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  1. Life Improvement Meetup Event Self Improvement Concepts – Life Strategy Personal Revolutions ™ November 12, 2011 © 2011 Paul Worsham
  2. Slides & discussion & breaks
  3. Wrap-up and after-discussion
  4. The content is for informational purposes – consult a professional before taking action
  5. Ask questions at any time
  6. This information will be put online after the event
  7. Housekeeping notes: If you need to feed a meter, we can help remind you.
  8. Please put your phones on vibrate/silent/low volume
  9. Improve yourself
  10. Enjoy your life
  11. Your capabilities
  12. Happiness – recognize, allow, expand it
  13. Identifying your own challenges gets you past denial and blockage.
  14. Sometimes you need to act without believing.
  15. Our brain filters, for patterns such as “horizontal motion”. We can even dictate these filters.
  16. Our mind gets this input, and applies “meaning” to these pixels and patterns
  17. We “see” our world
  18. Blood flow is increased
  19. Better mood, skin, muscle tone, energy
  20. Who you are = in your head (brain/mind)
  21. What you eat = who you are able to be (brain performance)
  22. Tasks – completing actions, thoughts
  23. The most important decsions are “near to us”
  24. The better “working memory”, the smarter?
  25. Prioritization
  26. (ingredient 1) + (ingredient 2) = Happiness
  27. We are born with more connections than we need, and lose them as part of becoming who we are
  28. Belief factor – fiction more powerful than fact?
  29. Multi-tasking – fact or fiction?
  30. Refers to “the ability of the brain and nervous system in all species to change structurally and functionally as a result of input from the environment.” (Wikipedia)
  31. “Plasticity occurs on a variety of levels, ranging from cellular changes involved in learning, to large-scale changes involved in cortical remapping in response to injury.”
  32. * logical - laws, society
  33. * emotional - confidence, social pressure - our interpretations
  34. A plan is how builders take the blueprint, and over time make it a reality.
  35. long-term vision – create one, or use "default".
  36. default = dependent on external influences, training, expectations
  37. a goal must have a deadline, or else it is a dream?
  38. Really? Must be someone who likes deadlines.
  39. A goal must have a feeling associated with it, which is perhaps the real goal.
  40. Do you want marriage, or the feelings that it will bring?
  41. the real goal may be happiness - pleasure.
  42. Marketers continue to study this area. Why? Because if they know us, it will help them.
  43. Become comfortable with what fits in with your personal sense of destiny & purpose
  44. What will you remember tomorrow?
  45. What other topics are you interested in covering?
  46. Social time is beneficial to our minds & brains...
  47. (continue sharing with each other)