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Crabs STD – Why You're At Risk!

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Discover How Crabs STD Can Affect Anyone. Call 877-787-4875 for Private STD Testing.

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Crabs STD – Why You're At Risk!

  1. 1. (877) 787- 4875Call for Confidential STD Testing
  2. 2. What Is Pubic Lice?Pubic lice has been in existence as long asmankind. In order to live and reproduce, crab lice requirehuman hosts. Pubic lice belong to the Arthropod phylumand phthirus pubis species of insects.With their crab-like bodies, crab lice areperfectly designed to live on human hairs.Pubic lice have shorter and wider bodiesthan head or body lice. They have largefront claws which allow them to attachonto hair strands. (877) 787- 4875 Call for Confidential STD Testing
  3. 3. Life Cycle of a Crab LousePubic lice have short life spans. They only live about amonth while on a host. Without a human to live on andblood to feast on, lice live even shorter lives: 1 to 2 days atmost.Female pubic lice can lay about 30 lice eggs (or nits) attime. These eggs attach to hair strands to begin theirgermination process.Lice eggs then enter into an immature nymph stage.During the nymph stage, the young lice molt 3 times. Fromthe egg stage to full adulthood takes about 3 weeks. (877) 787- 4875 Call for Confidential STD Testing
  4. 4. How Do You Get Pubic Lice?Sexual contact is the most common way of transmittingpubic crabs std. But, its not the only way to get pubic lice.In fact, any close skin contact can spread the pesky insects.Inanimate objects like bed linen, clothing, and towels arealso sources of lice.Despite many anecdotal reports, toilet seats are not a likelyway of transmitting crabs as it is difficult for them to survivevery long without a human host. (877) 787- 4875 Call for Confidential STD Testing
  5. 5. Pubic Lice SymptomsPubic and perianal itching is the hallmark symptom of pubic lice. But, the pubic region is not the only area of the body where pubic lice can attach themselves. Any part of the body where coarse hair is present is at risk. An itchy bluish hued rash can also accompany pubic lice. The eyelashes, beard, and armpits are prime targets for crab lice. (877) 787- 4875 Call for Confidential STD Testing
  6. 6. Diagnosing Pubic CrabsVisualization is the key method used to detect pubic lice.Under a magnifying glass or microscope it can be quite easy to see adult lice and eggs attached to individual hair strands. One can also see brownish flecks of lice feces on the skin. Of course, the hallmark symptoms of itching and skin rashes are used to make a diagnosis of crabs std as well. (877) 787- 4875 Call for Confidential STD Testing
  7. 7. Treating Pubic LiceMany options are available when it comes to eliminatingpubic crabs. Permethrin and pyrethrin are the standardtopical treatments used to kill lice. Derived fromchrysanthemum plants pyrethrin is very effective againstcrab lice.No matter what chemical is used to kill lice, the eggs stillmust be manually removed with a fine-toothed combespecially for areas such as the eyelashes. Clothing andlinen must be washed at a temperature of at least 125degrees fahrenheit to kill lice and their eggs. Dry cleaningalso destroys pubic lice. (877) 787- 4875 Call for Confidential STD Testing
  8. 8. ResourcesThink you have pubic crabs? You should get testedfor other STDs as well.If you live in the US, check out STD Test Express.They offer fast, confidential, local STD testing. For more information, call (877) 787 – 4875 Mon - Sun 7a – 10pm CST. (877) 787- 4875 Call for Confidential STD Testing