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Field services

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Field services

  1. 1. Where do you need tobe?
  2. 2. Who do you need tounderstand?
  3. 3. Hey, we can get you there…Across the world we can help you with:• Recruitment• F2F interviews,• TDIs• Focus groups• Secondary research• Online qual• Translation and transcription• Analysis and report writing• Project design and set up
  4. 4. And we listen to everybody…Our established research communities…• Physicians• Surgeons• Nurses• Dieticians• Paramedics• Dentists• Biomedical engineers• Opticians• Allied healthcare professionals• Healthcare managers & procurement• Research scientists• Patients (including children) and their carers
  5. 5. Prices… We would love to send you a quote. Here are some sample prices* to give you an idea… Recruitment £60 per recruit (and we always hit target) TDI £70 for 45 minutes F2F £150 per hour (exc. venue hire) Focus groups £750 for up to two hours Online qual POA• Excluding honoraria, travel and facility hire
  6. 6. Contact us… Call or e mail Lucy Doorbar, director of operations, on: lucy.doorbar@ldaresearch.co.uk (44) 1525 714775• Excluding honoraria, travel and facility hire