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Horizontal directional drilling & its advantages

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Rightline Infrastructure is one of the leading firm that offers civil construction and excavation services in NSW, Sydney region.

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Horizontal directional drilling & its advantages

  1. 1. For More Details Phone: + (02) 4647 8947 Fax: + (02) 4647 9348
  2. 2. Civil contractors across the world are often given the task of installing private water supplies and drilling boreholes. Both these tasks involve underground pipework for delivering water from its source to the area where it is intended to be used. However for contractors, it becomes problematic to install an underground pipe because the techniques are not very much advanced in this context. For this process we offer Horizontal Directional Drilling service.
  3. 3. • In terms of technical advantages, the civil contractors Sydney can install pipelines and cable in a straight line or in a curve, depending upon the requirement • The working area is confined to the points of entry and exit. This causes lesser disruption and aiding • There is no sort of disruption caused to civic amenities or natural resources like roads, flyovers, rivers, bridges, underpass, etc. • The traffic faces no sort of disturbance and no existing landscape is altered in the digging process
  4. 4. • Pipes of all ranges, i.e. short, medium and long can be installed through this method and not pits are required for the process • The machine used for the process works from the ground level and there is no need of any excavation • The process is much quicker than the traditional method and takes almost half the time of the previously used methods • Because, it is quicker, the overall cost of installation drops below at a surprising level • The process stays unaffected by the obstacles existing on the ground
  5. 5. Website: http://www.rightlineinfrastructure.com.au/ Address: Camden NSW 2570 Phone: (02) 4647 8947 Fax: (02) 4647 9348 Email: info@rightlineinfrastructure.com.au