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Structure of an Advertising Agency

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The following presentation on the structure of an advertising agency was made by Advertising and Public Relations students of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

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Structure of an Advertising Agency

  2. 2. THE STRUCTURE Ad Agency Account Management Account Planning Creative ArtCopy Studio Accounts/ IT/Legal
  3. 3. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT  They act as the liaison between the client and the agency.  They do the research and planning.  They make the advertising strategy.  One of the crucial important task performed by them is preparing the ‘creative brief’.  The creative brief prepared is to give guidance to the creative team.  An account manager may work with only with one client or work on several clients at the same time.
  4. 4. CREATIVE BRIEF  The following aspects need to be covered in a creative brief: 1. Background – the reason/situation/ taken place that triggers the need this ad/piece of communication 2. Objective – what purpose will this ad/piece of communication solve 3. TG – demographics and psychographics of the target group 4. Insight – an insight from the consumer’s life which can help making the point 5. Proposition – single minded proposition/thought/idea 6. Substantiation – facts to support the proposition 7. Deliverables – eg: standee – 3’x6’ 8. Mandatories – logos, brand guidelines, etc
  5. 5. ACCOUNT PLANNING  They are the account planners.  They do the major research work and are used for large and 360 degree campaigns.  They are not involved in the day to day activities of the agency.  They have expertise in different categories.
  6. 6. CREATIVE  It is divided into 2 parts: 1. Art 2. Copy  They translate the brand/marketing requirements into ideas that the consumer understands.  The art part of the department works on creating visuals, while the copy part of the department works on body copy.  They supervise and ensure final delivery of the creative product.
  7. 7. STUDIO The studio performs the following services: 1. Creative support/services Adapt layouts under creative supervision POS elements eg: Poster to an Outdoor Similar sizes eg: Press ad in various sizes Languages eg: English to vernacular languages 2. Image Correction Creation eg: combine multiple images to one Manipulation eg: converting a red camera to blue Color Correction and cleaning-up
  8. 8. 3. Create and convert artworks Convert layouts to print-ready files which could be high resolution ps/pdf file 4. Execute Re-touch, Proof, Print, Fabricate 5. Estimate and Bill
  9. 9. THE JOB FLOW Client Brief Account Management Internal Discussion Creative Brief Creative Servicing Discussion Creative Presentation
  10. 10. Client Presentation Client Approval Storyboard Studio Artwork Release Shoot and post production