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  1. 1. 0c0f7087-a119-4f7a-97bb-1df876a933dc-160908051518 Ramon Castaneda (951) 529-2652 11258 Cameron Drive, Riverside, CA 92505 Rcastaneda975@gmail.com OBJECTIVE To obtaina full time job,move upinthe companyto obtainmore responsibility SUMMARYOF QUALIFICATIONS  Excellentinterpersonalandcommunication skills  Fluencyinspokenandsome writtenSpanish  Great at Organization  Work well withothers EXPERIENCE In Home Supportive Services From January 2011 to present  Provide care forthe recipient  Cleanthe house,cookmeals,andrearrange furniture  Drive recipienttodoctorappointmentsandpurchase groceries SoCal Land Maintenance From May 2014 to October2014  Blowawayany grass on the walkway  Replace full trashbagsand cleanthe grills,andplaygrounds  Rake up any oldleavesfromaroundthe park Car Spa From June 2012 to October2012  Drive cars in andout of the carwashtunnel  Dry and cleanthe whole interiorof the cars  Detail EDUCATION La Sierra High School GraduatedJune 2010 Riverside CityCollege 2015 to present HONORS AND RECOGNITION Dean’s listRiverside CityCollege  Academicyearof 2015-2016