transportation engineering mechanics of solids engineering ground motion earthquake water supply flood control flood lecture sheets prestressed concrete water distribution system distribution system supply technologies waste_water water quality pile foundation pile foundation precast driven pile driven pile building design structural analysis & design i structural analysis & design design ii analysis & surveying structural analysis & design iii structure solid waste management river engineering reinforced concrete structures reinforced concrete structures i construction management project planning &amp numerical analysis & computer programming irrigation & flood control irrigation hydrology geotechnical engineering iv geotechnical engineering iii geotechnical engineering ii geotechnical engineering geotechnical engineering i fluid mechanics environmental science bod & cod environmental engineering ii geomorphology geology engineering geology & geomorphology environmental environmental engineering i mechanics engineering mechanics materials plastering mix design of concrete sand wood ferrocement concrete engineering materials engineering hydraulics engineering drawing strong motion and estimation of seismic hazard epicenter earth structure seismology seismograph fault. intake reservoir pump book on rural water supply small community scheme of water supply turbidity color of waste water waste water necessity of sewage management sewage waste water characteristics sullage waste water treatment analysis and design etp waste water & industrial waste water ecc 1997 the environment conservation rules environmental rules of bangladesh flat slab 2 way design of rcc two way slab techniques to control flood prevention of floods flood control measures safety against flood elevating a structure structural flood control flood protection structural measures engineering measures to flood levee dyke embankment encapsulation flood control _engineering solutions gabions structural measures of flood rip-rap sluiceway flood sluiceway &amp flood note conduit flood book flood map details flood maps prestressed concrete design & analysis prestressed concrete note book working stress method ultimate strength method two way slab design slab design one way slab design bangladesh gazette for construction dhaka imarat-nirman-bidhimala-2008
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