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Real Good Food in your community

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Enjoy learning about how Real Good Food can work in your community.

Many thanks to Michelle Lu who helped us put this all together!

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Real Good Food in your community

  1. 1. my lasagna for yourcheesecake? a story aboutReal Good Food
  2. 2. Somewhere out there,in a community verymuch like yours…
  3. 3. there is a wealth ofreal good food
  4. 4. made by extraordinaryhome cooks
  5. 5. grown by dedicatedneighborhood gardeners
  6. 6. produced by your localfarmers and artisans
  7. 7. let’s take a look
  8. 8. Sarah makes a mean lasagna
  9. 9. Carol is a pie extraordinaire
  10. 10. Mathew has a knack for homebrewing
  11. 11. James has the magic touchwith the heirloom tomatoes
  12. 12. What do they have in common? a bounty of things
  13. 13. Sarah can make an extralasagna in less than five minutes
  14. 14. Carol can make a second pie foronly a few extra dollars…
  15. 15. Matt makes a minimum of 50beers at a time…
  16. 16. James has more tomatoes thanhe knows what to do with
  17. 17. but…
  18. 18. Carol knows she probablyshouldn’t eat two pies
  19. 19. Sarah knows she’ll be sick oflasagna leftovers by Thursday
  20. 20. James would really like to findloving homes for all his tomatoes
  21. 21. Matt knows beer is best whenit’s shared
  22. 22. It just so happens that Sarahneeds tomatoes for her lasagna
  23. 23. James is happy to trade histomatoes for some of hermasterpiece
  24. 24. It just so happens that Matt hasn’thad a good cherry pie in years
  25. 25. Carol loves beer
  26. 26. Next step:
  27. 27. RealGoodFood
  28. 28. Start with the peopleyou know and trust
  29. 29. Create a group for yourfriends and neighborswho like to cook
  30. 30. Use recommendations andreviews on the site toexpand your good foodpotential
  31. 31. Discover more food, morepeople, and help create thelocal food communitynetwork
  32. 32. Search for food, eventsand shared interestgroups near you
  33. 33. Discover and buy fromdelicious local foodartisans while supportingthe growth of our nationalcottage food revival
  34. 34. Connect, Eat & Enjoy
  35. 35. Sharing food is as old as time, andwe’ve all done it.Because it’s human nature,and it’s fun
  36. 36. When we share, food we areReducing food wasteBuilding vibrant communitiesEating more affordablyExpressing and appreciatingcraftsmanshipAdding information and transparency toour foodPreserving culinary heritage
  37. 37. Suppose James, Sarah, Carol and Matt all live orwork near each other but don’t know each other.How would they find out about each other or evencoordinate those trades?
  38. 38. Real Good Food unlocks the food sharing potentialof your friends, family and community
  39. 39. What have we done so far?
  40. 40. Launched food tradingcommunities in Ann Arbor,MI and Durham, NC
  41. 41. Hosted food swaps,cooking and beer makingclasses, chili cook-offs andmore
  42. 42. Designed website specs andinitiated development
  43. 43. Developed relationships withpotential partners inAnn Arbor MI, Austin TX, Berkeley CA, BrooklynNY, Durham NC, Orlando FL, Pasadena CA,Washington DC
  44. 44. What’s next?
  45. 45. Many great thingsTell us what you want
  46. 46. Help us make Real Good Food areality in your community
  47. 47. thank you!
  48. 48. hungry for more? visit us atrealgoodfood.org