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Curriculum Fest- Science Quiz Bee- Guidelines and Mechanics.pdf

  1. Curriculum Fest ’23
  2. Relevant Dates Day / Date Time Venue Science Quiz Bee Elimination Round Monday- Thursday 13- 16 March Science Class Schedule Classroom Science Quiz Bee Semi-Final Round Monday 27 March to be announced Science Quiz Bee Final Round Tuesday 4 April
  3. Science Quiz Bee: The competition consists of 3 rounds. • Elimination Round – 3 participants with the highest score per class will compete in the semi-finals per level. Note: P1 9 Participants P4 9 Participants P2 6 Participants P5 9 Participants P3 6 Participants P6 6 Participants • Semi-Final Round – 3 participants with the highest score per level will compete in the finals. • Final Round – The winner/s will directly be determined based on the result of this round. Note: 1st place 2nd place and 3rd place Sequences
  4. GENERAL RULES 1. All Reginian learners are entitled to participate in the different competitions. 2. In cases where there are unavoidable circumstances during the competition, the committee controls whether a rule needs to be changed or not. When the participants make mistakes when performing, the committee does not provide a restart of the competition. All participants are expected to abide by the rules, show respect, and conduct sportsmanship throughout the competition. Disqualification of any participant who refuses to follow the rules will be under the discretion of the committee. 3. A certificate of participation will be given to those who qualify in the semi and final rounds while the winner/s per competition will receive a trophy or a medal and a certificate. 4. SPECIFIC RULES: A list of specific rules per competition will be discussed and handled by each subject teacher before the elimination round.
  5. SPECIFIC RULES – Science Quiz Bee 1. The elimination round will be held during the science period of every class. 2. During the semi final and final rounds, students will answer using show me board which will be provided by the committee. 3. The topics given are from TERM 1, 2, and 3. We will NOT give out the specific topics to be reviewed by the participants. They may search the topics on the internet for additional notes. 4. Participants are not allowed to: a. Talk with their fellow contestants while the quiz bee is on going. b. Make unnecessary gestures/movements that may considered as giving hint or clue to fellow participants. c. Receive any help from anyone. d. Any violation of the requirements above will result in disqualification.
  6. There will be a total of 10 (ten) questions during the elimination round. Each question corresponds to a specific point value based on its difficulty. Please refer to the guide below: a) 3 easy questions – 2 points each b) 3 intermediate questions – 3 points each c) 4 difficult questions – 5 points each Total = 35 points ▪ Each question has only 4 possible answers: A, B, C, and D in the easy round and in the intermediate round, and a short answer in the difficult round. ▪ Each participant must write down the right correct answer based on the question given. The correct spelling of the answer is a must. The participant is not allowed to ask for any explanations from the teacher. ▪ Participants are NOT allowed to ask for another repetition nor seek help from others. ▪ The participants will be given 15 seconds to answer each question. Once the time is up, late papers will not be accepted. ELIMINATION ROUND
  7. There will be a total of 7 (seven) questions during this round. Each question corresponds to a specific point value based on its difficulty. Please refer to the guide below: a) 2 easy questions – 2 points each b) 2 intermediate questions – 5 points each c) 3 difficult questions – 7 points each d) Total = 35 points ▪ The same rules will apply in the semi-final round. BUT, this time, the participants will write their answers on a show-me board provided by the committee. ▪ Each participant is given 15 seconds to write their answers and once they hear the bell, they MUST stop writing and raise their hands up. ▪ The host will then ask the participants to show their answers. ▪ This will continue until the competition is over. The tallying of points will be done by the committee and the final qualifiers will directly be determined based on the results. SEMI-FINAL and FINAL ROUNDS
  8. Science Quiz Bee Course Outlines
  9. Primary 1: Science Course Outlines Parts of the Body Food Animals Plants Materials
  10. Primary 2: Science Course Outlines Living Things and Their Environment Weather and Us Rocks Changing Materials
  11. Primary 3: Science Course Outlines Scientific Method Living Things and Life Processes Parts of the Plants Five Food Groups Materials
  12. Primary 4: Science Course Outlines Scientific Method Body Systems Habitats Changing States in Matter Magnets Electricity
  13. Primary 5: Science Course Outlines Scientific method Plants Reproduction Life Cycle of Animals Heat and Temperature Matter Light and Shadow
  14. Primary 6: Science Course Outlines Body Systems Food Chains Adaptations Forces Mass, Weight & Gravity Our Environment and Us