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  1. CONNECT CHINA Give your students a world class education
  2. Student Pains • 58.5% increase in tuition in last 10 years • Real median household income fallen 9% • Value of education is decreasing • More students continuing education in 4-year universities • College attendance still on the rise, including International • “How to diversify myself?” • “What can I do to keep up?”
  3. Changing Experiences • World is connecting more-and-more • International students beginning to enroll in community colleges • Growing importance for international experience
  4. QU USA Connect China Program
  5. Qu USA Program Partnership • Open opportunity for students to join Qu USA program No Minimum, No Maximum • Any number of students can participate Transfer AA Degree • Direct transfer of Associates Degree Four Year Bachelors Degree 86% Lower Cost • Obtain Bachelors Degree from Accredited Chinese University
  6. Chinese Universities Chinese Committee for International Cooperation Chongqing Local Government US Jr. College Network Qu USA
  7. Why Qu USA? • NO cost to your university • Average Chinese tuition is $3,000/year, we take $0 from this tuition cost • Students are shown the exact bill from the University • Introduce and help students apply to high percentage Chinese scholarship opportunities • Cultural training before departure and Chinese language lessons upon arrival in China • Opportunity to graduate from one of China’s top business universities • Massive connection of students, faculty, and professionals waiting in China
  8. STUDENT COSTS How is this so affordable?
  9. Total Costs – 2 years in China Tuition, $6,000 Food, $4,000 Qu USA, $1,000 Travel, $2,200 Housing, $3,150 Over $32,000 in savings Compared to US 4-year Universities
  10. Total Costs for Students (2012-2013) Hospitality/Hotel Management Bachelor’s Program • Tuition: $3,000/year (includes books) • Student Visa Cost: $130/year • Food costs: $2,000/year • Roundtrip flight from US-China: $1,800 • Travel from airport to university: $1.50 • General City Travel: $80/year (50 roundtrips to any part of the city) • Health Check: $70 • University Application Fee: $70 • Housing: $1,570/year
  11. Tuition • Chinese universities have risen in: • International attendance • World renown • Government investment • The only area universities have stayed constant is tuition • 2012 national average of college tuition was $3,000/year
  12. Food • International students can eat well on just $4/day • Our cultural education teaches students how to budget while studying in China. • Universities host housing and cafeterias • Local students are introduced to help Qu USA students adapt
  13. Qu USA fee • We ask students for a 1-time $1,000 fee to cover company recruitment, staff, cultural lessons, training, and overhead • Our fee ensures Qu USA has an employee in the US and China at all times. If students have problems while studying in China, a Qu USA representative is always available
  14. What’s in it for me? • Your college is granted a FREE connection to China • Students can AFFORD to finish their degree on the same level as higher income families • Dual-language demands are on the RISE! • NO commitment needed; you pay nothing and simply offer students this program as an option
  15. Summary Problem: • Careers are demanding a higher-educated workforce • Colleges are costing more than most can afford Solution: • Students join the Qu USA Connect China program and earn a Bachelors degree for 86% less cost • Granted international experience, cultural training, language courses, and a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality/Hotel Management, and International Business Administration. • Imagine your students’ faces when they tell you about the people they meet in China!
  16. Let’s Get Started! Are you willing to let your students take the next step? Dustin Kluttz (China-based) 410.344.7244 Tyler Barnes (US-based) 417.592.2418

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. This is an example with a Qu USA fee, the idea is to show a one-year cost breakdown. Could maybe add a second year chart showing an even cheaper cost? Or could combine the 2-years:6000 – Tuition 2200 – Travel 1000 – Qu USA 4000 – Food 3150 - Housing= $16,350 for degree completion if you receive no scholarship. Divide by 2 and you have 8175/year. Per year cost of US public university 16,600: $16,850 in savings for bachelor completion. Per year cost of US private university $38300: savings of $60,250 for bachelor completion. Average per year cost of US institution (public and private) $25000: $33,650 savings over bachelor completion