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Railwaymen Presentation 2017

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We are an enthusiastic team of talented and detail-oriented technology experts who are committed to building software that is as smart as it is functional. We specialize in the newest IT technologies, such as Ruby on Rails for web development, both iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) for mobile app development.

Our mission is to deliver the most innovative solutions to clients all over the world. Most of our clients are located in the United States, the others are from Canada, Australia and European countries. We are also open for new markets, thought we want to expand globally.

We provide support at every stage of the project for enterprises and startups. Since 2015 we are among Top Poland Developers and we were recently recognized as Emerging Polish Web and Software Developers by respectable platform: Clutch.co. Railwaymen is also among Top 10 Ruby on Rails Development Companies.

Our goal is to increase our recognition, developing the best quality web and mobile applications, using IoT technology (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and beacons.

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Railwaymen Presentation 2017

  1. 1. We are railing brilliant ideas to you
  2. 2. Technologies Web Development Android iOS Tizen Ruby RoR HTML5 CSS3 Javascript JQuery ReactJS backbone Angular PostgreSQL Cassandra MySQL couchDB Mongo DB HAML Sass knockout Solr Mobile Development nodeJS Algolia
  3. 3. Experienced in demanding industries Real estate Retail Construction Education & Entertainment And many more...FoodTech HealthcareMedia & Video Management
  4. 4. Railwaymen tel: 1-415-449-4791 (San Francisco, CA) tel: +48 12 391 60 76 (Krakow, Poland) info@railwaymen.org skype: railwaymen.org Łukasz Młynek CEO & Co-founder lukasz@railwaymen.org