cad ttt diagram iron - carbon diagram allotropy of iron peritectoid reaction eutectoid reaction peritectic reaction eutectic system gibbs phase rule interpretation of phase diagrams phase diagrams cooling curves structural constituents degree of freedom equilibrium phases system grain structure alloys and phase diagrams intermediate alloy phases hume rothery rules disordered substitutional solid solution order substitutional solid solution interstitial solid solution substitutional solid solution solid solution homogeneous and non-homogeneous phase volume defects. planar defects line defects point defects crystal defects coordination number atomic packing factor atomic radius no of atoms per unit cell face centered cubic structure body-centered cubic structure simple cubic lattice and bravais lattices crystal systems unit cell space lattice crystal structure non-crystalline material crystal material malleable cast iron ductile cast iron gray cast iron white cast iron martensitic stainless steel ferritic stainless steels austenitic stainless steel high alloy steel low alloy steels high carbon steels medium carbon steels low carbon steels plain carbon steels effects of alloying elements role of carbon classification steels cast iron steel ferrous material creep failure ductile to brittle transition brittle fracture ductile fracture fracture charpy impact testing izod impact testing chemical analysis macro etching spark test stress-strain diagram tensile test destructive and non-destructive testing factors affecting the selection of materials for e factors affecting mechanical properties properties of engineering materials engineering requirements of materials characteristics of materials material classification engineering material symbols for direction of lay indication of surface roughness symbol numerical evaluation of surface texture perthometer talysurf roughness tester forster surface roughness tester tomlinson surface roughness tester microkarato surface roughness tester intersection method reflected light intensity wallace surface dynamometer surface photographs microscopic inspection scratch inspection visual inspection touch inspection surface inspection by comparison methods of measuring surface finish surface texture measurement of surface finish transmission dynamometer absorption dynamometer dynamometer shaft power strain gauge torsion meter electrical torsion meter optical torsion meter mechanical torsion meter gravity balance method torque strain gauge load cell hydraulic load cell load cells proving rings spring scale pendulum scale beam scale balance scale and balance force measuring instrument force predetermined motion time and systems (p.m.t.s.) allowances work sampling methods of timing time study form time study the techniques of work measurement the uses of work measurement work measurement deadweight pressure gauge tester electrical pressure transducers bellows gauges diaphragm gauges bourdon tube pressure gauge elastic pressure elements manometers pressure measurement work place layout macro and micro motion study flow diagrams simo chart multiple activity chart travel chart therblings two handed process chart string diagram different method recording techniques flow process chart steps/basic procedure in method study outline process chart pre-requisites for method study objective of method study method study factors affecting the productivity role of individual to increase the productivity measurement of productivity productivity temperature measuring instruments optical pyrometer radiation pyrometer thermocouple thermistor electrical resistance thermometer pressure thermometer bimetallic thermometer calibration liquid in glass thermometer temperature scale temperature measurement progress control goods service tax production systems loading and scheduling line of balance process planning production planning and control layout of repair shop layout of services sectors layout of manufacturing shop factors affecting site selection and plant layout plant layout site selection dynamic characteristics of instruments static characteristics of instruments data presentation elemen manipulation element data transfer element data conversion element primary sensing element generalized measurement system international prototype yard international prototype meter material length standards historical development of standards of measurement end standards line standards standards of measuremtn legal metrology instruments and classification standards need of inspection metrology front wheel drive system rear wheel drive system four wheel drive two wheel drive propeller shaft universal joints synchromesh gearbox constant mesh gearbox sliding mesh gearbox gearbox brake effectiveness antilock braking system (abs) electric brake exhaust brake vacum brake air-hydraulic brake air brake power brakes hydraulic brake disk brake hand brake internal expanding brake mechanical brakes types of brakes requirements of a good braking system functions of brakes automobile brakes corrosion prevention method types of corrosion corrosion in metal rear parking sensor auto-dimming mirrors energy absorbing steering system emergency braking system night vision in sutomobile seat belt air-bags safety system in automobile centrifugal clutch hydraulic torque converter fluid coupling hydraulic coupling parts of transmission system classification of clutch multi-plate clutch single-plate clutch cone clutch clutch transmission system automobile frame of automobile chassis of automobile types of body in automobile engine position in automobile frame and body of automobile performance of automobile parts of automobile history of automobile dda algorithm bresenham's algorithm graphics standard cad fundamental 2d transformation 3d transformation translation reflection scaling rotation
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