions/ reach Twitter twitter.com/wendy s 1,000,000 followers +3.5% growth 5 posts/week +66% increase 6% Facebook facebook.com/we ndys 10M likes +25% growth 4M visits +48%growth 5 posts/week +66% Increase 6% Instagram instagram.com/w endys/ 500,000 followers +42% growth 6 posts/week +200% increase Average interactions per post= 650
  37. 37. Social Network Data Summary  Our Twitter following has increased by 34,000 in four months surpassing our goal of a 2,000 follower growth in six months.  It should be noted that while we have reached our follower goal on Twitter we have only reached a 3% increase on engagement as opposed to our goal of 5%.  Twitter and Facebook content published has increased by 66% surpassing our goal of 20%  Instagram followers have increased by 150,000 making a 42% growth again surpassing the goal of a 2,000 follower increase. Content published on our Instagram has increased by 200% again surpassing the goal of a 20% increase.  YouTube and LinkedIn have been omitted from the data as our target audience is found primarily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and energy spent on YouTube and LinkedIn has been deemed inefficient.
  38. 38. #WendysWednesday  Between Oct.1 2016 to Feb. 1 2017 the hashtag was mentioned 2000 times on Twitter and 3000 times on Instagram  20 Instagram posts and 30 Tweets published with the hashtag gained higher than average retweets and comments, usually involving users tagging their friends.
  39. 39. Qualitative KPIs  Sentiment Analysis  An analysis of 200 Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagram posts revealed the following:  An abundance of positive sentiment from customers of their food accompanied with pictures of their orders.  Negative comments mostly revolved around wrong orders received or time taken to receive their orders at user’s local Wendy’s
  40. 40. Proposed Action Items  Continue #WendysWednesday campaign  Increase content publishing on Twitter to increase engagement  Create secondary campaign for Twitter and Instagram to increase relations with followers