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Vessel Traffic Management System

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Rolta Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) makes significant contribution to more secure route, efficient traffic flow, and insurance of the environment in confined and busy waterways by active monitoring, provision of information services, traffic management and navigational help to vessels. To achieve above goals Rolta offers accurate components like radar, day/night vision tracking system, AIS, DF, ENC, hydrological and meteorological sensors and many more. Because of these components, VTMS encourages fast and efficient handling of Incidents and crisis circumstances.

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Vessel Traffic Management System

  1. 1. VTMSVessel Traffic Management System Rolta Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) makes valuable contribution to safer navigation, efficient traffic flow, and protection of the environment in confined and busy waterways by active monitoring, provision of information services, traffic organization and navigational assistance to vessels. VTMS facilitates quick and efficient handling of Incidents and emergency situations. Additionally, data from incidents and traffic movements can be stored and used as reference information for port administration, port authorities, coastguards and search and rescue services. Key Features: ŸGeo-Fence support ŸTarget Warnings and Assignments ŸElectronic Navigational Chart (ENC) map & Web Map Service (WMS) support ŸNavigational channel Monitoring & warning ŸRecording and Replay of Vessel activities ŸEvents assistance (Search and Rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement, National Response Center, Alarm) ŸDecision support system to locate appropriate response vessel ŸStandard Operating Procedures (SOP) Support (Plan & procedures, On-fly support) ŸDashboard to get overall Situational awareness ŸMarine Tools: Compass Rose, Go-To Mark, Range & Bearing Line (RBL), Closest Point of Approach (CPA), Range Rings, Grid Sensor Interface ŸSensor Interface (Radar, AIS, Met, RDF, EOS, Thermal console, etc.) ŸAIS Messaging (Safety, text message with Unicast / Broadcast) ŸRadar Interface, Radar Video & Radar Video history ŸSensor & System health warning ŸVideo Support (Video Streaming with playback controls & Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) controls) ŸSensor Control and Monitoring (Bi- Directional Communication Support) Generic Features ŸPort Management Information System Interface (Vessels correlation, Hookup, Assets info, scheduling Arrival, departure, shift activities) ŸPort Activities in a Timeline (Weather Info, Events, Vessel Arrival, Vessel Departure, Vessel shift) ŸUnits of Measurement (Multiple Coordinate & Distance format, On-fly definition) ŸLayer / Topology manager (Activating / deactivating layers) ŸMobile Support ŸInvestigation & Replay module ŸMultiple Monitor Display support ŸMultilingual support including Arabic
  2. 2. ŸVTMS Application Areas: ŸHigh traffic density & Traffic carrying hazardous cargoes ŸConflicting and complex navigation patterns & Environmental considerations ŸInterference by vessel traffic with other waterborne activities ŸExisting or planned vessel traffic services on adjacent waterways and the need for cooperation between neighboring states ŸNarrow channels, port configuration, bridges, locks, bends and similar areas where the progress of vessels to be restricted Rolta provides comprehensive solution for Security of ports & strategic coastal areas of interests including vessels traffic and other maritime operations. The system provides vital information and automated alerting on violation and reports on vessels traffic, port information and share events information to the police and other security agencies for preventing any troublesome incidents or for investigations. Rolta VTMS monitors, records, analyses, alerts operator with appropriate info and updates the port MIS online for all vessels entering and leaving harbor. Use of multiple layers of day and night sensors with reassuring levels of redundancy makes it a fail-safe system. Rolta VTMS is an information system as well a security surveillance, wherein any unidentified vessel automatically becomes a suspect element from security aspect. Once, envisaged registration and identification of fishing vessels and other recreational crafts operating in the port premises are in place, they can also be embedded into the Rolta VTMS system to aid security surveillance. The VHF Radio and Direction Finding (RDF) component of VTMS can be expanded for aiding security application as well. Thus, while Rolta VTMS is an inescapable system for any busy port for traffic management, it is also a dependable application for port security as it could give intelligence inputs to the security agencies for forming a Coherent Intelligence Picture.
  3. 3. Functionalities Rolta VTMS can be seamlessly integrated with:- ŸRadar System ŸDay and night vision tracking systems ŸAutomatic Identification Systems (AIS), ŸCommunication and Direction Finding (DF) Systems ŸElectronic Navigation Charts (ENC) ŸSonar System ŸMeteorological & Hydrological sensors ŸCurrent and forecasted weather adaptation ŸMarine VHF communication system ŸAcquisition of targets and continuous tracking of vessels in the surveillance area ŸCommunicates with variety of sensors to perceive the threat information ŸDetection of anomaly behavior, supervision and control of incoming and outgoing vessel traffic ŸMonitoring vessel movement and the co-ordination of traffic movement. ŸCo-ordination of Search and Rescue activities. ŸProvision of information to vessels to safely and expeditiously enable navigation. ŸArchiving of vessels’ information for statistical analysis and reporting ŸProvide investigation analysis tool to replay the vessels activities to analyze the incident in detail ŸEnables monitoring of the health condition of Sensor and systems ŸView the Situation of Security across the port boundary ŸShare the event / Control center operation effectives with stake holders Components
  4. 4. Sensor Site Often for larger ports, multiple radar/sensor and control stations are deployed for efficient and accurate geographical coverage. Rolta VTMS can be linked to port Management Information database System (MIS) for aiding online planning and coordination of vessels’ actual arrival and departure with port resources. The location of the sensors, like Radars, CCTV cameras etc. are selected carefully in order to obtain maximum performance of the system. The equipment on the sensor site consists of parts installed outdoors, like radar head, CCTV cameras, VHF antennas etc. and processing equipments are installed indoors in the equipment rack. The communication between sensor site and the control center is based on standard TCP/IP network which can be established using direct LAN connection, using MW links, ADSL lines etc. The Rolta maritime solution portfolio is based on Land, Underwater, Coastal, Surface, Airborne and Space capabilities for optimum coverage, fast situation analysis and efficient response. Module selection is based on customer operational requirements to offer the most competitive solutions. Notable highlights of solution offered are SOA architecture and standards combined with innovative technologies such as Selective Information Dissemination, Web Technologies, to integrate existing customer legacies and ensure interoperability with external systems and databases. We can provide 3D maps for the entire port area along with Rolta GeoCAD for land based operations.
  5. 5. Key Features Command & Control: Situational awareness ŸComplete Security Situation Awareness across the facility ŸCommon Operating Picture of the Safety & Security across the operators and responders ŸGeospatial Visualization ŸSupport for OGC “WMS services” and “ENC” ŸDisplays composite track, radar track, sensors, zones, etc. on a Map ŸSupports “Clustering” functions. Ÿ“Route” and “monitoring parameters” definition ŸBusiness Rules ŸAssists to define various “Watch Rules” ŸProvision to “Sort”, “Group” and “Filter” the watch rules ŸIn-built/custom defined “Standard Operating Procedures” Alert Manager Ÿ“Prioritization” of alerts. Sensor Integration & Data Correlation Interface: ŸEnables collection of safety and security risks from large variety of sensors. ŸCorrelation of sensor information. ŸManagement of sensor through operational controls. ŸSensors supported (Radar, AIS, Video Sensors, Sonar System, Weather Sensors, RDF, VHF). ŸSupports IMO guidelines Rolta Command & Control is industry proven leading edge technology designed to address the Safety and Security requirements of both Land and Maritime environment. It empowers navy, coast guards, port authorities, critical infrastructure securing agencies, to achieve affordable, truly collaborative situation awareness and manage the security threats. This web-based technology feeds sharply focused relevant information along with actionable recommendations to the intelligence analyst/security experts. Advanced anomaly detection techniques applied to information, automatically generate tailored alerts to right users at right time, thus enabling them handle threats efficiently. Rolta Command & Control
  6. 6. ŸProvision to “acknowledge” and “close” alerts. ŸTargeting alerts in GIS and entity which created alert. ŸProvision to “Sort”, “Group” and “Filter” the alerts displayed ŸEvent Handling: ŸProvision to define the various types of events ŸLinking plans and procedures and supports to define on-fly ŸProvision to link response vessels and assign respective tasks ŸProvision to export the event details to share Video Integration ŸSupports play of “live” and “recorded video” ŸIn-built “Pan, Tilt, Zoom and preset” control functions ŸDisplays “Radar video” Decision Support System ŸSuggests suitable response force to address the incident Escalation Management ŸMonitors the alert handling process and escalate automatically in case of SLA violation Integrated Communication ŸCommunication medium is data, audio and video ŸSupports “SMS”, “e-mail”, “Radio” and “Smart Phone” ŸSharing alerts with Computer Aided Dispatch system AIS Messaging ŸReceives and supports to communicate the using NMEA Configuration ŸSingle console to configure the operational parameters Advanced Reporting ŸProvides the standard reporting which enables management to take decision ŸProvides dashboard reports in addition to textual report Dock window ŸEnables quick access to entities like Track, Zone, Sensor Local Toolbar ŸProvides tools to “create” geo-fence and guard lines ŸMap navigational functions (PAN, Zoom) ŸProvision to search and locate the targets Global Toolbar ŸLinks to various Application window (Alert Manager, Watch Rule Manager, etc). Ÿ“Audio and Visual Indicators” to get attention of the operators. ŸIndication of systems health status Layer Manager Ÿ“Add” and “Edit” or “Delete” layer profile Ÿ“Select” or “Unselect” the group of layers or particular entity standard AIS Messaging (Safety, text message with Unicast / Broadcast) ŸProvision to retransmit the message incase of failure Port MIS Interface ŸCustomizable interface to collect the vessels info & correlate tracks with MIS database ŸProvision to manage the Port activities (scheduling arrival, departure & shifting, managing assets) remotely Timeline View ŸList out Port activities (weather forecast, arrival, departure, shift and events) ŸCustom view to get historic, current and expected information Weather Dashboard ŸLive, recorded and forecast weather information in a single dashboard System Health ŸProvision to display the System & Sensor health ŸProvision to notify the Maintenance team in case of sensors failure Manual Track definition ŸProvision to add manual track and helps to observe rules behavior Tools ŸProvides tools to calculate the range and bearing angle between two entities ŸProvides option to enter lat / long position to fly to exact location Audit Trail ŸLogs every information and actions. ŸUsed for system administration Centralized
  7. 7. North America Headquarters Rolta International Inc. Rolta Center, 5865 North Point Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30022, USA. Tel : +1 (678) 942 5000 Email : info.na@rolta.com European Headquarters Rolta UK Ltd. 100 Longwater Avenue, Green Park, Reading RG2 6GP, United Kingdom Tel +44 (0)118 945 0450 Email : info.eu@rolta.com Middle-East Regional Office Rolta Saudi Arabia Ltd. Office Nos. 200 & 201, Wardat AI Salam Bldg. P O Box 68371, Riyadh (11527), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tel : +966 (1) 460 1818 International Offices Rolta International, Inc. — Chicago 333 E. Butterfield Road, Suite 900, Lombard, IL 60148, USA. Tel : +1 (630) 960 2909 Tel: +(905) 754 8100 Rolta Canada Ltd. 140 Allstate Parkway, Suite 503 Markham, Ontario L3R 5Y8, Canada. Rolta Benelux BV Jupiterstraat 96, Building Pluspoint Nr. 2, 2132 HE, Hoofddorp, Postbus 190, 2130 AD Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Tel : +31 (23) 557 1916 Corporate and Global Headquarters Rolta India Limited Rolta Tower A, Rolta Technology Park, MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 093. India Tel : +91 (22) 2926 6666, 3087 6543 Fax : +91 (22) 2836 5992 Email : indsales@rolta.com Middle-East Headquarters Rolta Middle East FZ-LLC Office No. 209-211, Building No. 9, P.O. Box 500106 Dubai Internet City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel : +971 (4) 391 5212 Email : info.me@rolta.com About RoltaRolta is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Federal and State Governments, Defense/HLS, Utilities, Process, Power, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare. By uniquely combining its expertise in the IT, Engineering and Geospatial domains, Rolta develops exceptionalsolutionsfor thesesegments.The Company leverages its industry-specific know-how, rich repository of intellectual property that spans photogrammetry, image processing, geospatial applications, business intelligence, analytics, field-proven solution frameworks, and deep expertise in cutting- edge technologies like Geo BI, Cloud computing, Software Defined Infrastructure and Big Data for providing sophisticated enterprise-level integrated solutions. Rolta is a multinational organization headquartered in India. The Company operates from 40 locations worldwide through its subsidiaries, and has executed projects in over 45 countries. The Company benchmarks its quality processes to the world’s best standards, like successful assessment for Software Application Development and Maintenance at the highest Level 5 of SEI's CMMI® version 1.3. Rolta is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange & National Stock Exchange, and forms part of various indices on BSE/NSE in India. The Company's GDRs are listed on the Main Board of London Stock Exchange. The Company’s ‘Senior Notes’ are listedonSingaporeStockExchange.