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Digital Workplace Solution by Lizard Soft

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It's well-known that modern Digital Workplace is an indispensable system for every large company. Such intranet solutions can be extremely efficient and useful for big enterprises.
We'd like to show you how many benefits your business will get while using Digital Workplace by Lizard Soft. Find out its strategy, key advantages and what exactly issues you will solve. LS Intranet is a really valuable instrument for any business.
For more detailed information please refer to http://www.ls-intranet.net/

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Digital Workplace Solution by Lizard Soft

  1. 1. LS Intranet Digital Workplace App by Lizard Soft
  2. 2. How to communicate effectively across multiple locations? COMMUNICATION How to increase employee engagement level? ENGAGEMENT How remote teams can collaborate with high productivity? COLLABORATION 3 Challenges Faced by Growing Companies
  3. 3. Use a single channel for top-down communications: news, blogs, key messages Get employee feedback through Idea Box, Surveys, likes and comments Support ongoing culture change activities Two-way communication in a single digital workplace offers better staff engagement How LS Intranet Addressing These Challenges
  4. 4. from the box on employee self-service portal for adding new service with our workflow builder, no code required paperless workflow processes100% minutes 30 services 15 Intranet helps employees get things done How LS Intranet Addressing These Challenges
  5. 5. Discuss in Yammer integrated into your Intranet Give your teams community spaces to collaborate on projects regardless of geography Publish information to the central repository and share it Next level of productivity through the single digital workplace How LS Intranet Addressing These Challenges
  6. 6. How to choose the right product?
  7. 7. of organizations with Intranet 2.0 tools are using Microsoft SharePoint 46% 9/10 of winning Intranets are based on Microsoft SharePoint business customers use Microsoft Office 365 60millions State of the Social Intranet Survey Business Insider, 2015 Intranet Design Annual, 2016 Leading Technological Platform
  8. 8. 1 week Your Intranet Launch with our branded methodology Fast Dive Get Content Ready 1 hour Deployment Time 2 hours Complementary Training & Consulting Quick Start
  9. 9. Mobile Friendly Personalization and Role-based Information Multi Language Support Responsible and Flexible Design Powerful Analytics Evergreen Product Meeting Up-to-date Intranet Trends
  10. 10. Gamification Targeted Social Search Evolution Carousels and Heroes Iterative Development Approach Inspired by Agile Evergreen Product Meeting Up-to-date Intranet Trends
  11. 11. Choose one of the predefined color themes Drag&drop to change layouts and widget sizes Change any graphics object on a screen with our featured Branding Tool 1 2 3 Easy Branding and Customization
  12. 12. Affordable Pricing Cloud or On-Premises Deployment in Office 365 or on local servers with SharePoint Server Subscription or One Time Fee Subscription based model lets you plan budgets ahead but you can choose one time fee as well From $499 per month 3 pricing plans are designed for companies from 100 employees to Enterprise organizations
  13. 13. Reliable Vendor Lizard Soft Was Founded 2010 2014 2015 2016 Microsoft Solution Partner of the Year Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner Microsoft Partner of the Year Business Productivity 2012 Microsoft Gold Partner Collaboration and Content 50 Professionals 100+ Projects 100% Microsoft
  14. 14. Good Track Record
  15. 15. (650) 452-6955 Lizard Soft USA San Diego, California 380 (44) 232-9510 Global HQ Kyiv, Ukraine Contact Us ask@lizard-soft.com ls-intranet.netLearn more: