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Innovation in Engaging Families

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Building organisational capacity to provide family inclusive alcohol and other drug treatment services.

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Innovation in Engaging Families

  1. 1. Innovation in EngagingFamilies.
  2. 2. W hy involve families? It’s a focus of the Victorian Government AOD Sector Reform And: families are also our clients – they have support and treatment needs in their own right working with families assists the substance user in their treatment and in motivating substance users to access treatment if they haven’t already
  3. 3. Barriers toincluding families
  4. 4. Implementation &Maintenance
  5. 5. Organisational Context A real commitment to: •Evidenced based practice •Practical and embedded practice •Accountability •Continuous improvement Integrated Approach •Clinical •Education •HR •Evaluations
  6. 6. Clinical Governance Overseeing body that ensures the incorporation and contribution of good practice. Directors, Managers and Team Leaders Systematic and standardised approach with a focus on: Clinical Accountability Continuous Clinical Improvement
  7. 7. Culture Support, acknowledgement and celebration from the top down. Shared vision and team work on the ground.
  8. 8. ReGen’s Clinical PracticeGuidelines on Family InclusivePractice “Working with family members and significant others is seen as an essential part of a comprehensive response to client care rather than an exclusive specialist activity”
  9. 9. ReGen’s Clinical PracticeGuidelines on FamilyInclusive Practice “Families are seen as having needs in their own right and as having a right to have their needs acknowledged and met. Best outcomes are achieved by including the perspectives of consumers, family members and AOD professionals. Creating conversations between each of these groups provides the greatest potential for optimising health care for individual clients and families and for service improvements”
  10. 10. Family Programs―Playgroup―Action for Recovery(ARC) group program―Family and Friends Group―Single session familycounselling―Longer term familycounselling―Family evenings as part ofthe Catalyst program
  11. 11. Single SessionFamily Work andThe BeaconProject
  12. 12. references Copello, A., Velleman, R. & Templeton, L. (2005). Family interventions in the treatment of alcohol and drug problems. Drug and Alcohol Review, 24, 369-385. Copello, A & Orford, J. (2002). Addiction and the family: Is it time for services to take notice of the evidence. Addiction, 97, 1361-1363. Orford J. (1994) Empowering family and friends: a new approach to the secondary prevention of addiction. Drug and Alcohol Review,13, 417 – 29.
  13. 13. Thank You UnitingCare ReGen (formerly UnitingCare Moreland Hall) UnitingCare ReGen – Main Office 26 Jessie Street Coburg VIC 3058 T 03 9386 2876 F 03 9383 6705 contact@regen.org.au www.regen.org.au