sources text translation discovery and decipherment powerful monarchs decline commerce domestication of animals agriculture concept tripartite struggle political achievements origin kings original homeland and caste trade main postulates archaeological evidence funerary rites palaeography epigraphy as sources of history decipherment of scripts succession after dantidurga early rulers cultural accomplishments attack of mehmood gaznavi historical significance significance identification of chandra occupations internal trade trade routes other occupations trade and commerce subject matter of education aims of education education in ancient india observations facets of economy 6th cent bce later vedic economy rigvedic economy limitations epigraphy palaeography as source of history kharoshthi script brahmi script indus valley script mesopotamian script egyptian script remarks medium of exchange modes of transportation import-export distribution of resources external trade main occupation and industries classification of economy indus valley civilization intro sun temples in india mode of worship iconography of sun idol early medieval period' gupta-post gupta period early phase antiquity of sun worship in india foreign origin of sun cult texts concept of saura cult equality of three yogas bhakti yoga gyan yoga karma yoga thematic context probable date teachings of bhagwad gita incarnation theme in indian art number of incarnations characterstics of incarnation aims of incarnation concept of incarnation veershaiva kashmir shaivism kalamukha kapalikas shaivasiddhant pashupatas shiva bhagvata sub sects of shaivism shaivism in early medieval period shaivism in gupta period shiva in art main postutates antiquity of shiva worship shaivism sub sects antiquity of ganesh worship ganpatya sampradaya conservation decay themes planning architetural style history of construction borubodour streedhan uttaradhikaar ka dayad kram streedhan ka uttaradhikaar streedhan ke prakaar streedhan vivah sambandhit vidhi vivah ke prakaar vivah dattak ke adhikaar attak ki aayu duttak lene ke niyam duttak dene ke niyam dattak vidhi gaya tirth prayag tirth kashi as tirth number of tirths eligibility for tirthyatra recommendations for tirthyatra rules for tirthyatra types of tirth tirth types of vrat antiquity of tradition panchdevopasana atma and brahma upanishadic philosophy archaeological evidence of later vedic sacrifices later vedic religion jyeshthadhikaar putra ke saampattik adhikaar putra ke prakaar revival of buddhism in srilanka sectorian conflicts in srilanka buddhism through the reigns of srilankan kings introduction of buddhism in srilanka afterlife beliefs concept of rta development of theology classification of gods origin of gods number of gods vedic pantheon indus valley civilization and vedic period early vedic period brahmanical religion in central asia & afghanistan buddhism in central asia spread of indian culture in central asia: factors the region central asia & afghanistan conclusion regional diversity with regard to religion rituals plant worship animal worship deities indus religion exception to laws laws of inheritence laws of succession development of legal ideas in ancient india nature & concept of ancient indian legal system law dayabhag mitakshara inheritence rikthaharan uttaradhikar neolithic religion mesolithic religion palaeolithic religion origin of primitive religion cultural contributions rise of chaulukya power monarchs chaulukyas of gujrat language and script description sarnath bodhisattva image inscription epigraphy meaning and scope indus script cunieform hieroglyphics scripts & languages across the world:case studies introduction to epigraphical studies western chalukyas kalyani chalukyas gurjar pratiharas cultural coontributions palas of bengal pandya kings pandya supremacy in south yadavas and attack of khiljis yadav monarchs yadavas of devagiri pandya chola conflict pandya kings sources of history antiquity of pandyas first pandya empire battle at chandawar attack of mehmood gori jaichandra vijaychandra govindachandra early kings gahdawalas rise of rashtrakutas dantidurga rashtrakutas cultural accomplishmnets bhoja parmara sinduraja munja-tailap conflict vakpati munja rise of parmaras paramaras kalchuri kings fall of kalchuris kalchuris of dahal chandellas achievements imperialistic conquests chola chalukya line vijayalaya line geneology antiquity cholas attack of subuktgin hindu shahis lohar dynasty utpal dynasty histrorical significance kahom inscription metallurgical marvel iron pillar delhi forgery allegations significance of tirth lumbini rummendei inscription besnagar pillar inscription vakataka dynasty: overview of contributions narsimhavarman i mahendravaraman i imperialistic pallavas early pallavas pallavas dating technique of manufacture metallurgical enigma mehrauli pillar inscription chalukya pallava conflict chalukya monarchs early history badami chalukyas chalukyas तुलनात्मक अर्थव्यवस्था वाणिज्य व्यापार अन्य व्यवसाय पशुपालन कृषि उत्तर वैदिक काल ऋग्वैदिक काल urbanism foregin trade indus valley economy agricultural ecomony fishing fowling economy hunting gathering economy trade contacts economy tools subsistence neolithic mesolithic palaeolithic
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