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High Performance Culture Presentation for LinkedIn

  1. 1 • Research companies with high performance cultures in the Bay Area. – Explore how benefits and culture contribute to employee: • Acquisition • Retention • Engagement • Productivity Proposal
  2. 2 Goals • Demonstrate how companies use culture to maximize and retain talent. • Recommend ideas for Gracenote to foster a high performance culture. • Identify competencies of high performing employees. • Show how Gracenote’s benefits compare to top Bay Area companies.
  3. 3 High Performing Employee High Performing Employee Competency Competency CompetencyCompetency Competency
  4. 4 High Performing Organization Win with Integrity Compete with Passion Be Curious and Courageous Communicate with Purpose Exemplify Leadership • Respect, trust, appreciate and empower one another. • Perform at our highest levels everyday. • Be passionate about being world-class in everything we do. • Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail. • Great ideas and innovation can come from anyone. • Be open, honest and direct with each other. • Always be polite and gracious. • Lead by example. • The best results come from focus and ownership.
  5. 5 High Performing Organization • “There is a virtuous cycle associated with transparency: The more we share what’s working and what’s not working, the more likely we’re able to generate solutions to problems, leverage best demonstrated practices, and ensure that every member of the team feels that this is their company.” Linkedin Values • “When I ask people what their favorite part is about working here, no one responds with, “Oh, we have a great snack program.” They attribute their happiness to the people—their colleagues who always support them. I strongly believe there is a business case for having a positive culture, and you need to have in place a leadership team that drives home those core values to make it work.” Ashley Goldsmith, Workday Chief Human Resources Officer Leadership Communication People First
  6. 6 “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” Highly engaged companies attract the best talent, have the lowest voluntary turnover rates, and are more profitable over the long run. By focusing on driving engagement through the right corporate culture, companies can improve execution, retention, and financial performance. Peter Drucker & Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends of 2015

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