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  1. 1. “Liferay Portal has captured the strengths of the Javaplatform — security, maintainability and cross-platform capability — in a relatively lightweightpackage. Liferays interoperability and its ability towork on various application servers enables it toreadily exploit third-party Java assets to gainscalability and enterprise compatibility. Customersreport that Liferay is easier to install and use andless expensive to acquire and maintain than manyother Java-oriented portal products.”http://www.gartner.com/technology/reprints.do?id=1-17RTIFE&ct=111025&st=sg
  2. 2. Content Management Web Content Document Management • Full Web Publishing • Users can change their views of repository • Asset Library folders • Documents • Inline preview of documents • Images • Document metadata is easy to find • Videos • Versions are easy to review • Office Integration • Key Messages: • Structures and Templates • Liferay makes collaborating on documents easy • Liferay is approaching ECMCollaboration Suite capabilitiesEnterprise-Class Collaboration Tools • Liferay can be the only CMS users need • Blogs • Wikis • Message Boards • Enterprise Chat • Ratings and Comments • Tagging and Categorization • Social Equity
  3. 3. PURE OPEN PROPRIETARYSOURCE Portals ESS Affordable Intranets  Enterprise Lightweight Support Faster to KMWCMS  Accountabilitydeploy Customized App  Feature-rich Choices  Integration Security Collaboration  Mission Critical  R&D E-commerce Social
  4. 4. 50+102 local councils in West Malaysia 10+
  5. 5. 27* newpartners with an average of 2-3 > 500* Skilled Liferay skilled staff workers created SKALI ECOSYSTEM 16* existing partners SKALI Group itself have > 70 with an average of 7-8 Liferay specialist Liferay-skilled staff*Note: Since 2008