agadir morcenet conference 5 zoubair abdellatif agadir academie agadir study day morcenet workshop morce-net study day borja zoubair agadir morce conference kharbach mohamed present presentation jallal jalal lhariri morcenet conference technology enhances reading morče samia wardane. amrani hicham conference network net morcenet moulay tice drissi strategie m'hammed l'observatoire morcenet agadir tice tice centre maroco-coreen by mr miloud najrane. the 5 most important teaching areas to implement a fostering effective teaching and learning through by mr tayeb idihya. inspectorate teachers english crmef promoting learner-centeredness through engaging an renata bobak exploiting reading in project-based learning by sarah bedrouni promoting study skills in resource centers by mr b reconceptualizing reading in the digital age morce-net resource center day program morce-net 4th annual conference 25 – 27 january 2016 algiers mph omar abouelazm ma tesol english language fello by laura patch ma tesol algeria youssef laaraj critical reading enhancement: the case of preparat investing in reading is investing in the future upgrading to 21st century reading: e-reading integ 2016. abdellatif zoubair morce-net fourth national conference january 25-27 marrakech
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