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1325 keynote rahmer

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Rusty Rahmer

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1325 keynote rahmer

  1. 1. Internal use only Top Down Corporate Analytics The Vanguard Digital Intelligence Program Story June 20, 2017 Presented by Rusty Rahmer Vanguard
  2. 2. Internal use only Topics 2 • The Center of Excellence Model • Blue Collar Analytics • Case Study Visit and Visitor Scoring • Things to Think About
  3. 3. Internal use only 3 Who we are One of the world's largest investment management companies Fast Facts About 280 low-cost traditional funds and ETFs 16 locations worldwide with more than 14,000 crew members
  4. 4. Internal use only Center of Excellence 4
  5. 5. Internal use only Digital Intelligence Program - Overview 5 People • Staff up to meet business and marketing demands • New tools and capabilities = New skills and Competencies • Velocity of insight to action: Eliminate bottlenecks, democratize the data Fundamental Question: Centralized or Decentralized?
  6. 6. Internal use only Center of Excellence Model 6 DI Community of Practice (x40) DI Center of Excellence (x12) VG Business, Marketing, and Project Community (600+)
  7. 7. Internal use only Center of Excellence Services - Tactical 7 Ownership of Enterprise Digital Analytics Capabilities – Right Tools and Optimal Environments Identifying, Procuring, and Implementing the Right Digital Marketing Solutions for the Enterprise Partnering with IT to Guide and Establish the Ideal Environments for Digital Marketing Solutions Managing Digital Marketing Technology Vendor Services, Relationships, and Engagements Operations – Quality to Specialized Functions Analytics Tool Configuration Classification Files Data Support to Unsupported Areas (Fraud, Legal, Corporate Strategy) Data Oversight Audit & Integrity – Risk Mitigation and Accountability Data and implementation Guides, Documentation, and Governance Meta Data Definitions Monitoring Quality / Integrity through Periodic Audits
  8. 8. Internal use only Center of Excellence Services - Strategic 8 Enablement of Digital Marketing Capabilities and Investments – Right Talent, Skills, & Progress Building and Fostering Communities of Practice Assistance with Talent Identification, Interviewing, and Sourcing Digital Analyst Training Consultancy on Strategic Usage & Application Fields of Use, guidelines, Best Practices, and Limitations of Digital Marketing Solutions
  9. 9. Internal use only Blue Collar Analytics 9
  10. 10. Internal use only Measurement Maturity Model
  11. 11. Internal use only Analytics Service Model
  12. 12. Internal use only Analytics Service Engagement Model Consulting, Thought Leadership & Maturity Assessments Proof of Concept Projects Enablement • Establishing credibility • Discovering opportunity • Finding advocacy • Creating awareness • Fostering interest • Demonstrating capability • Developing blueprints • Creating sales demo/case • Making it real • Changing the business • Achieving success
  13. 13. Internal use only Proof of Concept Projects • Visit and Visitor Scoring • Content Classification, Meta Tagging, and Optimization • Content ROI • Standardized Marketing Operations Dashboards and Reporting Solutions • Facilitation of Monthly Digital Marketing Data Insights to Innovation Engagements Meetings
  14. 14. Internal use only Visitor Scoring 14
  15. 15. Internal use only Engagement Scoring – Scoring the online VISIT
  16. 16. Internal use only Engagement Scoring – Scoring the online VISITOR
  17. 17. Internal use only Components of Visit Scoring Desired Activity Event Definition View audio, video View at least half of the video or audio View article View article View products View product overview page or aggregate page Complete audio, video Complete an audio or video ( in addition to the half completion event) Download content Download a file Contact us View Contact us page Remember me or login Visit with remember me activated or login Subscribe Subscribe to either Advisor Digest or Announcements Register Complete web registration Use tool Use tool Order literature Order at least one literature or document Share Content Share article, video, or audio via twitter, linkedin, facebook, google, email, print PassiveActive
  18. 18. Internal use only Visit Scoring In-Tool Campaign Reporting Visitor Reporting
  19. 19. Internal use only 19 3,200 Total Site Visit Score 4.5 Avg. Visit Score per User 7.5 Avg. Visit Score per Sales Lead 10.3 5.6 4.4 3.2 2.9 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Social Media Display Paid Search Email Direct Avg. Visit Score by Channel Campaign Total Visit Score Cost Cost per Engagement Save More 120 $10,000 $83.33 Index Invest 310 $2,000 $6.45 Bond Balance 190 $4,000 $21.05 Int'l Equity 490 $4,000 $8.16 Money Movers 610 $20,000 $49.18 Visit Scoring at Work
  20. 20. Internal use only Things to Think About 20 #
  21. 21. Internal use only Things to Think About # Size matters, or does it? # Don’t underestimate the transformation # External partners are your friends, and maybe your best allies # Discover advocates for strategic work and find ways to run with it # Show don’t tell, then sell!