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Open Data and Culture Change at CERN - Achintya Rao - OpenCon 2016

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Culture Change Panel - OpenCon 2016

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Open Data and Culture Change at CERN - Achintya Rao - OpenCon 2016

  1. 1. Open Data and Culture Change at CERN Achintya Rao (@RaoOfPhysics)
  2. 2. The CERN Open Data Portal http://opendata.cern.ch Screenshot: CERN Open Data Portal. Reproduced for information only.
  3. 3. Open development GitHub repo: https://github.com/cernopendata/opendata.cern.ch Public chat: https://gitter.im/cernopendata/opendata.cern.ch Screenshot: GitHub. Reproduced for information only.
  4. 4. Screenshots: CERN Open Data Portal and CMS website. Reproduced for information only.
  5. 5. Changing attitudes… • Less opposition to making data available openly… – Fears about “outsiders” abusing data not realised – No resources/energies expended on disproving “discoveries” • Improved outlook from positive experiences… – Use in high-school education – Use at university-level training – Use in broader particle- physics community – Use outside the community feeding back into particle physics Slide licence: CC BY
  6. 6. Project CODER Teaching programming and particle physics in high schools Screenshot: Project CODER. Reproduced for information only.
  7. 7. Validation of CMS data Undergraduate students reproduce CMS plots using open data and a bit of guidance Slide: Courtesy of Achim Geiser. Reproduced for information only.
  8. 8. Novel research Theorists from MIT performing analyses using CMS open data, fostering collaboration between the theorists and experimentalists Slide: Courtesy of Jesse Thaler. Reproduced for information only.
  9. 9. Lessons learnt • Show there are no (or few?) downsides of making data available openly • Demonstrate positive impact from use of open data • Provide support and/or nag people – Once infrastructure and workflow are up, future additions are comparatively easy • Conduct discussions openly (well, as openly as possible) Slide licence: CC BY