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Pdhpe rational

  1. Do you want to know why we want you to study PDHPE?
  2. Encourages students to develop intricate life skills like communication,problem-solving,decision making,interacting and many more.
  3. Focuses on the understanding of the game movements.
  4. Inculcate qualities of positive self-esteem and growth and development
  5. PDHPE helps children understand the function of the body and most importantly about human sexuality.
  6. Emphasises on healthy diet as opposed to the unhealthy diet consumed by children today
  7. And the most integral topic covered by PDHPE is about Bullying and how to curb it.
  8. Hope you all now have a clear idea as to why you should be studying PDHPE. Its for everyone so go out there and have fun

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. Pdhpe Covers all aspects of a students life such as Physical,psychological and Emotional