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Preserving precious memories

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Presented at local studies meeting, 29 March 2019, Parramatta

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Preserving precious memories

  1. 1. Wollongong City Libraries – Local Studies Librarians Meeting 29TH March, 2019 Jennifer Mcconchie presenter Preserving precious memories
  2. 2. 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 2 of ** SLIDES Your libraries are a gateway to lifelong learning
  3. 3. 2018 1. Caring for paper documents and photographs - 2018 2. Digitising negatives and slides – 2018 Groups of 6 – sharing 3 pc’s with scanners 2 staff 3 X 1 hour sessions over a morning. 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 3 of ** SLIDES
  4. 4. Objectives • To develop a set of programs that Local Studies Staff can run as part of the libraries Get Skilled program. • Once developed to be able to run programs again with minimal preparation. • To provide customer training in use of library equipment that they will not have access to elsewhere. • Promote the Local Studies Collection and Services. 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 4 of ** SLIDES
  5. 5. Presentation • powerpoint presentation covering • File types and file sizes • Storage of files • Handling documents, photographs • Cleaning images, slides, negatives • Demonstration of scanning using Cannon scanners 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 5 of ** SLIDES
  6. 6. Demonstration of use of libraries Cannon scanners • How to scan negatives and slides Free time using equipment • Customers assisted to scan negatives, slides, photographs, documents that they have brought along to the session. • Handouts provided and customers to encouraged to visit the library to use the equipment again. 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 6 of ** SLIDES
  7. 7. Issues • Variations in skill levels of participants • Variety of types of negatives that were brought in for scanning • Needed to use Scanpro microfilm software to bring up some images. • Was one hour enough time to cover topic. • Should we charge for Get skilled and other training session . – to reduce no shows. 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 7 of ** SLIDES
  8. 8. Benefits Increased numbers of staff trained in scanning of photographs, negatives and slides. • Staff training sessions were held. • Reinforcement and expansion of knowledge of local studies staff who produced and ran the sessions. Ability to run the sessions again with minimal effort. Return visits by some of the attendees. 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 8 of ** SLIDES
  9. 9. 2019 activities Two on one get skilled Scanning negatives and slides. • 45 minute training sessions were offered. • 3 sessions offered over the morning. • Can be tailored to customers specific learning and equipment needs. • More hands on. Developed training - Introduction to Family History 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 9 of ** SLIDES
  10. 10. LONGER TERM GOALS To provide this type of training at Branch Libraries Portable scanning kits soon to be available To run scanning days at various branches of the library where customers can donate scanned copies of images to the library for addition to our Illawarra Images Collection. Continue to increase staff training and knowledge of use of scanners. Enable greater use of the Illawarra Mercury negatives collection. 4 April, 2019 Wollongong City Council SLIDE 10 of ** SLIDES