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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.1: Making Transformation Real Webinar

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The Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform has expanded and now includes a family of products to rapidly deliver apps, containers and functions. This evolution reflects today's IT reality — you need to use the right abstraction for each scenario.

Join us for a discussion of PCF 2.1: the first release that includes updates to the PCF family:Pivotal Application Service (PAS), Pivotal Container Service (PKS), Pivotal Function Service (PFS), and the Services Marketplace.

PCF 2.1 release highlights include: PAS for Windows, PKS 1.0, Steeltoe 2.0, Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF 1.0, and much more. We'll also discuss a slew of highlights to PAS, including essential enhancements to Operations Manager, security, routing, and built-in services.

Presenter : Jared Ruckle & Pieter Humphrey, Pivotal

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.1: Making Transformation Real Webinar

  1. 1. © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.1: Making Transformation Real Jared Ruckle @jaredruckle Pieter Humphrey @pieterhumphrey
  2. 2. Cover w/ Image Agenda ■  Pivotal Value Proposition ■  PCF 2.1 Update ■  PCF Services ■  Q&A
  3. 3. Operational Efficiency ●  Employ 500:1 developer to operator ratio ●  Perform zero-downtime upgrades ●  Runs the same way on every public/private cloud Developer Productivity Comprehensive Security ●  Accelerate feedback loops by improving delivery velocity ●  Focus on applications, not infrastructure ●  Give developers the tools and frameworks to build resilient apps ●  Adopt a defense-in- depth approach ●  Continuously update platforms to limit threat impact ●  Apply the 3 R’s → repair, repave, rotate ●  Run platforms that stays online under all circumstances ●  Scale up and down, in and out, through automation ●  Deploy multi-cloud resilience patterns High Availability The Pivotal value proposition
  4. 4. Embedded OS (Windows & Linux) NSX-T CPI (15 methods) v1 v2 v3 ... CVEs Product Updates Java | .NET | NodeJS Pivotal Application Service (PAS) Application Code & Frameworks Buildpacks | Spring Boot | Spring Cloud | Steeltoe Elastic | Packaged Software | Spark Pivotal Container Service (PKS) >cf push >kubectl run YOU build the container WE build the container vSphere Azure & Azure StackGoogle CloudAWSOpenstack Pivotal Network “3Rs” Github Concourse Concourse Pivotal Services Marketplace Pivotal and Partner Products Continuous delivery Public Cloud Services Customer Managed Services OpenServiceBrokerAPI Repair — CVEs Repave Rotate — Credhub
  5. 5. What Customer Outcomes Look Like
  6. 6. Operations Manager 2.1 Operator Efficiency ●  Stemcell Library (demo) ●  Operators can apply custom VM extensions to instance groups ●  Improved IP handling / usage ●  Operators can selectively deploy tiles (BETA)
  7. 7. Demo Stemcell Manager
  8. 8. Operations Manager 2.1 Operator Efficiency ●  CredHub is deployable on a Luna HSM ●  Expanded concurrency for RBAC ●  User-provided encryption key for AWS volumes ●  SSH / UI login banners ●  Encrypted copy of OM AMI on AWS via KMS
  9. 9. Ops Manager 2.1 BOSH Backup & Restore (BBR) Operator Efficiency ●  AZs on vSphere can consist of multiple clusters ●  GCS blobstore configuration for Director VM ●  AWS ALB support ●  BBR External S3 blobstore support ●  BBR CloudSQL or other external mySQL support ●  BBR Performance enhancements to minimize CF API downtime
  10. 10. PCF Healthwatch 1.2 Operator Efficiency ●  Alerting. KPI/KSI out of the box Alerts with configuration of shipped thresholds ●  Isolation Segments. Handling impacts to Healthwatch super-metrics produced; Impacts to Healthwatch UI ●  Data. Data Store & Data Aggregation Improvements Adapts for PCF 2.1 relevant KPI/KSI changes
  11. 11. Pivotal Application Service PCF 2.1
  12. 12. Service Instance Sharing (BETA) Developer Productivity ●  Beta in PCF 2.1 | Opt-in only*
  13. 13. Developer Productivity C2C Polyglot Service Discovery (BETA) ●  DNS based service discovery ●  New shared domain: apps.internal ●  Devs use familiar create-route & map-route ●  C2C policy still required ●  Beta in PCF 2.1 | Opt-in only*
  14. 14. Use Case 1: Secure Microservices APP 1 APP 1 frontend billing users inventory Route: billing.apps.internal Route: users.apps.internal Route: inventory.apps.internal Route: frontend.example.com EXTERNAL INTERNAL Create internal routes to make internal services only accessible within PCF
  15. 15. Use Case 2: Blue-Green Deploys APP 1 APP 1 frontend billing billing-b Route: frontend.example.com EXTERNAL INTERNAL Route:billing.apps.internal Map multiple apps to the same internal route
  16. 16. Use Case 3: Clustering Applications Access individual instances of an application using instance-based DNS peer peer peer Route: 1.cluster.apps.internal Route: 2.cluster.apps.internal Route: 0.cluster.apps.internal
  17. 17. Applications Manager Developer Productivity ●  Supports view of processes, scaling instances, modifying memory/disk ●  Supports ability to use JSON for arbitrary parameters and environment variables
  18. 18. App Autoscaler Developer Productivity Two New Autoscaling Rule Types ●  Container Memory ●  RabbitMQ Message Queue Depth ●  CF CLI plugin!
  19. 19. Loggregator Operator Efficiency ●  99% message delivery reliability target achieved! ●  Noisy Neighbor Nozzle to help with %1 cases ●  CLI + API integrations available ●  Metric Drains for App Developers
  20. 20. Secure by Default Routing and Resilience Improvements ●  TLS between Gorouter and App containers ●  HA Router control plane increases routing resiliency ●  Increased guarantees against misrouting ●  HAProxy now supports HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) ●  Smart ALB cipher suite defaults for Router and HAProxy ●  Operator can optionally enable support for PROXY protocol in Gorouter
  21. 21. First - Class Windows and .NET Support PAS for Windows ●  Much anticipated GA RELEASE! ●  PASW is a new OpsManager tile using Windows Server Containers. Powered by Windows Server 2016 version 1709 Server Core ●  Supported PCF platform features for an on-par experience with Linux applications now include: ○  CPU + network limits, full autoscaling, Diego SSH (i.e. cf ssh), context path routing, multi- buildpacks. ●  Can be installed alongside PASW 2012R2 for a smooth upgrade. ●  Has same Windows management features (SSH, RDP, KMS, Windows Event Logs) as PASW 2012R2.
  22. 22. ●  New .NET, IIS, and Windows feature support includes: ●  ASP.NET context path routing ●  IIS URL Rewrite module ●  Visual Studio remote debugging (beta! using cf ssh port forwarding) ●  Windows registry (experimental, per container) ●  Global Assembly Cache (experimental, per container) ●  Dedicated file system (experimental, per container) First - Class Windows and .NET Support PAS for Windows
  23. 23. gardenClient.StreamIn 2016 Container Anatomy Windows Server Core container base image Windows Features (.NET, HWC, etc.) User config Utilities (git, tar) Windows Server Container .NET modules (URL Rewrite module), etc. Buildpack Application binaries Droplet App Staging “The RootFS” Multiple layers as packaged in windows2016fs-release. Resulting container image at runtime.
  24. 24. Services PCF 2.1
  25. 25. Analytics APM Batch BPM Cache/LB CI/CD DB Commerce CRM IAASETLIAMIDE/Code ITIL Messaging Mobile Search Security SIEM/Log/Audit API/SOA/uS/IOT Test Other ❓ Networking Pivotal Services Marketplace
  26. 26. Pivotal Cloud Cache ●  High performance, in- memory, data at scale for microservices ●  Look-aside caches & HTTP session state caching ●  WAN replication MySQL for PCF RabbitMQ for PCF ●  Enterprise-ready MySQL for your developers ●  Automate database operations in developer workflows ●  Leader-follower for multi-site HA ●  Easily connect distributed applications with the most widely deployed open source message broker ●  Enable connected scalable, distributed applications ●  On-demand clusters ●  In-Memory cache and datastore, configured for the enterprise ●  Efficient provisioning matched to use cases Redis for PCF Enterprise Ready Services BOSH Managed | On-Demand Provisioning | Dedicated Instances | Custom Service Plans
  27. 27. Enterprise - Ready Services PCF Metrics 1.5 ●  Alerting on app metrics beta ●  Reduce logs storage VM footprint by switching to Postgres ●  Optimize metrics and logs ingestion performance
  28. 28. Enterprise - Ready Services Single Sign On (SSO) 1.6 ●  Operator Plan Configuration via API ●  Multi-Factor Authentication - Preview via API ●  Plan Visibility for All Orgs ●  Backup and Restore ●  Performance Benchmarks
  29. 29. Enterprise - Ready Services mySQL 2.3 for PCF ●  SI network traffic is encrypted via TLS ●  Binding credentials stored in Credhub ●  Faster upgrades for MySQL tile fleets ●  Developers can specify a custom charset & collation when creating/updating a service instance ●  Developers now have permissions in their service instances, such as the ability to create multiple schemas
  30. 30. Enterprise - Ready Services Redis for PCF ●  Service Instance Sharing ●  Create reference architectures for applications with high uptime needs ●  Increase limit of on-demand instances from 50 to 200
  31. 31. Enterprise - Ready Services RabbitMQ for PCF 1.12 ●  Service Instance Sharing (on demand and multi- tenant) ●  Secure Service Instance Credentials (on demand only) ●  RabbitMQ 3.7.x (on-demand only) ●  Co-located errands to speed up deployments
  32. 32. © Copyright 2018 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Version 1.0 ●  Software coming soon to network.pivotal.io ●  Many features available now run.pivotal.io ●  Contact your account team for PKS/PFS availability ●  Sign up for the next roadmap call roadmap- registration.cfapps.io ●  (First Thursday of every month, 2pm ET/11am PT) ●  SpringOne Platform 2018 CFP open! https:// springoneplatform.io/cfp
  33. 33. Transforming How The World Builds Software © Copyright 2017 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.