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puppet                 labs                            Case Study“Puppet Labs consulting and services dramatically acceler...
puppet                     labs                              Case Study“Puppet has been a success on so many levels for   ...
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Citrix Puppet Case Study

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Citrix Puppet Case Study

  1. 1. puppet labs Case Study“Puppet Labs consulting and services dramatically accelerated the benefits we received from Puppet. The Puppet Labs staff was skilled enough to make categorical changes in the way the used and benefited from Puppet. They helped plan and implement their strategy including coding architecture and creating modules.” CITRIX USES PUPPET LABS- Joe Allen, Web Matrix CONSULTING TO ACCELERATE Manager at Citrix Online LARGE SCALE CONFIGURATION INDUSTRY: MANAGEMENT AND ELIMINATE CONFIGURATION DRIFT Web Software ChALLENGE: Eliminate Configuration Drift Citrix Systems is a leading enterprise software company that offers end-to-end SOLUTION: virtualization, networking, and SaaS solutions on-demand to users in any location Puppet Core & on any device. Running an IT infrastructure that’s constantly under migration and Professional Services containing various systems (integration, QA, staging, live and reporting) that are RESULTS: always at different stages of development, Citrix required a solution that could provide Consistently manage fine-grained control over system configurations, ensure each machine was properly thousands of systems with configured, and accurately track and report the status of each system at any time. unique configurations STARTING ENVIRONMENT KEY OBJECTIVES • Fast-moving IT infrastructure consisted of several thousand ma- • Configuration Management - Enhance the chines that produced and packaged Citrix’s software solutions, all of management of thousands of machines at which are RPM based. A high change-rate environment included up different levels of configuration. For example, to nine weekly deployments for Citrix products. for hundreds of different time servers, it was • Oracle environment included all the systems required to support essential that all the servers were configured the a software and service company, including mail, DNS, and other same way. infrastructure. • Uniformity & Scalability - Ensure the • Without accurate accounting to ensure the entire fleet of up to 25 right packages were properly installed and different profiles for different machine types were configured prop- maintained on a large number of unique erly, Citrix required a solution that could handle significant configu- systems. With Puppet, only one system had ration management changes and address configuration drift issues. to be maintained for both installation and maintenance. • After looking at several commercial and non-commercial products, Citrix chose Puppet because it was a good match for their skill sets, • Accelerated Value from Puppet – They wanted could integrate with a lot of different products, and had a very fine- to move as quickly as possible to address their grained control over what they needed to do. Puppets’ recipes and configuration management needs and this was a class structure also provided a good administrative and organizational key objective in choosing to work with Puppet structure that Citrix felt was the right approach. Labs consulting.
  2. 2. puppet labs Case Study“Puppet has been a success on so many levels for BENEFITS OBTAINED us, from configuration • Operational Efficiency – Puppet has helped Citrix reduce the time it takes to enforcement to using it make daily changes and ensure the configuration is consistent and correct on each for mass change. Because machine. As a result, the customer has increased their overall operational efficiency we deliver a service to and ROI. internal customers, the • Lower Error Rates & Higher Quality – Puppet’s highly reliable systems ensure all biggest surprise is how configuration changes are done correctly, thereby reducing Citrix’s error rates and much Puppet has helped increasing the overall quality of their IT infrastructure. them, rather than just our • Enhanced Security – Puppet has improved the overall security of the customer’s IT own internal group. By infrastructure. For example, rather than having an administrator put a security file on each machine manually, they put it in a Puppet recipe that provisions the file to improving the efficiency the entire fleet of systems, automating the process to ensure consistency. of our IT infrastructure, • Better Customer Service – Instead of having to manually reconfigure a large Puppet allows us to number of Citrix’s machines, Puppet enforces mass change to an entire fleet to deliver our service faster, provide better service to its internal customers. and with higher quality.” • Accelerated Puppet Benefits – Puppet Labs support and consulting dramatically- Joe Allen, Web Matrix accelerated their implementation and enhanced the way they used Puppet to Manager at Citrix Online address their challenges. WhY PUPPET? According to Joe Allen, “Puppet’s unique approach to configuration management automation provided Citrix with a way to achieve previously unachievable levels of consistency, predictability, and scalability. Puppet’s passionate open source commu- nity ensures rapid innovation and testing, and Puppet has been reliably deployed inAbout Puppet Labs 100’s of large scale environments, making it the obvious choice.”Puppet Labs, is the provider of • Consistency – Configuration drift in such a large environment createdPuppet, an open source platform inconsistencies and higher mean time to repair rates. By using Puppet, Citrix isthat automates configuration able to achieve greater peace of mind by ensuring that their systems are in a knownmanagement and provisioning. good state.With more than 100 customersand thousands of users including • Predictability – Having all of their systems in a consistent state enhances Citrix’sDigg, Genentech, Match.com, ability to reliably roll out new services to meet business demand.NYU, Oracle and Sun, Shopzilla,Stanford University, SugarCRM and • Enhanced Visibility & Reporting – Puppet provides granular visibility into theTwitter, Puppet takes the pain out configuration of each machine. Enhanced reporting on the status of each systemof manually configuring servers by enables the IT staff to determine if changes have been successfully deployed to allproviding systems administratorswith a simplified, reusable platform. target machines, and helps them identify anomalies before they cause instability.www.puppetlabs.com877-575-9775411 NW Park Avenue, 5th floorPortland OR 97209 © 2010 Puppet Labs All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.