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Merging Your Business Into The 24 Hour News Cycle

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Content may be king, but in this noisy digital world, posts can easily be dethroned. Grabbing and holding the attention of your reader is difficult when new information is one easy click away. Those who succeed in this challenge are journalists. In this talk, Pippa discusses how and why applying journalistic techniques to create concise, authentic and newsworthy content will help your business to stand out above the noise.

*This talk was first given at the Brighton SEO.

(All photos were taken by me - unless stated otherwise)

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Merging Your Business Into The 24 Hour News Cycle

  1. 1. Merging your business into the 24 hour news cycle PIPPA MOYLE HEAD OF OUTREACH / THINK PRODUCTIVE BLOGGER / HUFFINGTON POST @PIPPASAYS www.pippasays.com
  2. 2. Who’s Pippa?! Head of Outreach Think Productive I’m also a… Blogger | Journalist | Magazine Creator Also referred to as a ‘Digital Ninja’
  3. 3. The 24 hour news culture has affected all of our consumers
  4. 4. They’re used to getting what they want - on their terms
  5. 5. They’ve also got a lot less time for you @pippasays
  6. 6. Your audience lives in a 24 hour news culture. Join them. Talk about what matters to them. Show them why YOU should matter to them too.
  7. 7. Create content that would BE in the news cycle Think like a journalist Source: NY Post
  8. 8. Know your reader Produce good quality content Follow the news And keep thinking about your reader Four vital qualities of a journalist
  9. 9. Add value to the story, it’s not all about you Well it is, but don’t shout about it.
  10. 10. Speak to your audience about what really matters to them @pippasays
  11. 11. Become a source Let the journalists come to you
  12. 12. Connect people with what they need now. @pippasays
  13. 13. But make sure you KNOW the news…
  14. 14. Why aren’t all businesses doing it? Source: Econsultancy Monetate Real-Time Marketing Report
  15. 15. What’s the secret? Know your audience and get the timing right
  16. 16. In Summary… To adapt to the 24 hour culture that our consumers are living in… •  Think like a journalist •  Add value to the news •  Speak to your audience about what matters to them •  Become a source •  Follow the news
  17. 17. And always, always, always think about the reader
  18. 18. Thanks for listening, you can find me here… pippasays.com | @pippasays