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  1. 1. Let's See The Savings Hosted by: Pearl Delisa Thompson A Shop Your Way Personal Shopper
  2. 2. Topics of Discussion Shopping Sectors Shopping Needs Shopping Budget versus Shopping Plan Shopping Values Shopping Savings
  3. 3. Let's See The Savings
  4. 4. Shopping Intro Our shopping habits say a lot about how we shop, what we shop for, and our interest in the products that we purchase.
  5. 5. Shopping Sectors Identifying our shopping sectors is a helpful way to understand our goals or agenda, when it's time to shop for our purchases. And, include: ● Shopping for ourselves ● Shopping for family & friends ● Shopping for home ● Shopping for special occasions
  6. 6. Shopping Goals and Agenda
  7. 7. Shopping Needs Our decision to shop for needed items are our reasons to buy the things we need or want on a regular basis. ● Shopping for must-have items Includes shopping for the products that we like to keep a good supply of. cont'd
  8. 8. Shopping Needs ● Shopping for what's new Includes shopping for the products to update our own stock of items that we often utilize.
  9. 9. Shopping For Must-Have Items
  10. 10. Shopping For What's New
  11. 11. Shopping Budget vs Shopping Plan In comprising our shopping budget, we itemize our shopping needs before our decision to make purchases. This may include: ● Products that we need right away ● Products that can wait for a more convenient time cont'd
  12. 12. Shopping Budget vs Shopping Plan We enact a shopping plan when we calculate the cost of each item. This is our time of truism. We select the items that we can or can not afford at the moment. cont'd
  13. 13. Shopping Budget vs Shopping Plan When calculating the affordability of each item, consider these tips to get the most out of your purchases: ● Shopping for product worth ● Shopping for best prices ● Shopping splurges
  14. 14. Calculating the Affordability
  15. 15. Getting the Most out of Your Purchases
  16. 16. Shopping Values Being familiar with a brand or product gives us an idea of what we want to buy. However, the best purchases are of the products that fit our needs and our lifestyle. Brands or products add value to our shopping budget, when we can measure the personal and financial rewards with every purchase. cont'd
  17. 17. Shopping Values Purchasing factors: ● Shopping for products that fulfill our shopping budget or goals ● Shopping for products that offer the most savings
  18. 18. Fulfilling Our Shopping Budget and Goals
  19. 19. Getting the Most Savings
  20. 20. Shopping Savings Some of the things we don't think about when comprising our shopping budget are; how much we are going to save on our products or which products last longer. Often enough, a major concern when saving on products is our tendency to purchase more. This is a habit of overspending, or not shopping within our cont'd
  21. 21. Shopping Savings budget. Why not develop your shopping plan? Consider the cost of current sales or discount priced items, when calculating the price of products that you can afford. It's a good idea to research coupons for extra savings as well. If the savings are significant, why not treat yourself with a special purchase or long awaited item. cont'd
  22. 22. Shopping Savings This is a helpful way to offset the temptation of overspending. To keep focused on shopping the savings: ● Shop for items that are on sale ● Shop for items that are durable for the money
  23. 23. Sales Items
  24. 24. Durable Items
  25. 25. Putting the Shopping into 'Let's See The Savings' Shopping Sectors ● Are our purpose for shopping Shopping Needs ● Are why we are shopping Shopping Budget vs Shopping Plan ● Helps us to keep our shopping goals in focus cont'd
  26. 26. Putting the Shopping into 'Let's See The Savings' Shopping Value ● Are the shopping rewards that we see with our purchases Shopping Savings ● Are shopping habits that save us money
  27. 27. Let's See The Savings
  28. 28. Let's See The Savings
  29. 29. Let's See The Savings
  30. 30. Let's See The Savings
  31. 31. Let's See The Savings
  32. 32. Let's See The Savings Pearl Delisa Thompson A Shop Your Way Personal Shopper
  33. 33. Let's See The Savings