Defining the IoT Stack

11 May 2015

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Defining the IoT Stack

  1. Defining An IoT Stack April 23, 2015 Todd Greene CEO, PubNub
  2. The Promise of IoT
  3. 3 Let’s talk about today.
  4. Internet of Things Risks & Realities Expectations Time
  5. The Four Horsemen of the IoT Trough Security Economics Reliability Expectations
  6. Security There is no codified security model for IoT The Four Horsemen of the IoT Trough Security Cams Hacked Thief Steals Car with Smartphone HVAC Hack leads to 100m Stolen Credit Cards
  7. Reliability “Creating the Most Doorstops 
 in the Shortest Time” The Four Horsemen of the IoT Trough
  8. The Four Horsemen of the IoT Trough Economics Operating Costs vs. Revenue Subscriptions for Everything?
  9. The Four Horsemen of the IoT Trough Expectations Will we hit a “Big Data Hangover”? Objections to always-connected world
  10. Industrial IoT Consumer IoT
  11. Data Collection 2-Way Device Control
  12. Greater price pressure & lower margins Time to Market matters much more Risk of consumer backlash if products fail expectations More disparate & unpredictable networking environments Less controlled rollouts and provisioning New infrastructure designs necessary for 2-way communication New Complexities, More Challenges
  13. Page 13 Static Web Dynamic Web Mobile Web Enablers • Internet • Browser • Dial-up • PCs Enablers • App Servers • Enterprise Web • Broadband Streaming Web Enablers • Smartphones & tablets • Affordable cellular data • Social networks Data Streams • Always connected, always on • Massive amounts of real-time data being created and consumed • Cost of connectivity has dropped 2 factors of magnitude in last 4 years • Huge business and consumer value in realtime data Emergence of the Streaming Web
  14. Repeated Technology Maturation Cycle Proprietary one-off development Services- Focused Platforms Market driven Standards & Compatibility Mature, Well- Defined Stacks
  15. Database LAMP / WebLogic / RailsApp Server Apache/Nginx/IISWeb Server Scale SQL / NoSQL HTML5 / JavaScriptUI CDNs History Lesson: Evolution of Dynamic Web
  16. Technology platforms offer early advantages but… true platform vendors focus on delivering business value, not delivering proprietary infrastructure. Business Value of Platforms
  17. PubNub
  18. Goals of IoT Stream Conf Identify the layers of the stack Explore commercial products, services and open source projects that exist today or should exist in the future to address these needs. 1 2
  19. over 500 Billion Monthly Transactions peaking at 3 Million Messages Per Second over 200 Million Devices over 1000 Paying Customers delivering 1/4 second Worldwide Latency using 15 Global Data Centers
  20. Stack Discussion Starter…
  21. Data Stream Networks & Device Control IoT Analytics and Stream Processing Security as a Core Tenet of the IoT Stack Challenges Building an IoT Product Today Crowdfunding vs Venture Embedded Device Connectivity IoT Trends from an Investor Perspective Main Stage
  22. IoT Security Perspectives and Challenges Microservices, and reference architectures for IoT Building Communities Streaming, Analytics, and Triggers Big Data, and Scaling IoT Deep Dive Sessions
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