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Technology Environment

  2. CONTENT • Technology environment • Features of technology environment • Impact of technology in business. • Import of technology • Problems in technology transfer • Appropriate technology • Conclusion
  4. TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENT •J.K.Galbraith defines technology as a “systematic application of scientific or other organised knowledge to practical tasks” • Technology means systematic knowledge for the manufacture of a product, for the application of a process or for rendering a service in more useful and effective manner.
  5. FEATURES OF TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENT •Technological environment changes very fast. •Technological environment affects the manner in which the resources of the economy are converted into output. •Technological environment is self reinforcing. •Hard technology and soft technology. •Practical application of knowledge.
  6. IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY IN BUSINESS •Increases the productivity. •Saves time. •Good quality product. •Improved Communication Processes. •Increased Employee Productivity. •Marketing process makes easy through digital media. •Easy to control the different branches from one place with the help of technology.
  7. IMPORT OF TECHNOLOGY •Import of technology is also know as technology transfer. •It can be in form of business agreement between to businesses •or MNC’s.• It can be as trade agreement between two nations.
  8. PROBLEMS IN TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER • Loss to Domestic Technology • Excess Cost • Excess Risk • Inappropriate Nature of Technology • Restrictive Conditions • Complex Technology Transfer • Adverse Effect on Balance of Payment • Problem of Experts • Resistance by Employees • Regional Disparity • Government Resist
  9. APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY • Appropriate technology is small-scale technology. It is simple enough that people can manage it directly and on a local level. Appropriate technology makes use of skills and technology that are available in a local community to supply basic human needs, such as gas and electricity, water, food, and waste disposal.
  10. CONCLUSI ON • Businesses are affected by changes in the technological environment. Technological change offers risks, opportunities and threats to businesses. Some businesses can leverage changing technology to improve products and processes or even create new products and processes that will expand markets and profits. • There are some defects of technological environment, everything done should have both positive and
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