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  1. Shariah Law in Printing Industry Shariah Law for non-Food Application Material to Observe in Halal Assessment (Ink, Paper, & Printing Machine) By: Sugeng Endarsiwi
  2. • Halal in Printing Industry As the name suggests, Halal packaging involves using Halal certified raw materials for packaging materials and Halal certified lubricants for: 1. Packaging machinery 2. Printing Machine 3. Cutting Paper and any equipment involved. The lubricants used in packaging machinery should strictly avoid the use of porcine stearates. Packaging Material and Supporting Process: Printing machine part, Blanket, Washing solvent, Ink Manufacture, Pigment, Resin, Additive, Equipment, and Process Manufacture including Supplier material resource. Paper Manufacture, Material create Paper sheet and web.
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  4. • Meaning Of Halal Haram (Islamic Law) Halal means lawful. • In the case of food, most are halal except for some that are explicitly mentioned in the Al Qur’an or Hadiths. Haram is something prohibited by God Almighty. • People who deliberately ignore what is not allowed will face God’s punishment in the life hereafter. Some even face Islamic law sanctions in life. • Source: • QS: Al Baqarah (168, 172-173) • QS: Al Anam (145) • QS: AL Maidah (3, 90-91, 96) • QS: Al araf (157)
  6. PACKAGING MEAN PRINTING !!! • PACKAGING • Food, Beverage, & Pharmacy
  7. The Halal packaging market can be segmented on the basis of end use industry. • Food Packaging • Beverages Packaging • Cosmetics Packaging • Others Packaging. Finally, halal packaging faces reality…
  8. • Printing Machine • Paper • Ink • Supporting material (washing, Lubricant, etc) Printing Manufacturer Supplier:
  9. PRINTING INDUSTRY (Manufacturer) • Industries in the Printing and Related Support Activities subsector print products, such as: • Newspapers • Books • labels • business cards • Stationery • business forms • Other materials (Packaging, etc) • and perform support activities, such as: data imaging, platemaking services, and bookbinding. • The support activities included here are an integral part of the printing industry, and a product (a printing plate, a bound book, or a computer disk or file) that is an integral part of the printing industry is almost always provided by these operations. • Source:
  10. • Act No. 33 of 2014 does not explain further about the use of goods. These provisions only state that the goods used are used, used or utilized by the community. • That is, the scope is indeed very broad, ranging from refrigerators, socks, wall paint, ink, paper, to adult diapers. • (Complete data on used products that have been halal certified can be accessed at • Source: halal-certified/ PAINT, INK & PAPER
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  12. • Endarsiwi, Sugeng is a Printing & Ink Technology Expert with a passion for observed and sharing information on technical topics. He has over 20 years of industry experience in Printing, including Printing industrial and Printing Ink technology. • Graduated School Business & Management (EMBA), JUC, Malaysia. • Registered as Professional Engineer (Ir.) at The Institution of Engineers Indonesia (PII). • Holds Chartered Management Association as CMA-HK SAR, Hong Kong • Study Postgraduate: Leadership & Public Policy Program (MAP) at UEU, Jakarta
  13. INK COMPOSITION Pigment / Colorant ? Binder? Reducer? Additive ? Halal Assessment in Ink:
  14. Halal Assessment in Paper: PAPER COMPONEN: Pigment / Colorant ? Binder? Reducer? Additive ? Process manufacturer
  15. Halal Assessment in Printer: Printing Machine Unit Lubricant ? Roller (blanket, Metal)? Washing? Other dirty stuff ?