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Presentation on haojue holdings

Haojue is the brand of motorcycles in China which is in no. one position since 2003. They are the manufacturing Suzuki and Haojue both brands of bikes in their 3 factories. They are holding 18% of market in China. This would allow anyone to understand the business of Haojue Holdings in China.

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Presentation on haojue holdings

  1. 1. www.haojue.com Haojue Holdings Co.,Ltd.Haojue Holdings Co.,Ltd. Welcomes youWelcomes you Version: 201105Version: 201105 www.haojue.comwww.haojue.com
  2. 2. www.haojue.comwww.haojue.comwww.haojue.com Haojue HoldingsHaojue Holdings The date of establishment: 1992 Employee: 12,000 Production capacity (per year):  3,000,000 sets of motorcycles  3,000,000 sets of engines Produces motorcycles with and brand The Biggest partner of SUZUKI Motor Corporation in China. No. 11 in China motorcycle industry since 2003 Brief introductionBrief introduction
  3. 3. www.haojue.comwww.haojue.comwww.haojue.com Haojue Holdings Co.,Ltd. is a diversified investment company focused on motorcycle manufacturing, and owns many exclusively-invested holding companies, including three large motorcycle production sites in Jiangmen Guangdong, Changzhou Jiangsu and Chongqing. Domestic marketing Overseas marketing Jiangmen Haojue Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd. Haojue Holdings Co.,Ltd. Jiangmen Haojue Trade Co.,Ltd. Haojue R & D center Quality Control Center Subsidiary companies for motorcycle parts & others … Jiangmen Dachangjiang Group Co., Ltd. Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. Changzhou Haojue E-bike Co.,Ltd.
  4. 4. www.haojue.com Jiangmen Chongqing Changzhou Headquarter DCJ Group Dachangjiang Group Co., Ltd. is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China. Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. is the largest joint venture for motorcycle manufacturer in China. Chongqing Haojue Industry Co., Ltd. is under construction now. Chongqing Haojue Industry Co., Ltd. Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. www.haojue.comwww.haojue.com
  5. 5. www.haojue.com Haojue HoldingsHaojue Holdings ManufacturingManufacturing facilitiesfacilities Area coverage: 99,700 sq m Floor area: 59,200 sq m Add: No. 5 Jiandabei Rd, Jiangmen City www.haojue.comwww.haojue.com Headquarter & 1st engine factory of DCJ GroupHeadquarter & 1st engine factory of DCJ Group
  6. 6. www.haojue.com Area coverage: 141,000sq m Floor area: 121,200sq m Add: No.3 Hongjiang Rd, Jiangmen City 1st motorcycle factory of DCJ Group1st motorcycle factory of DCJ Group
  7. 7. www.haojue.com 2nd engine factory & 2nd motorcycle factory of DCJ Group2nd engine factory & 2nd motorcycle factory of DCJ Group Area coverage: 116,700 sq m Floor area: 97,800 sq m Add: No.16 Futanger Rd, TangxiaTown, Jiangmen City
  8. 8. www.haojue.com Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. In November of 2007, Haojue Holdings & Suzuki Motor Corporation established a joint venture in Changzhou Jiangsu. Area coverage: 880,000 sq m Add: National High-Tech Development District, Changzhou City
  9. 9. www.haojue.com Engine testing Engine assembly line Motorcycle assembly line Motorcycle testing
  10. 10. www.haojue.com Crank case machining Cam shaft machining Crank shaft machining Cylinder head machining
  11. 11. www.haojue.com Frame welding Die casting Fuel tank pressing Plastic injection molding
  12. 12. www.haojue.com Shock absorber manufacturingSeat manufacturing PaintingEngine cover Painting
  13. 13. www.haojue.com Frame welding Die castingPlastic injection molding Painting
  14. 14. www.haojue.com Haojue HoldingsHaojue Holdings QualityQuality ManagementManagement www.haojue.comwww.haojue.com In June of 1997, DCJ Group has passed the certification audit of ISO 9001 both in China and TUV (Germany). Committed to Total Quality Management (TQM). Haojue Holdings’ testing and measuring centers meet international standards. Haojue Holdings consistently manufactures products that meet both international standard as well as consumers’ demands.
  15. 15. www.haojue.com Advanced testing and measuring centers
  16. 16. www.haojue.com In order to offer high quality products to consumers, Haojue Holdings keeps producing key parts of engine & motorcycle by itself. Machining area Motorcycle assembly Haojue Holdings adopts SUZUKI standards on engine & motorcycle manufacturing. Assembly line
  17. 17. www.haojue.com Haojue HoldingsHaojue Holdings R & DR & D www.haojue.comwww.haojue.com Two teams engaged in R&D.Two teams engaged in R&D. Suzuki Motorcycle R&D Co.,Ltd (China) Haojue R&D Center R&D in Headquarter Shanghai Way Design Inc.
  18. 18. www.haojue.com Frame CAD design CAE analysis Prototype of new model Advanced R & D methods
  19. 19. www.haojue.com The motorcycles and engines are strictly tested before launching to market. Endurance testing Performance & emission testing Falling durability testing
  20. 20. www.haojue.com Road test
  21. 21. www.haojue.com Haojue HoldingsHaojue Holdings Awards andAwards and CertificatesCertificates www.haojue.comwww.haojue.com  Awarded “ China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands ” by World Brand Laboratory (WBL) in 2010 and “ ” brand value is 11.076 billion RMB.
  22. 22. www.haojue.com  Awarded “China Top Brand” for three-time consecutively as well as being recognized as the “China Famous Brand”.
  23. 23. www.haojue.com
  24. 24. www.haojue.com ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate
  25. 25. www.haojue.com Awarded “Certificate for the exemption from export inspection” for export motorcycle EN125-2A by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of The Peoples Republic of China in Feb.2008.
  26. 26. www.haojue.com Haojue HoldingsHaojue Holdings SalesSales www.haojue.comwww.haojue.com DCJ Annual Sales (since 1992)DCJ Annual Sales (since 1992)
  27. 27. www.haojue.com Top 15 Sales in China Motorcycle IndustryTop 15 Sales in China Motorcycle Industry ( Source from: Statistics of China Motorcycle Industry office )  QQ includes QQ and QQ SUZUKI.  The above-mentioned sales datas include two-wheel & three-wheel motorcycles Million units
  28. 28. www.haojue.com units DCJ Annual Export DataDCJ Annual Export Data  Export motorcycles to more than 70 countries and regions including Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Columbia, etc..
  29. 29. www.haojue.com Haojue HoldingsHaojue Holdings ProductsProducts www.haojue.comwww.haojue.com  Motorcycle (Back bone)  Scooter SUZUKI BrandSUZUKI Brand  Motorcycle (Back bone)  Scooter  Cub (Under bone) HAOJUE BrandHAOJUE Brand
  30. 30. www.haojue.com AX100 GD110 GN125F HJ125K-3
  31. 31. www.haojue.com EN125-3FEN125-2A EN150 GZ150
  32. 32. www.haojue.com UZ125AN125 UA125T-3 UM125
  33. 33. www.haojue.com HJ125-7 HJ125-7 sport HJ125-7A
  34. 34. www.haojue.com DM125 DM125S
  35. 35. www.haojue.com HJ125-8 HJ125-16 HJ125-16N HJ125-8 EX
  36. 36. www.haojue.com HJ150-3 HJ150-9 HJ150-9A EG125/150
  37. 37. www.haojue.com DA135S/DA150S TZ125 TZ150S DA150
  38. 38. www.haojue.com HJ125T-10EHJ100T-7C HJ125T-11A HJ125T-16
  39. 39. www.haojue.com VM100 VN100
  40. 40. www.haojue.com HJ125T-18AHJ125T-18
  41. 41. www.haojue.com HJ110 HJ110-2 HJ110-2A
  42. 42. www.haojue.com HJ110-3HJ110-3 HJ110-5HJ110-5
  43. 43. www.haojue.com Thank you !Thank you !