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The New Mobile Ecosystem

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The New Mobile Ecosystem

  1. 1. 800.440.0136 The New Mobile Ecosystem How Mobile and Proximity Marketing is Changing the Digital Landscape for Local Businesses
  2. 2. 800.440.0136 General Overview All the elements and how they are grouped together. Three main sections: 1. Call To Action – In the form of SMS, NFC or QR codes a. Enticing the or telling your customer to perform a certain action i. Has to be an easy, risk free offer ii. Scan this, do this, or get this coupon, discount (% or $s) 2. Link To Opt-In Content a. This would be a mobile website or mobile pass 3. Deliver Mobile Content – 3 access points a. Directly as a result of the mobile web opt-in b. Directly as a result of the mobile pass opt-in c. Directly from the WiFi Hot Spot
  3. 3. 800.440.0136 The Process Step 1 - Enablers Your customer opts-in either through  SMS Marketing  NFC Tags  QR Codes  WiFi Step 2 - Flow  They all push to your mobile website first  The website will host the opt-in page  It automatically integrates directly with your auto-responder  Creates a list with your customer’s contact information  All happens invisibly and seamlessly  At the same time your customer will go to your mobile wallet  Works on all mobile platforms – must have app installed  The offer will automatically display on their phone Step 3 - Retargeting  Customer must have the app on their mobile device(s)  Re-engaged when they are in close proximity to your location through iBeacon, GPS through Mobile Wallet and WiFi  It will automatically pop up on their phone with a message