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Strategy Map PPT Slide Template

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With the PowerPoint Strategy Map Template you can perfectly represent your corporate strategy including important goals through a cause -and-effect diagram. PowerPoint Strategy Map Template includes practical examples and templates to provide you with comprehensive help in creating your own Strategy Map for your business. Use elements from the download set to complete your impressive PowerPoint presentations.


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Strategy Map PPT Slide Template

  1. 1. Strategy Map What is a Strategy Map? The Strategy Map is adequate to represent entrepreneurial contexts. The map shows you an exact schedule, to which the company objectives should be implemented accordingly.
  2. 2. Strategy Map Template Mission / Vision Learning & Growth Internal Customer Financial Text Place- holder Text Place- holder Place- holder Place- holder Place- holder Text Text Text
  3. 3. Strategy Map Template Company VISON Statement Company MISSION Statement Financial Perspective Customer Perspective Internal Perspective Learning and Growth Perspective Placeholder Text Placeholder Company Core Value Statement Theme threeTheme one Theme two Text Text Text Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Text Placeholder Text Text PlaceholderTextPlaceholderPlaceholder Placeholder
  4. 4. Strategy Map Example Citizens Financial Internal Processes A stronger economy and an enhanced quality of life, while living within our means. Enablers Performance Excellence CultureInformation ReadinessPeople Readiness “Stimulate creation of quality jobs” “More people working” Foster private sector business growth Drive economic development efforts Improve workforce readiness Deliver innovative programs and services Focus funding on priorities “Provide access to necessary programs and services” Prioritize, optimize and improve processes Achieve sustainable budget “Provide value for my tax dollars” Align leadership talent to drive execution of corporate strategy. Access to relevant, timely and quality information. Align department performance to corporate strategy. Download at www.PresentationLoad.com
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