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The Power of Branding V2 extended

  1. Branding The Power
  2. Outline What is Branding? Elements of Branding Stats Power of Branding Branding for Startups Branding Blockbusters Branding Blunders Exercise: Spot the Branding in this presentation - Micro branding Personal Branding: Define Brand YOU
  3. What is Branding? Brand is a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service. Branding is the process of creating a relationship or a connection between a company's product and emotional perception of the customer Elements and types of Branding Visual Elements ● Logo ● Tagline ● Slogan ● Vision & Mission Statement ● Customer Experience ● Stakeholder Experience ● Consistency Types Based on audience: Internal External Personal / Individual Attributes Innovative, Unique Honest, Credible Sticky Reliable Visible where it matters Move with the times Emotional Connect
  4. Your Brand Ecosystem Brand Pack / Visual Elements: Logo, website, letterhead, product name, product packaging Brand Personality: What does your brand wish to be known for? Great health, happy, serious, dependable, etc Brand Promise (Mission): The most important thing your brand promises to deliver / provide / do Brand Vision: What does your brand wish to change for the better and benefit of larger good?
  5. What do the stats say? ● It takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand. ● Color improves brand recognition by up to 80% ● 73% of consumers love a brand because of helpful customer service ● 1/3 of the world’s top 100 brands include the color blue in their logos ● 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values 13% of consumers would pay 31-50% more for your products or services if they were under the impression that your business is making a positive impact on the world.
  6. Why Branding Reasons? Your turn to talk Your branding strategy is a success when it makes your customer feel that there is no other product better than yours.
  7. The PowerOf Branding
  8. The Power of Branding Sales? Make it or Break it Name and fame? Growth? Customer Recall? Better talent? More clients?
  9. Why branding can make it or break it Image Courtesy: TherapyDigital Clients Customers Employees Contractors Vendors Public YOU Your Company Your Product ARE YOU WORTH RECALL? WHY SHOULD I PREFER YOUR COMPANY / PRODUCT? WHY SHOULD I JOIN YOU? WHY SHOULD I STICK WITH YOU WHY SHOULD I INVEST IN YOU? Is your brand strategy answering these questions?
  10. Are you worth recall? As a customer, my memory is flippant. I can’t give you more than 10 seconds of my time and memory. Are you worth remembering? Which company comes in your mind when I say - ● Shoes? ● Online shopping? ● Best place to work? ● Sports car? ● Smartphone? What association does your brand make in the mind of your target audience?
  11. Why should I prefer your company or product? What’s my USP? How am I different? What value-add am I offering? Do I want one time customers or long-term patrons? What is my value system and identity? Do companies have an identity?
  12. Why should I join you? The term Employer Branding Surveys like “Best Place to Work” Important to choose right people to succeed To attract them, employers share what is called the EVP - Employer Value Proposition To answer this, companies have to extensively plan for external branding - social media, print, TV, magazines, etc. External - because companies want to attract great talent “Hilton truly has hospitality at its core, resulting in a unique team member and guest focus that is unlike any other company I have seen. The company invests in me and my team, and encourages an entrepreneurial approach to our work. Employee Speak:
  13. Why should I stick with you Employees “Talent Retention” An example of such a branding exercise, let’s say, for a technology company, would be to participate or host in a hackathon like event - to brand itself on several aspects. Employee Engagement activities are also part of internal branding - and answer this question Customer ● Why should I not switch to another brand? ● Customer Loyalty Programs ● Extra benefits ● Great customer service ● Striving for customer delight
  14. Why should I invest in you? When customers puts in their hard-earned money in buying a product or service from you, they are “investing” in you When your employees spend their time off on completing your Board presentation, they are “investing” in you When your venture capitalist sees value in your product that makes strategic, financial and market sense futuristically, then they will “invest” in you
  15. Branding for Startups
  16. Branding for Startups - budding entrepreneurs Building a brand is a union of Brand Pack Logo, letterhead, tagline, vision, mission Integrated Brand Experience Honesty, credibility, customer delight, consistent quality, integrity and values Hard Attributes Soft Attributes
  17. At a glance… ● Figure out your Who, What, How, Why and Where ● Decide on a brand name ● Think of what colors you would like to use - Color Psychology helps!! ○ Orange = Confidence (PwC, BMC Software) ○ Red = Boldness, High Energy ○ Blue = Corporate, Serious ○ Pink = (Women, Cute) ○ Green = Growth ● Decide if you want to make the name into a logo, or use a combination of name / initials / emblem ● Whatever you choose, build a convincing story around it
  18. The Ideal Brand Pack You start with your problem statement Mission: ● Your mission statement focuses on TODAY - short term ● What do we do, whom do we serve, how do we serve? ● Concerns the company and its immediate people Vision: ● Your mission statement focuses on TOMORROW - long term ● Hopes, dreams for the larger good - WHY we are doing what we are doing ● Concerns a wider audience that may or may not be connected to company Values: ● How do we govern ourselves in times of stress? ● What rules and values guide us? ● How do we take our decisions? Then comes the logo and everything else
  19. The Ideal Brand Pack - more examples Company: TED Mission: Spread ideas. Vision: We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. Company: LinkedIn Mission: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Vision: To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. Company: L’oreal Mission: Offering beauty for all Slogan: Because you are worth it Vision: Offering all women and men worldwide the best of cosmetics innovation in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.
  20. A moment on Taglines and Slogans Do you think a tagline is important? Memorable | Key Benefit | Differentiates the brand | Creates a positive feeling about the brand What’s the difference between a slogan and a tagline?
  21. Some popular slogans / taglines Nike Tagline: Just Do It - Tagline Brand Promise: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Apple Tagline: Think Different - Slogan Brand Promise: innovation, privilege, out of the box thinking Dove Tagline: You are more beautiful than you think Brand Promise: An agent of change to educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty and to make them feel more confident about themselves” Evokes motivation Evokes standing out Evokes self-worth & confidence
  22. From Confusion to Clarity Company: Amazon Mission: We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience. Vision: To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online. Why it works: Amazon’s mission is cut-and-dry about what they offer to customers. The vision takes the offerings farther, saying their company will offer “anything” customers want.
  23. Confused Brands of the World / Brand Blunders Let us see some hilarious examples of branding gone wrong.
  24. Electrolux
  25. Colgate The year 1982, US Colgate launched frozen ready to eat dinners called Colgate Kitchen Entrees No, people couldn’t accept it.
  26. Fair & Lovely - evoked reactions against racism Fair & Handsome too
  27. Pepsi in China - 2014 The intended slogan was, “Pepsi brings you back to life”
  28. KFC in China
  29. Everyone’s favorite Bajaj Finance
  30. Social media brand building? Be extra careful!! Share what you love about McDonalds’ with #McDStories Guess what could possibly go wrong?
  31. A quick exercise Spot the branding in this presentation
  32. Personal Branding The i in Branding
  33. How do you as an individual build your brand? Do you create a logo for yourself? Maybe (SJS; Simerjeet Singh) Do you build a tagline for yourself? Maybe (Elevator Pitch) What values do you hold dear? Are you willing to stand up for those values anywhere? Everywhere? What is unique about you that you/your company can communicate within a few seconds?
  34. A moment on Elevator Pitch ● Communicate your value in 20 - 40 seconds ● I help <audience> with <service> so that <benefit> ○ Wows ○ Evokes interest ○ Makes listener feel that they need you ● Urges one to remember you
  35. Name ≠ Brand If you believe the name Amitabh Bachchan is a brand, it became a brand due to a series of reasons. Amitabh Bachchan started his career with 12 flops at age 30. What makes his name a brand today, is not only hard work and perseverance but also his commitment to leading a meaningful life, inspiring everyone around him. He stands tall for perseverance, his turnaround story is a lesson for everyone.
  36. Brand: Neil Patel THE. authority on Digital Marketing Philosophy: ● Quality content - he redefined how one should write content in his blog Kissmetrics ● Honest sharing ● Personal and value-based interaction with commenters Giving back to society - he today shares all the tips and tricks needed to get successful in his digital marketing vlogs - for no charge. His free tools include Ubersuggest, Quicksprout, CrazyEgg etc. He was recognized by the former President Barack Obama as top 100 entrepreneur under 30, Forbes calls him one of the top 10 digital marketing influencers, Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world.
  37. Your personal brand promise Build a solid personal brand that is YOUnique 01 02 0304 05 You carry your brand promise with you everywhere you go You live, breathe and walk your values As an employee / manager / future leader / investor, you will remain committed to your brand promise and ensure that everyone identifies you with it. You may evolve as a person - but values remain constant - or more values get added to the ones that already are. As professionals & individuals, use the Power of Branding to your advantage by turning your personality into a Brand worth mention.
  38. What’s YOUR brand going to be? - Final words - Identify and define core values - Identify your target audience (Should be everyone, everywhere) - Use the right tools and channels - Interact, interact, interact to build value - Be genuine, care and show care - Help others wherever you can - Be the ‘leader’ without a title - Be consistently dependable and consistently consistent.
  39. Questions?

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  1. Slogan is a brand promise - a value proposition that stays with the brand Tagline can be situational, seasonal or just part of a marketing activity. Seen and Known (tangibles), Unseen and unknown (intangibles)
  2. Shoes? (Nike) Online shopping? (Amazon? Myntra?) Best place to work? (SAP Labs, Adobe, Google, BMC Software etc.) Sportscar? (Ferrari, Porsche) Smartphone? (Samsung, Xiaomi, One Plus)
  3. Rolex stands for sophistication Amazon - how many of us feel that extra zing in our happiness on the return of a product and the refund message? That is Brand Promise Loreal - Because you are worth it - how many of us have felt great and bought the Loreal shampoo after Aishwarya Rai so confidently said, Because you are worth it? That is Brand Promise aimed at evoking an emotional response Think Sears brand - akin to Big Bazaar vs. Shoppers Stop
  4. Amazon - logo story - it’s named after the world’s largest and longest river.
  5. What do you think of - when you hear the word “invest”? Investors? Venture Capitalists? What else? Who is the “I” in this statement?
  6. KFC slogan—“It’s finger lickin’ good” McDonald's: "I'm Lovin' It"
  7. These ads brought the entire skin whitening industry under the radar. Truly so - the power of branding is quite staunchly visible here.
  8. Moral of the story: Do not let hashtags become bashtags!
  9. Value system