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  1. Part of Speech Indah Lestari
  2. Part of Speech • Part of speech adalah kelas-kelas kata yang ada dalam bahasa Inggris. • Ada 8 part of speech dalam bahasa Inggris, yaitu 1. Noun 2. Verb 3. Adjective 4. Adverb 5. Pronoun 6. Interjection 7. Preposition 8. Conjunction
  3. Noun • Noun adalah kata benda berupa orang (person), binatang (animal), tempat (place), benda (thing), atau sebuah ide (idea). Contoh. • Shoes, turtle, glass, anger, sadness, town
  4. Verb • Verbs adalah aksi atau tindakan yang menjelaskan apa yang dikerjakan oleh kata benda (Nouns). Contoh Laugh, teach, learn, speak
  5. Adjective • Adjective adalah kata yang mendeskripsikan dan memberi sifat pada kata benda (noun). contoh • bald, heavy, useful, fast, pretty
  6. Adverb • Adverb menjelaskan verb, adjective, atau adverb itu sendiri. Cirinya adalah sering diakhiri dengan “-ly”. Contoh Simply, patiently,
  7. Pronoun • Pronoun berfungsi menggantikan posisi noun yang sudah disebut atau dipahami sebelumnya. Contoh I, you, they, we, he, she, it
  8. Interjection • Interjection adalah sebuah kata seru atau ungkapan yang berfungsi untuk menekankan dan menunjukkan perasaan seperti kaget, kesal, atau senang. Biasanya diikuti dengan sebuah kalimat. Contoh: Ouch, god, my
  9. Preposition • Preposition adalah kata depan yang berfungsi untuk memberikan keterangan mengenai posisi noun atau pronoun, karena itu letaknya selalu sebelum noun atau pronoun. Contoh preposition In, on, at, above, under, by
  10. Conjunction • Conjunction adalah kata yang menggabungkan kata, frasa, dan klausa. FANBOYS
  11. Soal • I bought an (expensive) book at the mall. • What did he (tell) you about me? • I put my shoes (between) my sister’s and my brother’s in the garage. • If we run this program (well), we can get extra bonus from our boss. • On Sundays, I (swim) from six to eleven in the morning.
  12. Soal • I will go to one of the beautiful (islands) in Indonesia this month. • I haven’t finished my project (because) I am very busy. • I don’t (believe) him because he has lied to me for many times. • Tara cooked (chicken) soup, but that was not delicious. • After (taking) a bath, let’s go to the campus.
  13. Soal • I like (playing) jazz music. • (Dita) is an amazing English teacher at school. • The dog (keeps) running with the other dogs. • She brought (her) old car to the garage. • She drives very (carefully) because she has a traumatic car accident. • (We) got a room with very beautiful view here but it is very expensinve.
  14. Soal • You should (try) the new dish in the restaurant near my office. • Don’t try to (approach) him when he is angry. • It is (nice) to meet you since we haven’t met each other for two months. • Learning (English) is very important for students. • I don’t know how to fix the (problem).
  15. Soal • She was the best students (in) this university. • He probably loves (you) now. • He is (smart), but is he professional? • I am not ready to get married this (year). • We have to count on (ourselves) if we want to win the game. • You (left) home just before five o’clock in the morning.