Automotive business-intelligence software - webinar slides

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12 Aug 2016

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Automotive business-intelligence software - webinar slides

  1. Live Webinar for Automotive Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers
  2. 7 Telling Statistics: • Companies using analytics are 5x more likely to make faster decisions • By 2018, there will be a projected 1.5 million shortfall of data professionals in the U.S alone • The BI and Analytics market will grow to $20 Billion by 2019 • 85% of business leaders believe big data will dramatically change the way they do business • By 2017, over 50% of business users and analysts in organizations will have access to self-service tools • 42% of companies plan to deploy mobile BI • By 2019, 90% of large organizations will hire a Chief Data Officer Automotive Webinar 2016
  3. So what? Does this really apply to me?
  4. BI gives you an enterprise-wide view of your business. All these data sets are available for analysis: Automotive Webinar 2016 Yes, if you have all or any of these: Sales Purchasing Inventory CRM Finance Rebates Debtors Third party data + whatever else you need to integrate 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4
  5. How BI addresses some popular industry issues?
  6. Issue no.1 “We carry out thousands of sales transactions every day. I need to quickly identify where they occur, and react to increases or declines within the customer base.” Bill, Auto Distributor in Ohio • Automechanika Birmingham 2016
  7. Issue no.2 “How do I identify trends among customers and products?” Mary, Retailer, London • Automechanika Birmingham 2016
  8. Issue no.3 How to make sure your customers are buying all they need to buy. The principle of cross-selling. Manjit, US Manufacturer • Automechanika Birmingham 2016
  9. Issue no.4 “The competition is placing major pressure on prices and my margins are suffering. What are my options?” Keith, Distributor, Manchester • Automechanika Birmingham 2016
  10. Issue no.5 "Monitoring cash management is essential but even more so when my margins are restricted.” Andy, Phocas • Automechanika Birmingham 2016
  11. Issue no.6 “I have so many different items in stock, I spend hours calculating my rotations. Can BI help me in that area?” Janice, Distributor, Christchurch • Automechanika Birmingham 2016
  12. Issue no.7 “My IT team has limited hours and resources and generating reports takes time. If we ask further questions about the data, it’s difficult for them to provide a quick answer, or sometimes any answer at all.” Anastasia, Retailer, Holland • Automechanika Birmingham 2016
  13. Issue no.8 “How can I identify the reasons behind returns?” Paul, London • Automechanika Birmingham 2016
  14. Issue no.9 “Each branch is responsible for its own purchasing. I need to see who is doing what and if I can negotiate better discounts with my vendors.” Tom, Distributor, Australia
  15. Just to recap
  16. Phocas BI and the automotive advantage Ease of analysis - Via personalized dashboards Identify opportunities - Within all areas of the company Quick reports - Instant access, with current data Increased Sales Performance - Accurate data to make fast business decisions • Automotive Webinar 2016
  17. “..only scratching the surface..” An automotive customer, Gary Taylor from Febi UK Ltd is a fan of Phocas: Automotive Webinar 2016 Phocas has made our reporting systems 100% quicker and is a very easy-to-use system. We are still only scratching the surface of what it is capable of.” Gary Taylor – Sales Manager Febi UK Ltd
  18. Test drive Phocas at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016 Hall 5, Level 1, Stand E86
  19. Thank you for your time
  20. Get in touch. Learn how Phocas can help you achieve your business goals. Give us a call: UK/Europe: +44 1865 364 103 Asia/Pacific: +61 2 6369 9900 North America: +1 877 387 4004 Or email us directly: Automotive Webinar 2016