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behaviour problems causes and management predictors of teachers’ instru locus of control emotional intelligence consequences of deforestation rural household income deforestation slaughterhouse effluent slaughterhouse graduate soft skills soft skills competence skills requirements core skills requirements labour market core skills labour market potentially oil ceiling board plaster of paris plaster of paris (pop) heavy metal emily bronte's wuthering element of para gothicism emily bronte's wuthering heigh para gothicism external exams external examinition english teachers job satisfaction relation strategies principal human relation teacher’s job performances human relation strategies human relation propaganda in politics ngugi wa thiong’o pragmatic analysis of whatsapp analysis of whatsapp whatsapp chats political corruption in nigeri political corruption language attitudes among teen language attitudes music on language acquisition guidance and counselling gender and identity issues 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as an effective marketing strategy marketing strategy for selling consumer products marketing strategy sales promotion its role and importance in the marketing of consum advertising marketing of consumer product public relations on the interpersonal relationship public relations leadership styles on organizational performance leadership styles internet advertisement on consumer behavior internet advertisement accountability and corruption in public organizati corruption in public organization public organization promotional strategy in the hotel industry promotional strategy hotel industry cadmium induced liver damage calcium tainted water fungi associated with spoiled tomatoes spoiled tomatoes personal selling in marketing of petroleum product marketing of petroleum products petroleum products mode of construction construction branding and marketing of pure water branding and marketing women education in promoting healthy society healthy society role of women education women education berger paints nigeria plc business survival satisfaction and retention satisfaction and retention: a key to business sur soya beans soyabeans library and information sciences students educating and training library and information impact of ifrs disclosures on organizational perfo organizational performance ifrs disclosures impact of ifrs boko haram activities of boko haram mosquito coil orange peel insecticides mosquito repellents insecticides mosquito repellents internal revenue revenue online registration and result checking result checking online registration causes and effects of drugs and substance abuse drug abuse drugs and substance abuse arthropod predators and insect pest control arthropod predators insect pest control pest control global financial crisis on job insecurity job insecurity global financial crisis evaluation of health status and its correlates amo correlates among farmers health status health information managers in healthcare delivery healthcare delivery system healthcare characterization and disposal of municipal solid w solid waste managerial competence and training needs of poultr poultry farmers in nigeria training needs of poultry farmers poultry farmers socio cultural organisation and insecurity in sout insecurity in southeast nigeria challenges from indigenous people of biafra (ipob) indigenous people of biafra (ipob) ipob information needs and resource utilization by peop people living with hiv/aids hiv/aids aids in teaching audiovisual aids home economics in secondary schools assessment of personnel management skills management skills among private school owners private school owners personnel management skills among private school o recapitalization on shareholders return in nigeria recapitalization on shareholders table of content table homeeconomics research project chapter two literature review chapter two final year project topic project topic methodology chapter three research methodology re research chapter three research 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