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QNB Group Officially in China

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QNB Group Officially in China

  1. 1.   PRESS RELEASE QNB  Group  officially  operates  in  China     Doha,  July  29  2013  –  Qatar  National  Bank  (QNB)  Group,  the  World’s  Strongest  Bank,  has   officially   started   operating   its   “Qatar   National   Bank   S.A.Q.   Shanghai   Representative   Office”  after  receiving  all  of  the  required  regulatory  approvals.       QNB’s  representative  office  will  now  take  on  the  role  of  extending  intermediary  services   in  the  field  of  investment  and  trade  with  Middle  Eastern  Companies  that  are  looking  to   establish  their  business  in  China  or  looking  to  invest  money  in  the  country.         The  Bank  will  also  act  as  a  liaison  with  Chinese  companies  that  are  looking  to  expand   into  the  ever  growing  Middle  Eastern  market  and  facilitate  investments.   QNB  Group  has  established  its  presence  in  Asia’s  largest  market  as  part  of  its  continued   international  expansion  strategy.    
  2. 2.   As   the   world’s   second   largest   economy,   China   has   one   of   the   highest   growth   rates   globally.  The  country  has  just  released  its  second  quarter  Gross  Domestic  Product  (GDP)   figures   which   although   down   from   7.7%   to   7.5%   are   directly   in   line   with   the   government’s  growth  target.     Having  experienced  an  investment  boom  in  recent  years,  China  is  now  refocusing  from   an  export-­‐led  economy  towards  a  consumer-­‐led  economy.  There  will  still  be  a  strong   focus  on  business  investment  as  well  as  on  the  expansion  of  factories.     China  has  also  accumulated  $3.5  trillion  in  foreign  exchange  reserves  which  represents   the  country’s  global  buying  power.   Following  the  establishment  of  its  office  in  China,  QNB  Group  now  extends  its  presence   into   more   than   26   countries   across   the   globe   after   deciding   in   2005   to   begin   implementing  an  intensive  and  ambitious  expansion  plan.       QNB’s  office  is  located  at  the  Shanghai  World  Financial  Center  which  is  China’s  tallest   skyscraper.