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SAP FICO overview

SAP FICO Overview presentation

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SAP FICO overview

  1. 1. my SAP ERPFinancials & Controlling
  2. 2. Agenda SAP Financials Overview FI Sub-modules Overview SAP Controlling Overview Controlling Sub-modules Overview SAP FSCM Overview
  3. 3. SAP Financials Overview Financial Management Accounting Valuation Reporting Compliance Transparency Statement Reporting Functionality Business Benefits  Unified Financial and Parallel Valuation Management Accounting  International and local accounting  Extensibility / Flexibility standards  Balanced Books for any Dimension Financial Statements  Parallel Accounting  Balance Sheet  Fast Close  Income Statement  TCO Reduction  Segment Reporting  Cash Flow Statement  Corporate Governance  Notes  Management Reporting
  4. 4. SAP Financials Overview Unified Financial and Management Accounting  One version of the truth – stored in the General Ledger  Supports legal, segment, and management reporting  Multi-dimensional analysis – slice and dice  Multiple hierarchies  Pre-defined reports delivered as SAP content Extensibility / Flexibility  Option to expand standard accounting with industry specific and/or customer-defined fields  Meets international expectations  Important for industry solutions
  5. 5. FI Sub-modules Overview General Ledger Account Account receivable Payable Financial Accounting Cash Asset Management Management Legal Consolidation
  6. 6. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-GL Hierarchy Structure Client General Electric Chart of Accounts Chart of Accounts CAUS CAEU Company Code Company Code Company Code Aircraft Engines Aviation Services Global Finance
  7. 7. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-GL Process Overview Financial Accounting General Ledger Master Transaction Account Periodic Reporting Data Processing Analysis & Processing Reconciliation
  8. 8. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-GL Document Posting: Activity Flow Create G/L Create G/L Posting Post Manual account posting Fast Entry Journal Holding an incomplete document Simulate No (Enough Info to Complete Posting?) Create/Display a Parked Document Yes Posted Entry Post/Release a Parked Document
  9. 9. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-GL Period End Processing SAP R/3 supports the following transactions: Fiscal Year variants & Posting Period Clear open items, both manually and automatically Create, maintain and process accrual/deferral transactions Recurring Entries Revalue balances in foreign currencies Reconciliation of documents with monthly debits & credits Roll over of closing balances to form opening balances can be performed multiple times and after the beginning of the new fiscal year.
  10. 10. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-GL Reporting SAP system offers number of reports that help analyzing entered business transactions: • Financial Statement Version (Balance Sheet and P&L) • Account Balances • Line Items • Documents • Master Data Report can be: • Printed out directly to the printer, • Saved as a local file (txt format, Excel file etc.) • Sent by e-mail
  11. 11. FI Sub-modules OverviewFinancial Statement Version  Diverse list layout  Navigation  Any number of hierarchies  Conversion to other formats
  12. 12. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AR Process Overview Financial Accounting Accounts Receivable Master Invoice Cash Account Periodic Reporting Data / Processing Receipting / Analysis & Processing Credit Payments Reconciliation Management
  13. 13. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AR Master Data  General data Client • Address 230 • Control data • Marketing Customer • Export data Master • Contact persons Company  Company Code data Code • Account Management 9100 • Payment Transactions A Ltd • Correspondence • Insurance  Sales Area data • Sales Sales Organization • Shipping 9100 • Billing document • Partner functions
  14. 14. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AR Invoice Processing SAP R/3 supports the following transactions:  Standard  Invoice  Credit/Debit Notes  Down Payment  Bill of Exchange Receivable  Parked Documents  Foreign Currency  SD Billing  Inter-company postings
  15. 15. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AR Account Analysis / Reconciliation Business Transactions included in Process: Display Customer’s account balance and line items Clear outstanding items on Customer’s Post Customer’s documents with clearing Perform automatically clearing procedures Reverse documents
  16. 16. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AR Reporting SAP system offers number of reports that help analyzing entered business transactions:  Open Items List  Cleared Items List  Account List  Account Balance List Customised Reports  Aged Open Items List Report can be:  Printed out directly to the printer,  Saved as a local file (txt format, Excel file etc.)  Sent by e-mail
  17. 17. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AR Integrated Accounts Receivable Incoming ProfitabilityControlling orders accounting forecastSales and Incoming Goods BillingDistribution orders issue Credit Customer Credit rev.Accounting review Gen. Reminder Payment Gen. ledger ledger Treasury Cash Cash Electronic forecast forecast banking
  18. 18. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AP Integrated Accounts Payable Purchase Purchase ProvisionControlling order . Actual req.comm comm. actual Purchase Purchase Goods InvoicePurchasing req.comm order receipt receipt/ . parking General Vendor / CashedAccounting ledger Release/ Payment checks Gen. Ledger Cash Cash Cash Cash ElectronicTreasury forecast forecast forecast position banking
  19. 19. FI Sub-modules OverviewAsset AccountingGeneral Ledger Financial statements A P G/L accountsAsset SubsidiaryLedger Asset classes Buildings Vehicles Machines Assets under Fixtures and construction fittings Asset master records
  20. 20. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AA Functions of Asset Accounting Financial statement + profit and loss statement Property list/ inventory reporting Asset history sheet Local + international reporting Leasing Insurable values Investment management Depreciation Interest calculation Revaluation
  21. 21. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-AA Asset Explorer Overview of all valuation areas Reference to related objects Complete analysis of period and annual values Link to asset master record Link to depreciation calculation
  22. 22. FI Sub-modules OverviewFI-Cash Management Cash Management Decision Trade Cash Management Liquidity Preview PositionBank accounts in Payments in Financial assets Subsidiary currency: transit: and financial ledgers: Account 1  incomings borrowing  receivables :  outgoings  payables Account n  purchase orders Total  orders
  23. 23. SAP Controlling Overview CO-CCA CO-OPA CO-PCA Controlling CO-PC CO-PA CO-CEA
  24. 24. CO Sub-modules OverviewCO- Cost Center Accounting Master Planning Actual Period End Reporting Data Posting Closing Cost Element  Planning  Manual entries  Reposting Cost Centre preparation  SKF entry  Actual Cost Activity Type  Cost Centre  Direct activity distribution Planning allocation Actual Cost Resource   Internal Order Indirect activity Assessment Statistical Key Planning  Figures allocation  Cost Splitting  Plan cost Order budget Calculate Actual Internal order distribution   Groups Activity Prices  Plan cost  Settlement of assessment Overhead Orders  Plan direct activity  Manual Cost allocation Allocation  Plan indirect  FICO activity allocation Reconciliation  Plan settlement of overhead cost orders  Other planning activities
  25. 25. CO Sub-modules OverviewCO- Profit Center Profitability Segment Sales Order Cost Center Profit Center Internal Asset Order Material
  26. 26. CO Sub-modules OverviewCO- Profitability Analysis ProfitabilityAnalysis will enable us to analyze the profitability of market segments according to the following characteristics:  Products  Customers  Sales Districts (i.e. USA West, USA East, Egypt etc.)  Others
  27. 27. CO Sub-modules OverviewCO- Planning Methods Plan data transfer Excel-Upload Manual entry Copy existing data New Plan Plan Allocation Final Plan
  28. 28. CO Sub-modules Overview
  29. 29. Questions
  30. 30. THANK YOU